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David Birss

Creative Authority, Innovation Agent & Divergent Thinker

Dave Birss' experience and insight span many industries such as publishing, finance, psychology, education, broadcasting, technology, FMCG and marketing. He has spent a large chunk of his career as the Creative Director of some of the UK's biggest and best advertising agencies.

"Get better at having great ideas more often"

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In detail

Dave's mind is now focused on the benefits of applied thinking and demystifying creativity. His methodologies, frameworks and practical exercises help to accelerate innovation and idea generation for organisations worldwide. Dave's obsession with creativity: what is it, its role in history and place in our daily lives, and what makes some people more creative than others; it is at the core of everything he does. Dave is on a mission to destroy the mystique around the creative process and unlock as many organisations and people as possible, so that they come up with better, less obvious ideas. He empowers individuals and teams to harness the innate creative abilities that everyone possesses and thus, make them exponentially more valuable and successful.

What he offers you

Dave's keynotes, Master classes and Creativity Audits range from co-creating meaningful new ideas, to concepting education programmes for teams, and on through to product development and marketing sessions for some of the world's most curious companies and motivated leaders.

How he presents

Dave's dynamic talks captivate audiences with pragmatic advice and tangible techniques, all of which are immediately applicable and inspire people to take action.


He presents in English.

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  • Why Anyone Can do "Creativity"
  • Demystifying Innovation
  • How to Sell Ideas


  • 2018
    How to Get to Great Ideas: A system for smart, extraordinary thinking
  • 2013
    A User Guide to the Creative Mind

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