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Fraser Doherty MBE

Entrepreneur and Founder of SuperJam

Fraser Doherty is the founder of SuperJam; the 100% fruit jam company. He started the company at the age of fourteen, using his Gran's recipes. Since then, SuperJam has grown to supply over 2,000 supermarkets around the world, selling millions of jars along the way.

"From my Gran's kitchen to the supermarket shelves and beyond"

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In detail

SuperJam has been entered into the National Museum of Scotland as an 'Iconic Scottish Brand', has won over 20 innovation awards and launched in seven countries around the world. Fraser believes in giving something back through his success and his 'SuperJam' tea parties are a shining example of using corporate social responsibility to mutually benefit both the community and his company. Fraser co-founded, now the world's largest craft beer club, shipping millions of bottles of beer to its 150,000 customer's doors. In his book, '48-Hour Startup', Fraser uses his experience building a multi-million selling company to attempt an experiment; starting with a blank piece of paper, he sets out to build a completely new business in two days.

What he offers you

Fraser, in his humorous keynote speeches, tells his story of how he set up his company 'Superjam' and how as a young entrepreneur, he met head on the challenges of starting a business and the highs and lows of his career. He shows that what can start as a passion, with love and hard work, can grow into something amazing.

How he presents

Fraser gives hope to anyone who ever dreamed of selling their homemade products to a wider market in a very inspirational and humorous way. He entertains the audience with a clear and thoughtful talk and handles questions with aplomb.


He presents in English.

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  • How to Start a Business
  • Making your Brand Global
  • Marketing in the Digital Age
  • SuperJam Tea Parties


  • 2016
    48 Hour Startup: How to Start your own Business in a Weekend
  • 2011
    SuperBusiness: How I Started SuperJam from My Gran's Kitchen; My Guide to Starting a Business, Having Fun and Doing Good along the Way
  • 2010
    The SuperJam Cookbook

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