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Gerald Ratner

CEO of Gerald Online, Former Chairman-CE of Ratners Group

After 25 years in the jewellery business, Gerald Ratner is one of the well-known and successful retailers of his generation. He is currently CEO of the UK's largest online jewellery business GeraldOnline. Formerly, he was Chairman and Chief Executive of Ratners Group.

"Mr Ratner's gaffe has become a textbook case in business schools around the UK"

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In detail

Ratners Group was the world's largest jewellery retail company. After some uncomplimentary remarks Gerald made regarding product quality, the company suffered financial losses, and was renamed Signet Group in 1993. After Ratners, Gerald focused on the leisure industry, opening a successful gym in Henley-on-Thames which he later sold for an impressive profit. Gerald has also built an American business from scratch, expanding it to over 1000 shops in the USA and becoming one of the few UK retailers to succeed on the other side of the Atlantic. On launching his own on-line jewellery company Gerald Online in 2004, Gerald has once again returned to the forefront of Britain's jewellery trade and is proving that well-known brands can recover from just about anything.

What he offers you

Gerald offers audiences a first hand account of the demise of his multi-million pound jewellery business and how he has managed to put this behind him and successfully re-launch his career in a highly competitive marketplace. Strong practical business messages and the execution of management strategies, combined with innovative ideas are guaranteed to show audiences how to beat the competition, delight customers and increase both sales and profits.

How he presents

An incisive and astute businessman, Gerald is also a charming and witty speaker, captivating audiences with his incredible story of both his success and failure.


He presents in English.

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  • Marketing and Branding
  • Recovering from Adversity
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Strategic Management
  • Risk


  • 2007
    Gerald Ratner: The Rise and Fall... and Rise Again


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