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Holger Jung

Author of 'Momentum', Expert on Creativity and Innovation

Holger Jung, along with his co-author Jean-Remy von Matt, have been voted the two most creative personalities in the advertising industry. "Der Spiegel" named Jung and Matt as "Pop Stars der Werbung" ("Pop Stars of Advertising").

Different, innovative and powerful, in 1991 they founded and created one of the fastest growing advertising agencies in Europe, Jung Von Matt AG.

Their enormous growth is probably due to their solutions-orientated work, integrated concepts and their fresh innovative approach to seemingly impossible tasks.

Their clients include blue-chip firms such as BMW, MINI, AUDI TT and Apollo Optics. At the end of March 2002, Holger Jung, with Jean-Remy von Matt published his book "Momentum: Die Kraft, die Werbung heute braucht". Quoted as the new Bible of Advertising, Momentum offers an exceptional insight into the changing shape of advertising, how to win the most coveted clients and how to create exceptions to the rules of advertising, in order to break its traditional barriers.

Before co-founding Jung Von Matt, Holger was Partner and Managing Director at Springer & Jacoby Advertising Agency. Prior to this Holger's early career included working within the marketing department at Unilever in Hamburg.

Currently nominated for the 2002 International Andy Awards, Holger Jung is a passionate speaker, who provides audiences with a colourful insight into what makes a successful advertising campaign, and the power of releasing creativity. Holger presents in English and German.

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In detail

How to book Holger Jung


  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Integrated Concepts-The Changing Rules of Advertising
  • The Interdependence of Strategy and Creativity
  • Brands-Images, Identity, Identification
  • The Power of Releasing Creativity


  • Momentum: Die Kraft, die Werbung heute braucht (2002)

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