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John Sergeant

Broadcaster, Political Correspondent and Author

John Sergeant is a successful author and journalist. His 20-year career as a senior political correspondent at Westminster has bestowed upon him an in-depth understanding of our political world and an unmatched ability to convey his acumen and insight to any audience.

An accomplished after dinner speaker and conference host

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In detail

John covered conflicts in many parts of the world, including Vietnam, the Middle East and Southern Africa, before settling down as a political correspondent. He often travelled with the prime minister of the day, including Margaret Thatcher and John Major as well as Tony Blair. He progressed to become the BBC's chief political correspondent from 1988-2000. He left the BBC to forward his career and joined ITV News. John was voted the 'Best Individual Television Contributor of the Year' at the Voice of the Listener and Viewer Awards for 1999. He writes for various journals including travel writing for the Daily Mail. John has produced a number of documentaries that include a three-part series entitled John Sergeant's Tourist Trail.

What he offers you

Highly respected within his profession and regarded by the wider public with a mixture of amusement and affection, John Sergeant is a first class correspondent and a natural performer.

How he presents

Hugely entertaining and a gifted communicator, whether hosting, presenting awards or giving an after dinner speech John is always well-received by his audiences.


John presents in English.

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  • John Sergeant was excellent and extremely entertaining. He gave a very good performance in a relaxed style - Aeronautical Trade Organisation


  • 2016
    Barging Round Britain
  • 2005
    Maggie: Her Fatal Legacy
  • 2000
    Give Me Ten Seconds

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