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Justin Hughes

MD of Mission Excellence and Former Red Arrow & RAF Jet Fighter Pilot

Justin Hughes founded Mission Excellence on leaving the RAF in 2002. Mission Excellence is an organisational performance consultancy focused on the development of outstanding leadership, teamwork and execution skills in corporate teams.

"Justin cuts through the noise to transform the plan into reality through empowerment and organisational agility"

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In detail

In Mission Excellence a variety of tools and techniques are used, all based on concepts proven in both training and operational roles in the unforgiving world of military fast-jet aviation. Justin served as an Army Officer before gaining a degree in physics. He then joined the RAF and was awarded the Wilkinson Sword for Outstanding Leadership during officer training. For 6 years, Justin flew the Tornado F3 and was subsequently selected for the Red Arrows, serving for 3 years on the Team performing over 250 displays worldwide. He was the Deputy Team Leader and Executive Officer.

What he offers you

Justin is a highly effective and compelling speaker, who gives his audiences the tools, techniques and winning behaviours that can easily be applied by the delegates in their day jobs. Justin's invaluable insights into briefing, planning, execution and debriefing offer new, effective ways of working.

How he presents

In his speeches, Justin inspires delegates by giving them an exciting insight, from his experience as a fighter pilot, into what high performance teamwork actually means in practice. Based on real-life operational experience and training, Justin brings a unique perspective and approach to achieving excellence in areas such as performance under pressure, teamwork and leadership. His interactive, multimedia presentations include high impact in-cockpit video footage and great air to air images.


He presents in English.

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  • Creating and Leading High Performance Teams
  • Teamwork in High Pressure or High Risk Environments
  • Succeeding as Matrix or Virtual Teams
  • Planning and Execution
  • Communication Skills


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