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Karl-Heinz Riedle

Football World Champion and Business Man

Karl-Heinz Riedle is a former German professional footballer who won the FIFA World Cup in 1990 and the UEFA Champions League in 1997. He scored 24 goals in 42 international games. One of his best performances, in addition to the World Cup final in 1990 against Argentina, was the Champions League final 1994 where he scored two goals. After retiring from professional football, Karl-Heinz now owns a successfully run sports hotel in the Allgäu which is a meeting point and training camp for sports clubs. In 2014 UEFA announced him as the ambassador of Champions League Final.

"A successful German football player and business man"

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In detail

Riedle started his career in the Bundesliga in 1986 in Berlin. From 1987 to 1990 he played for Werder Bremen and moved to Lazio Rome in 1993. From 1993 to 1997 he played for Borussia Dortmund and following that he played for the prestigious English Premier League team Liverpool FC and Fulham FC where he was also team coach. Until 2008 he was sports director at Grashopper-Club Zurich. Karl-Heinz is in great demand as a talk show guest on German sports channels and as a commentator at national and international sports events.

What he offers you

In his presentations Karl-Heinz provides expert insights into the world of football and what a player might be thinking. He uses his expertise and insight to motivate, stimulate and inspire his audiences and draws parallels between sport and business.

How he presents

His successful career and charisma make Karl-Heinz Riedle a sought-after speaker at national and international events.


He presents in German and English.

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