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Lene Gammelgaard

Human Resource Development Specialist and Mountaineer

Lene Gammelgaard carries unrivalled authority and respect on vision mobilising performance, particularly in the context of organisational transformation. Being the first Nordic woman to summit Mount Everest in 1996 - and survive, Lene has gained a rare insight into how to deal with unpredictable and life threatening situations.

'We must adjust to life as life will not adjust to us.' Lene Gammelgaard

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In detail

A writer and therapist, Lene uses the outdoors as a learning environment for her human resource development studies. Her credibility is confirmed by years of keynote engagements, training sessions, press articles, books, TV and radio broadcasts that have carried weight with HR departments and top teams alike. For more than 15 years Lene has utilised her hands-on experiences to motivate and mobilise organisations and individuals globally.

What she offers you

A truth seeking person, Lene reveals how to improve your success rate by looking at the interrelationship between success and failure. Although driven by discovery in a much explored world she shows you the benefits of any discovery being new to you.

How she presents

With a balance of passion and realism she animates her adventures and subsequent studies. As a motivational speaker, her value is heightened further by a unique stage-presence and harmonious liaison with audiences.


She presents in English, Danish and German.

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  • The Power and Secrets of Motivation
  • Three Simple Steps to Success
  • The Language of Success
  • Pursuing Excellence
  • Teamwork and Leadership
  • Turning Crisis into Success
  • Climbing High: Breaking Barriers


  • 2012
    The Choice is Yours
  • 2000
    Victory of Hope
    Only available in Danish
  • 1999
    Climbing High: A Woman's Account of Surviving the Everest Tragedy


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