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Michael Fath

World Class Guitarist, Song Writer, Martial Arts Instructor, Author & Poet

Michael Fath is a multi-faceted individual and highly motivational and creative speaker. In addition to being an internationally acclaimed guitarist, with over 30 instrumental records to his credit and several with his current rock groups KINGs and Here, Now and Forever, Michael has also been an attractive commodity on the corporate side of the music business with a multitude of sponsorships and endorsement deals, featured ads and guest lecturer and performer on the coveted seminar circuit in America.

"Life begins anew, whenever one desires...youth is passion, passion is youth!"

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In detail

Michael is also a professional martial artist specialising in the Israeli style of Krav Maga. He is one of the highest ranked in the world, involved with training Special Forces, Police, Gov't Security Personnel, etc., as well as his personal clients and students of The Blue Chip Academy, his own school. Michael is also very active with his own training, reaching to fellow experts here and abroad. Lastly, Michael has begun a new phase of his professional life; that of novelist and poet, having had published two of each genre, to date!

What he offers you

Michael is extremely articulate about the philosophical and psychological aspects of starting something new, and teaching to not be afraid of failure, but rather to embrace it and improve upon it, much the same as his occasional broken noses, black eyes and cracked ribs! He has a way of bringing the best out of anyone: creative writing, women's assault-survival training, or professional guitar clients; all of which can be applied to any aspect of life.

How he presents

Michael's inspiring and passionate speeches are extremely provocative. He is a born entertainer who understands how to mesmerise his audience with his music as well as his presentations.


He presents in English.

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  • The Psychology of Failure; How Not to be Afraid...
  • Creativity Beyond the Norm
  • The "Business of Music"
  • Life can "Begin" at any Age
  • The Passion of a New Business
  • The Excitement of a New Venture
  • The Philosophy of Happiness
  • The Martial Arts Business
  • From World Class Guitarist to Professional Athlete to Novelist and Poet... to Guitarist, all over, again


  • Music to date:
    27 albums since 1985; 9 Publications; 32 Production Biography
  • He has countless appearances on other projects as a guest soloist; produced numerous artists and has been called on for several commercial spots and TV shows, such as America's Most Wanted.


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