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General Sir Michael Rose CBE

Commander UN Protection Force Bosnia 1994-95

Sir Michael Rose commanded the UN Protection Force in Bosnia at a time when the international community was deeply divided about peace for that country. He has since written and lectured extensively around the world on strategic issues including counter insurgency warfare, peace-keeping and leadership.

'If you wish for peace, prepare for war.'

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In detail

Sir Michael was educated at St Edmund Hall, Oxford (of which he is now an honorary fellow), and the Sorbonne. Subsequently, he saw service with the Coldstream Guards in Germany, Aden, and Northern Ireland. He subsequently commanded the Special Air Service Regiment with whom he served in the Middle and Far East and the Falkland Islands. He became Director Special Forces in 1988. He was appointed Adjutant General and a member of the Army Board in 1995. He has recently retired as a director of Control Risks Group, the London- based security consultancy. His book 'Washington's War' has been widely acclaimed by reviewers on both sides of the Atlantic.

What he offers you

General Rose explains how strategic and leadership lessons learned, not only in Bosnia but during 35 years of soldiering, can be applied to the commercial world. He believes that although military force has a central position to play in ensuring peace, it can only succeed if it is applied on a sound moral basis, within a relevant political framework and where people are properly motivated. This opens the way to a more mature and realistic attitude towards global security in today's fragmenting world.

How he presents

In his enlightening presentations Sir Michael reveals his personal experiences and the practical challenges which faced him in Bosnia.


He presents in English.

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  • Leadership and the Management of Change
  • Global Security
  • Motivation
  • Achieving Goals


  • A reviewer of a past Wharton Leadership Lecture Series commented:
    "The lecture series got off to an auspicious start with General Sir Michael Rose's address. He began by stating how pleased he was to be in Philadelphia on September 26, the same day that the British marched into Philadelphia and beat Washington. This remark set the tone for the rest of the speech - jammed-packed with information, funny anecdotes and sharp insights. While technically his topic was "Peacekeeping in a Terrorist Era," he managed to squeeze in leadership advice and opinions in the hour and half that he spoke to a full house in Huntsman's new auditorium"


  • 2007
    Washington's War
  • 1998
    Fighting for Peace

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