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Nick Leeson

The Man Who Broke Barings Bank

In 1995, Nick Leeson's unchecked risk-taking caused the sensational collapse of Barings Bank. He was sentenced to a six-and-a-half-year jail sentence in a Singaporean jail, in conditions that defy belief. Whilst in prison he was diagnosed with cancer but recovered against all the odds, determined to begin a new life.

"My experiences may be unusual, but they offer real insight into how stress can get out of hand and affect all of us."

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In detail

Few stories have dominated the world's headlines quite like the collapse of Barings. Trusted with the finances of royalty and aristocracy for over two hundred years, Barings had apparently been brought down by the covert trading activities of just one man, leaving the bank with losses of around £860 million. The fate of that man, Nick Leeson forever dubbed the "Rogue Trader" is now well known.

What he offers you

Leeson's own story of his rise and fall is both candid and compelling. He took one of the greatest gambles of all time and found himself sucked into a spiral of terrifying loss that rocked the City to its foundations and threatened to destroy his life.

How he presents

Nick's well delivered presentations are absolutely riveting and he speaks openly about his experiences in Singapore and how his life has changed since then.


He presents in English.

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  • The Baring's Story
  • Struggling with Debt
  • Striving to Achieve Status and Success
  • Coping with Serious Illness
  • Current Financial Issues
  • Risk


  • Nick was fascinating. He gave a great performance in a relaxed manner and the audience was fully engaged - Corporte Events Organiser


  • 2005
    Back from the Brink - Coping with Stress
  • 1996
    Rogue Trader

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