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Nicklas Bergman

Serial Tech Entrepreneur, Deep Tech Investor & Futurist

Nicklas Bergman spent 25 years as an entrepreneur and technology investor focusing on investments and business development in emerging technologies. He searches for new opportunities which arise from the ever changing technological landscape.

"A futurist of highest rank"

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In detail

Nicklas divides his time between existing and new technology investments as well as speaking and writing about the future of technology and business. Nicklas is an advisor to the TechCast Technology Think Tank based in Washington where he works in a world-wide network of scientists, policy makers and business executives with the aim of understanding the impact of disruptive technologies. In addition, as part of an emerging research project at Lund University in Sweden, he focuses on humankind's relationship to technology and technological development and more specific, on the business implications of multidisciplinary and transformative emerging technologies in the coming 5 to 50 years.

What he offers you

Through the combination of his entrepreneurial experience, technology investments and ongoing research projects, Nicklas is uniquely suited to guide decision makers to understand what the future will bring.

How he presents

Nicklas customises his presentations to each audience and presents credible facts in an entertaining, surprising and challenging way.


He presents in Swedish and English.

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  • 4th Industrial Revolution
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Megatrends
  • How the Techstorm Disrupts Society, Businesses and our Lives
  • Business Development in Times of Uncertainty
  • Disruptive Technologies
  • The Implications of Multidisciplinary and Transformative Emerging Technologies in the Coming Years


  • 2016
    Tech Storm 42
  • 2016
    Nordic Ways
  • 2015
    Surviving the Tech Storm


Nicklas Bergman

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