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Peter van Stolk

Founder, President and CEO, Jones Soda Co.

Peter van Stolk is well known for his "alternative" or "new age" methods of creating, distributing, and promoting a range of unique beverages. He has successfully built Jones Soda to become a £30 million dollar business, and when launching a new fizzy drink, Peter has triumphed in marketing the unconventional and unexpected way. Peter's company, Jones Soda, is at the forefront of innovative brands.

"Everyone has known that an energy drink without caffeine would be big"

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In detail

Founded in 1987 as Urban Hand, the predecessor company to Urban Juice and Soda Company Ltd., the company operated until 1995 as a distributor of alternative beverages in Western Canada. In 1995, Mr van Stolk initiated the creation and launch of the company's own brands, WAZU Natural Spring Water and Jones Soda. The company launched Jones Soda in 1996 and since focused the majority of its efforts on building distribution and sales of Jones Soda Co. One of the more recent product lines, Jones Juice, has developed from a fringey drink for teenagers, outside of the mainstream, into a product that has now become part of the mainstream. In 2008 the company launched in the UK, as a first step towards succeeding in the European Beverages market.

What he offers you

Aside from his hands-on approach of running Jones Soda Co. Peter spends a considerable amount of time on the lecture circuit, talking to businesses about his methods of skilfully manoeuvring through corporate competition. Peter continues to bubble with unique ideas that he pours into his business and offers to his worldwide audiences.

How he presents

Peter's interpretation of the brand, and understanding of how to tackle competition in a decidedly different way, is a dynamic, fresh and informal approach which will guide his audiences on the path to creating that important foothold (within mainstream retailers).


He presents in English.

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