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Richard Browning

Entrepreneur & Founder of Gravity Industries Ltd

Richard Browning is an English inventor, entrepreneur and speaker. He founded Gravity Industries Ltd in March 2017, the company behind the "Daedalus Mark 1", a flight suit that uses six miniature jet engines to achieve vertical flight.

"The Real Life Iron Man"

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In detail

Real-life Iron Man, Richard Browning, tests the boundaries of gravity with his jet-powered suit. As the founder of Gravity, Richard's dream was to reimagine an entirely new form of human flight, leaning on an elegant collaboration of mind and body augmented by leading-edge technology. The UK-based inventor has thrown away the rule book with his suit powered by six small jet engines. Richard was an Oil Trader with BP for 16 years. He developed new business in many countries including Azerbaijan, Mozambique, Russia and conducted trade relations with many more. Innovating the corporate structure, he has been a key player in investing in start-up technologies, exploring and scaling up business ideas, Richard has survived the bumpy road of business.

What he offers you

A brilliant speaker and inventor, Richard believes in dreaming the impossible. He is able to share his story of creation, innovation and the latest technology with zeal and wit on the corporate circuit.

How he presents

A dynamic speaker, Richard captures his audiences with his insightful, memorable and informative presentations. Richard is a popular speaker at events around the globe.


He presents in English.

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