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Robert Kelsey

Expert on Self Motivation & Personal Success

Robert Kelsey is a best-selling author, founder and CEO of a successful London PR agency, and co-founder and deputy chairman of a leading entrepreneurs' think tank: The Centre for Entrepreneurs.

"A witty, insightful and highly researched speaker"

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In detail

Robert left school with one O- level and struggled to fit in - his early careers usually ending in failure. He was always the outsider - whether from his upbringing (as a townie "marooned" in the countryside) or from being the deep-thinker among the deal-junkies of investment banking. Yet Kelsey found redemption in entrepreneurship - giving his life meaning and offering him the philosophical insight that underpins his writing. His books on the insecurities that made him such an ineffective young adult 'What's Stopping You?' 'What's Stopping You Being More Confident'? and 'Get Things Done', have become international bestsellers. Robert tackles what holds people back - whether it's procrastination, fear of failure, poor confidence or feelings of being an outsider.

What he offers you

Robert cites his own background - his academic failures, his tortured career paths and his difficulties in dealing with organisational hierarchies as well he also points the way ahead - not by eradicating the fears but by recognising when we are being driven by fear, and by planning a future that navigates beyond our insecurities.

How he presents

Robert's style is witty, engaging, insightful, personal and warm. His presentations can be an emotional roller-coaster, but they are also highly-enlightening and very practical.


He presents in English.

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  • What's Stopping You? - How Fear of Failure Can Sabotage Smart People's Careers
  • Seven Steps to Overcoming Fear of Failure
  • Understanding and Overcoming Insecurities
  • Goal Setting and Execution for Smart People (who may have forgotten this vital step)
  • What's Stopping You - Being Confident?
  • How to be a Great Manager (Despite your Insecurities)


  • 2015
    The Outside Edge
  • 2014
    Get Things Done
  • 2012
    What's Stopping You? Being More Confident
  • 2011
    What's Stopping You? Why Smart People Don't Always Reach Their Potential and How You Can

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