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Simon Maier

Leading Strategic Trend Spotter, Best-Selling Author

Simon Maier is a leading trend specialist, conference moderator and successful author - with a reputation as a passionate keynote speaker on how to plan for an uncertain corporate future. He has a close interest in key trends and strategic challenges facing current and future businesses and also helps large groups to 'think like a president' - the topic of one of his bestselling books.

"Simon Maier is an amazing and magical speaker. I didn't know I could be so motivated. Everyone in the audience was captivated and learned so much."

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In detail

Simon Maier has been involved in delivering live events for over 25 years in the UK and throughout the world. He led much of the privatisation event activity of the mid-eighties in the UK for a clutch of blue chip companies, and has since been responsible for a wide variety of corporate and public events. Simon led Saatchi-owned ICM as Managing Director to record turnover and profit levels, and then did much the same for a number of other event and experiential businesses.

What he offers you

Simon is a dynamic, provocative and entertaining speaker who advises many of the world's largest corporations on key trends, managing uncertainty, identifying risk and developing opportunities. He digs deep into the strategy of each organisation, and creates a unique presentation for each event. He has advised multinational boards and senior teams on strategic impact of global trends, innovation, communications and risk.

How he presents

Simon's passionate style is engaging, vibrant, very powerful, entertaining and contagious. He takes an excellent brief and is always on-message. He understands audiences at any level and knows how to engage them - and keep them engaged. He is also an incredibly talented and entertaining host for awards.


He presents in English.

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  • Developing Strategies to Take Advantage of Unforeseen Technology Developments
  • Changing Mind-Sets From Poor to Brilliant
  • How to Approach Multi-Channel Communications and Succeed
  • Ensure Certainty When the Global Economy is Uncertain
  • Long-Term Strategic Thinking
  • How Lifestyle Changes will Affect Your Business


  • 2016
    The Evil Executive: How to defend against rotten management
  • 2013
    In Any Event: How to manage and deliver any corporate event
  • 2012
    The Diary: 100 lessons in essential corporate communications
  • 2011
    Inspire! Insights and lessons from the greatest speeches from film and theatre
  • 2010
    Speak Like a President: How to inspire and engage any audience - anywhere
  • 2009
    The 100: Insights and lessons from 100 of the greatest speakers and speeches ever delivered

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