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Tim Wallace


Photographer Tim Wallace is the driving force and creative thinking behind Ambient Life. A global award winning photographer his work is often described as both conceptual and dramatic. Tim works internationally with many high clients across the globe such as Jaguar Land Rover, Mercedes and Morgan as well as shooting some of the world's most iconic brands such as Lamborghini, Aston Martin and Ferrari in the UK and Europe to Chevrolet and Mustang in the US.

"Photography is not a career, its an obsession, the desire to create something inspiring is very important to me, being out there shooting is where things happen..."

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In detail

Recently named as one of the UK's most creative photographers whilst in the US, Scott Kelby described Tim as one of the ten most influential photographers in the World today. At the age of 15 Tim ran away from home and lived for some time on the streets of London, later joining the Marines he suffered a climbing accident that left him in hospital for 9 months where he was brought back to life 3 times. His drive and passion for life and achieving his ambitions are fuelled by his amazing life experience have taken him on a truly amazing journey of success.

What he offers you

Tim describes photography as his creative passion with the ability to use light to capture a single moment that can be all inspiring. His view of life and his background experiences lead him to both be creative and also be a truly driven individual to achieve and also understand the world around him. For Tim there are no barriers, only opportunities and adventures to enrich both his own and others lives.

How he presents

Recognised within the automotive industry for his amazing passion and creativity, Tim is considered one of the leading photographers in the world today and has a unique style that inspires people and clients around the world.


He presents in English.

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  • Inspiring Others and Yourself!
  • Creative Business Thinking
  • Marketing & Branding
  • Achieving Your Goals and Beyond
  • Commercial Photography
  • Car Photography
  • A Life of Opportunity and How to Grasp That and Evolve

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