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  • Sales Conference

    Adrian Gilpin’s delivery and engagement were excellent for the large audience we had. He spoke in a very passionate and motivational way, our minds were opened.

    Event Management Company
    18 Sep 2014
  • Senior Leaders Dinner

    Alastair Campbell’s style was excellent – he was stimulating, informative and enjoyable to listen to. He was exactly what we were looking for, everyone was very positive.

    Healthcare Provider
    01 Aug 2015
  • Financial Services Conference

    Alastair Humphreys was one of the highest rated speakers at our event. He engaged the audience, gave an excellent performance and was easy to work with.

    IT Services Management Co.
    19 Feb 2014
  • National Press Awards Event

    Everyone thought that Alexander Armstrong was excellent and pitched himself perfectly for our audience. He was light hearted with the right tone throughout.

    Marketing Agency
    25 Jan 2012
  • Annual Flagship Event

    We expected - and we got - excellent content and delivery from Andrew Neil. He was perfect for the evening with a fantastic macro-appreciation of the potential impact of Brexit.

    Technical Innovation Group
    07 Jun 2016
  • Marketing Innovation Conference

    Aric Dromi was both exciting and engaging. His content was excellent and thought-provoking. He looked into the future but also provided applications for today.

    Global Events Organiser
    14 Mar 2017
  • Presidential Dinner

    Barry McGuigan was a delight to have at the event. He gave an inspirational and amusing account of his career. He was very professional, but engaging and entertaining as well.

    Chartered Institution Management Services
    21 Oct 2014
  • Skills Awards

    Ben Fogle’s speech was perfect for our event. It was light-hearted and very interesting. He engaged with the whole audience – wonderful.

    Industry Standards Federation
    14 Mar 2013
  • Data User Conference

    The best speaker at our conference was definitely Bjørn Lomborg. He had fascinating content and he received the longest applause, so this says it all!.

    US Business Analytics Data Corp.
    16 Apr 2013
  • Property Investment Conference

    We could not have asked for more from Sir Bob Geldof. He was very educational and inspirational, he got 3 standing ovations. Fantastic!.

    Network Event Company
    03 Mar 2012
  • Hosted Dinner

    Brian Moore delivered a fabulous mix of personal experience with a serious/light hearted balance. He was entertaining and interesting and really resonated with the audience.

    Integrated Management Services
    22 Jan 2014
  • Black Tie Dinner

    Brian Moore’s after dinner talk about his career and life was excellent. He was very funny and not afraid to give an opinion. He has a relaxed and informal style, we loved him.

    Business Forum Providers
    14 May 2015
  • Innovative Funding Forum

    Bruce Dickinson’s content was superb, fascinating and right on message for the audience of entrepreneurs and investors. He has a great sense of humour and is really upbeat.

    Entrepreneurial Investment Company
    30 Mar 2017
  • Annual Dinner

    Bruce Dickinson was a refreshing change from the more political style speakers we have had in recent years. He is charismatic, down to earth, passionate and sincere.

    Technology Trade Association
    29 May 2012
  • Annual Kick Off Meeting

    Cathy O’Dowd gave a splendid speech; the content totally supported our theme and was well paced, adding drama where necessary. She really captured our attention.

    EMEA Event Planning Specialists
    02 Jan 2014
  • Partnership Meeting

    Everyone was blown away with Chris Holmes’ very inspiring story, which he told in an accessible, engaging and humorous way. The audience was universally positive in feedback.

    International Restaurant Chain
    11 Dec 2013
  • Sales Conference

    Chris Holmes is an exceptional and engaging speaker. He delivered a message that was completely relevant to our business without making it an obvious sport to business parallel.

    Global Paper Company
    03 Jun 2013
  • Product Launch Sales Conference

    Chris Moon was superb. He was very professional and left everyone motivated and empowered. He delivered great content, exactly on topic. We all thought he was excellent.

    Global Healthcare Company
    20 Sep 2012
  • 'How to Win' Annual Conference

    Chris Moon got our conference off to a flying start. His thoughts and principles can be applied to our jobs and personal lives. He was engaging, upbeat and amusing.

    Business Healthcare Intelligence
    14 May 2012
  • CEO Dinner

    We got extremely good feedback about Christopher Meyer’s speech. His content was spot on and when he discussed geopolitical issues it really captivated our audience.

    Global Reinsurance Company
    05 Feb 2013
  • European Media Conference

    The content of Clive Woodward’s speech was spot on and he even managed to weave in elements from some of the earlier sessions. He put everyone at ease with his relaxed style.

    Marketing Agency
    21 Apr 2015
  • Business Sport Lunch

    Clive Woodward’s speech was excellent. He was very engaging and focussed, with some light hearted moments. He was very well received with great feedback.

    Business Leaders Organisation
    11 Jun 2012
  • Annual Talent and Technology Meeting

    Dambisa Moyo is an excellent speaker. Her content is really eye-opening and her delivery and style is top class. The audience were very, very positive about her.

    Petrochemical Services Provider
    08 Oct 2012
  • Breakfast Meeting

    I can’t recommend Dan Hunt highly enough. He is a top chap; both engaging and informative. He has a relaxed style and the audience response was excellent.

    Executive Search Company
    25 Apr 2013
  • International Youth Gathering

    Daniel Sieberg was of the highest standard. His presentation content and delivery were great. We received some of the best audience response for him.

    Mexican Government Organisation
    02 Jan 2014
  • CEO Financial Dinner

    Daniel Sieberg gave an excellent speech. He was very engaging and he has an outstanding style. Our audience loved him, they really appreciated his input.

    Middle East Business Bank
    16 Jun 2014
  • Peoples Managers' Event

    David Blakeley is an excellent, really engaging speaker with some unique life experiences. He retells his story in a style that has people on the edge of their seats.

    International Car Corporation
    19 Sep 2013
  • Company Kick Off Meeting

    We couldn’t have asked for a nicer or better speaker than David Clarke. He has a perfect style and he delivered exactly as asked.

    European Medical Technology Manufacturers
    28 Jan 2014
  • Software Day

    We received amazing response and feedback from David Coulthard’s presentation. His content was excellent and everyone was totally engaged.

    Multinational Technology Corp.
    18 Jul 2013
  • Company Training Day

    David Coulthard gave an excellent speech. He is professional and easy to work with and he has a fluid and interactive style.

    Marketing Agency
    18 Feb 2013
  • Employee Engagement Webinar

    David MacLeod was excellent. He has fantastic knowledge and experience and he is always inspiring. He has a great speaking style; he is matter of fact, but humorous as well.

    Educational Technology Corporation
    27 Jan 2016
  • Annual Client Conference

    David MacLeod was a professional from the start and it was great working with him. He engaged the audience from the beginning and was perfectly pitched for our audience.

    Educational Technology Corporation
    17 Jul 2014
  • Technology Forum

    David Rowan was an excellent moderator, engaging with all the speakers. He also gave some excellent anecdotes about the industry, and was flexible to some last minute changes.

    Multinational Software Corporation
    07 Mar 2013
  • Financial Kick Off Event

    Debra Searle’s story is incredible. She offers much to think about and inspiration to step out of your comfort zone. She has a great style of story-telling and is very engaging.

    Experience Management Solutions Corp.
    24 Jul 2013
  • Company Conference

    Debra Searle is great – she is intelligent, lucid and delivered a good mix of serious and fun. She has a very personal style and really hit the spot with the audience.

    Online Research Company
    16 May 2013
  • European Meeting

    Dominic O’Brien gave the perfect presentation for our audience. He was clear, entertaining and educational. His message and memory skills are very transferable.

    B2B Publisher
    10 Jan 2015
  • Awards Ceremony

    Ed Byrne gave a beautifully pitched, super comedy routine. He was laid back and confident as the award host and the audience really appreciated his approach.

    Digital Communications Company
    10 Apr 2012
  • Company Conference

    Ed Stafford’s presentation was fascinating. He was very professional in his approach from briefing onwards. He was happy to take questions and gave us exactly what we wanted.

    Media Holding Corporation
    04 Sep 2013
  • Retailer of the Year Awards

    Ed Stafford was very engaging, poignant and funny. He has a very relaxed style and the delegates really engaged with him - altogether outstanding.

    Global B2B Media Corporation
    03 Jul 2012
  • Enterprise Conference

    Eddie Obeng is a hugely energetic, humorous, very interesting and entertaining speaker. The content of his speech was excellent – very thought provoking and relevant to all.

    Global Advisory Company
    21 May 2014
  • Entrepreneur Forum

    Eddie Obeng was inspirational and got us to think about new ways of looking at things. He really connected with our audience on an emotional level.

    Small Business Advisers
    11 May 2014
  • Annual VIP Client Forum

    Frank Gardner gave an excellent performance. He was his usual polished and well prepared self, and was well received by the audience.

    Global Metal Packaging Corporation
    13 Sep 2013
  • Annual Company Forum

    FW de Klerk was exceptional. He was a very committed and accessible speaker; he is an outstanding personality, but open-minded to the audience and guests. Superb.

    European Logistics Corporation
    20 Nov 2014
  • Suppliers Conference Dinner

    Geoff Burch was entertaining and got his points over very well. A number of attendees said how useful his content was – overall he was excellent.

    Residential Property Developers
    02 May 2013
  • Customer Conference

    I would highly recommend Gerald Ratner – 1st class experience. He was very informative and inspirational and his story was delivered in a really funny, yet professional way.

    Global Automatic Equipment Suppliers
    22 Jun 2012
  • Business Awards

    Gerald Ratner was hilarious and went down a storm. A highly amusing story brilliantly delivered. He has a dry wit and is a very confident speaker who commands the room.

    Independent Medical Regulators
    26 Apr 2012
  • Innovation Forum

    Hamish McRae has an excellent style; the content had a great industry focus and he delivered it very effectively. There was a very good Q&A session at the end of the event.

    Global Professional Services Company
    23 May 2012
  • Business Process Conference

    Hamish Taylor was excellent; he did a great job tying in with our theme, making it highly relevant to our audience. He was very energetic and our delegates raved about him!.

    Global Advisory Company
    18 Mar 2015
  • Supplier Conference Awards Dinner

    Hamish Taylor is a personable, engaging and lively presenter. He really motivated our audience, they really enjoyed his speech.

    Residential Property Developers
    04 Mar 2015
  • Annual Incentive Lunch

    Ian Rush was fantastic, interesting and engaging. The content of his excellent speech was very interesting, delivered in a really articulate fashion. He was very well received.

    Branding and Media Agency
    19 May 2012
  • Leadership Summit

    James Rubin has an excellent speaking style. The audience were extremely positive about his speech. He was very informative, knowledgeable and gave great examples.

    International News and Business Publishers
    28 Apr 2016
  • Annual Client Lunch

    Our audience rated Jeremy Bowen as excellent. He has a very engaging manner and was very popular. He is very easy to listen to with great anecdotes.

    IT Recruitment Specialists
    12 Nov 2015
  • Annual Awards

    Jeremy Vine was first class. He is very professional and easy to work with. His speech was topical and well balanced, with some very entertaining references to his TV and radio life.

    Business Leaders Organisation
    22 Apr 2015
  • Annual Conference

    Jim Lawless was brilliant. He got our conference off to a strong start. He was very interactive and inspiring, with a good mixture of talking, interaction and video clips.

    British University
    27 Mar 2012
  • Executive Partner Conference

    Jim Lawless has great energy and held the audience’s attention really well. His presentation was exciting and the video and slides were excellent. Great participation by the audience.

    Multinational Telecomms Company
    10 Nov 2017
  • Annual Entrepreneur Conference

    Jim McKelvey was awesome. He was a great person to host our event; he was insightful as well as respectful of the other panellists. Our audience really enjoyed his participation.

    Startup Accelerator
    18 Sep 2014
  • Payments Conference Convention

    Jim McKelvey delivered his opening keynote with gusto and charisma. He was excellent – he set the tone very well and gave a good mix of trends, which was thought provoking.

    Global Technology Events Company
    23 Apr 2014
  • Publican Dinner and Awards

    Jimmy Carr was brilliant! He was great and very easy to deal with. He is very funny but knows where to draw the line. There was laughter throughout the evening.

    Global B2B Media Corporation
    27 Mar 2012
  • Brand Strategy Event

    Jo Fairley is a fantastic speaker. The content of her speech was brilliant – just what we wanted. She also networked with the attendees afterwards, which was greatly appreciated.

    British University
    25 Oct 2012
  • Women Business Leaders Conference

    We thought Jo Fairley was brilliant, inspirational and adaptable – she did a press interview for us too. She was ideal for our event – very relevant to our audience.

    Chamber of Commerce
    03 Jun 2015
  • Inspirational Awards Lunch

    Joanna Lumley was fun, friendly and engaged the audience. Joanna was professional but very approachable. She tailored her content to our theme and overall was excellent.

    Professional Services Corporation
    03 Jul 2014
  • Annual Client Conference

    Our audience was entirely captivated by John Bird’s speech. He was very engaging, whilst being enigmatic and relevant.

    Housing Support Providers
    28 Nov 2012
  • Annual Conference Awards Dinner

    Jon Culshaw is clearly a very experienced awards host. He did an excellent job of amusing the audience and then announcing the awards, keeping things going at a good pace.

    Further Education Support Providers
    16 Nov 2016
  • International Youth Gathering

    José María Figueres gave a really powerful speech with content totally related to the topic of the event. He interacted with the audience really well, they really liked him.

    Mexican Government Organisation
    31 Jan 2014
  • Wealth Creation Summit

    José María Figueres was excellent. He is very engaging and approachable and he had great content. He is a people’s person which endeared the audience to him.

    Economic Development Union
    18 Jul 2013
  • Talent Management Webinar

    Judith Leary-Joyce gave an excellent performance. The content was clear and concise and each slide was attention grabbing and thought-provoking.

    Global Educational Technology Corp.
    28 Feb 2012
  • Business Launch Conference

    Katherine Grainger is very approachable and down to earth. Her story was inspiring, funny and motivating and we all loved having the medal to pass round!.

    Wealth Management Consultants
    23 Sep 2012
  • Inspirational Speaker Event

    Katie Piper is an amazing speaker. Her delivery was sincere, emotional and she totally engaged the audience. The audience were blown away with her bravery and courage.

    Health and Beauty Retailer
    12 Mar 2014
  • Leadership Summit

    Keith Antoine was excellent; he was inspiring and engaging. We loved his energy and enthusiasm and he got great feedback.

    Healthcare Provider
    12 Jun 2012
  • Annual Real Estate Seminar

    Ken Livingstone gave an excellent performance. He has a good all-round delivery and he delivered spot-on content in a calm, collective style.

    Global Property Investment Co.
    22 Mar 2012
  • European Management Conference

    Kenton Cool is a highly engaging and fascinating speaker. He really understood the brief and delivered a highly engaging and disruptive presentation.

    Global Food and Beverage Corp
    24 Feb 2016
  • Annual Energy Conference

    Kenton Cool gave us an excellent speech. He told a great story in a direct, emotive and succinct way. He is a nice guy who is very passionate and engaging.

    Global Insurance Specialists
    13 Nov 2013
  • EMEA Channel Partner Masterclass

    Kevin Gaskell’s speech had great content, which he even fine-tuned after the first session. He connected perfectly with the attendees and was fun and down to earth.

    USA IT Corporation
    26 Nov 2015
  • IT Governance Summit

    We think Kevin Gaskell is a very engaging speaker, he is great at keeping an audience’s attention and his content and delivery style are both excellent. .

    Global Advisory Company
    06 Aug 2015
  • Business Community Event

    Kevin Keegan had a great balance between humour and seriousness; with personalised and informative content. He had good contact with the audience and was inspirational.

    Bespoke Events Organiser
    25 Sep 2014
  • Media Business Awards

    Kevin Morley has a strong, persuasive and funny style – always a winning combination. He is very personable and was exceptionally good mixing after the event.

    Daily News Publisher
    21 Nov 2013
  • Construction Industry Forum

    Klaus Kobjoll was excellent. He had great content with lots of examples. The audience was spellbound and we received nothing but praise.

    International Building Solutions Co.
    17 Feb 2014
  • Client Forum

    Klaus Schweinsberg has the ability to share complex content in a straightforward way, with humour and wit. His economics knowledge is superb and he got only positive feedback.

    National Consumer Bank
    03 Dec 2014
  • Client Event

    Klaus Schweinsberg was amusing and entertaining with great content. His expertise is outstanding and he was able to adapt his presentation to fit the audience perfectly.

    Credit and Finance Institution
    05 Dec 2015
  • Economic Growth Conference

    Klaus Töpfer gave a very good speech, rich in content. He spoke without slides or notes. Everyone thought he was a brilliant and eloquent speaker.

    German Urban Development Bureau
    15 Oct 2015
  • Company Kick Off Event

    Kriss Akabusi was excellent – everyone loved his enthusiasm and high energy. We got lots of positive feedback.

    Multinational Software Corporation
    09 Nov 2012
  • Management Conference

    Everyone loved Kriss Akabusi’s energy and personality. We really loved the video he used and especially seeing the medal.

    National Dental Care Group
    28 Sep 2017
  • Annual Conference

    Lenny Henry totally lived up to expectations. He has an excellent style and he handled the Q&A session very well indeed. His content was on message.

    Education Support Organisation
    19 Nov 2015
  • Regional Business Awards

    Levi Roots gave an excellent and entertaining speech. The content was very appropriate and relevant to the audience and the occasion. The audience reacted very positively.

    Chamber of Commerce
    05 Dec 2016
  • Portfolio Management Private Dinner

    Lord Dannatt is excellent. He is highly engaging, knowledgeable and a true professional. He has an impressive ability to address all questions, however challenging.

    Wealth Management Consultants
    25 Feb 2016
  • National Leadership Conference

    Lucy Adams has got a very personable style; it was great that she didn’t use autocue or any notes. She’s confident and knowledgeable.

    Education Support Organisation
    17 Nov 2015
  • International Youth Gathering

    Lucy Marcus has an excellent presence and is a speaker of the highest quality. She had a great interaction with the audience and is always one of the most liked speakers.

    Mexican Government Organisation
    31 Jan 2014
  • Future of Work Conference

    Lynda Gratton has concise and well-structured ideas that covered a broad array of areas totally suited to us. She is an engaging and articulate speaker.

    Leadership Research Organisation
    04 Sep 2014
  • Supply Chain Executive Conference

    Lynda Gratton is an excellent speaker. Her content was great and she wove in bits from the speaker before and tailored it overall to our audience.

    Global Advisory Company
    21 Sep 2017
  • Technologies Summit

    Magnus Lindkvist always delivers a relevant and mind-expanding presentation. He’s a different league to many other speakers. He pitched at exactly the right level for the CIOs.

    Global Advisory Company
    12 Jun 2012
  • Disruptive Innovation Forum

    Magnus Lindkvist is probably the best keynote we have had in 25 conferences. He adapted his expertise to our sphere and yet expanded our thoughts. He is engaging and fun.

    Global Business Conference Organiser
    06 May 2014
  • Internal Strategy Meeting

    Marc Woods was marvellous. He was very inspiring, motivational and made people reflect on their function in the team. He delivers his message in a relaxed way with humour.

    Global Biopharmaceutical Company
    15 Sep 2015
  • Annual Charity Dinner

    Marcus Brigstocke had a great presence and was very funny. He was current and up to date and he had a great energy and the audience thought he was excellent.

    Construction Industry Support Agency
    11 Jul 2013
  • Achievement Awards Lunch

    Mark Foster gave a great inspirational speech about the dedication and sheer hard work it takes to achieve brilliance. He was very charming and engaging.

    International Marketing Agency
    11 Nov 2016
  • Middle East and Africa Conference

    Mark Gallagher has a superb delivery and flow to his presentations. The content was solidly on theme and he tailored his entire speech to an eclectic audience.

    Global Hotel Chain
    04 Jul 2013
  • Sales and Teamwork Meeting

    Mark Gallagher was excellent. He gave the perfect presentation for our audience and was aligned with our needs and theme for training.

    Medical Products Corporation
    30 Sep 2014
  • Business Forum Trade Event

    Markus Merk was outstanding. He was fascinating and exciting, with many little anecdotes, which underline his authenticity. The audience were overwhelmingly positive about him.

    Energy and Water Supplier
    27 Mar 2014
  • Annual Client Conference

    Matt Dawson has a great style. He is very easy to watch and to listen to. He is very engaging and is an excellent speaker.

    IT Recruitment Consultancy
    12 May 2014
  • CEO Event

    Matthew Pinsent gave a superb presentation, delivered with passion and exactly to our brief. He had a great mixture of humour and detail. We had very positive feedback.

    Retail Banking Group
    03 Apr 2015
  • Annual Retailing Conference

    Michael Portillo’s speech was a good balance of comedy, politics and European insight. He is quick-witted and has a fast and direct style, which really engaged the audience.

    Pharmaceutical Association
    12 Oct 2012
  • Annual Company Dinner

    Michael Portillo gave a very professional and confident speech, delivered in a dynamic way. He created a great balance of his career and humour. The audience were really positive.

    Defence and Security Organisation
    02 Jul 2012
  • Investment Summit

    Our delegates found Michael Rose’s speech fascinating – a great delivery from someone who’s been a great leader of people. He was authoritative yet not patronising.

    Business and Media Corp.
    10 Mar 2013
  • Annual Lunch

    Midge Ure was fantastic – such a nice down to earth guy who totally engaged with the audience. Nothing was too much trouble for him and we have had excellent feedback.

    Business Leaders Organisation
    05 Jun 2017
  • Finance Conference

    Midge Ure is such a lovely guy and excellent speaker, he was brilliant. He has a great style of delivery – total clarity of message and at ease when speaking.

    Global Telecomms and Television Company
    06 Nov 2015
  • Company Conference

    Miles Barber is hands down the best speaker I and many of my colleagues and delegates have ever heard! He is light and entertaining whilst still getting his immense story across. .

    International Events Organiser
    14 Mar 2013
  • Business Excellence Awards

    Monty Halls has a real presence. His content was interesting and diverse, and he understood the team element of our day 100%. The audience wanted more.

    Housing and Property Developers
    05 Jun 2016
  • Business Awards & Expo

    Monty Halls was excellent. He was very interested in our industry and was an absolute pleasure to work with. His content was perfectly matched to our event.

    Marine Organisation
    02 Nov 2015
  • Master's Forum

    Muhammad Yunus was professional and scholarly. He explained profound theories in simple language in both social business and microcredit areas. He was very engaging.

    International Skincare Corp.
    08 Nov 2012
  • Annual Technology Meeting

    Nadine Dereza is an excellent moderator, who was very well prepared for our event. All our audience thought she had a powerful and convincing style.

    Global Petrochemical Corporation
    08 Oct 2012
  • Supply Chain Meeting

    Nick Fry was professional, full of energy, interesting and fantastic. He gave an excellent speech, our audience were captivated and they loved the videos.

    International Events Organiser
    13 Apr 2016
  • Annual Lunch

    Nick Fry is a really nice guy and very easy to work with. He wasn’t too technical, which was ideal for our audience. He delivered in a relaxed style and we got excellent feedback.

    Business Leaders Organisation
    01 Jun 2015
  • Annual Conference

    Nicklas Bergman gave an excellent speech, he was enthusiastic, very engaging, and was topical and relevant. He also totally tailored his content to our audience.

    Global Accounting Association
    15 Jul 2015
  • Medical Conference

    Nigel Barlow truly engaged everyone from the very first minute in his interactive workshop. He was extremely professional, entertaining and effective. Excellent!.

    Multinational Food Products Group
    25 Apr 2013
  • Loyalty Awards Event

    Omid Djalili was excellent. He is very personable and easy to work with. Omid is very eloquent and was easily understood by the wide variety of cultures present in the room.

    Specialist Printing Company
    06 Nov 2013
  • International Trade Partner Event

    Pau Garcia-Milà is a great speaker; he is friendly, professional and inspiring. He was perfectly on topic for our event and the feedback we got was great.

    Global Tobacco Company
    19 Jan 2016
  • Membership Event

    Paul Breitner’s speech was very interesting and entertaining. He spent a great deal of time with the guests and this was really appreciated.

    European Private Bank
    17 Nov 2014
  • Business Conference

    Paul Breitner was very informative, captivating and humorous. His presentation style was perfect for our audience and he answered all the questions asked in great detail.

    Roofing Supplies Retailer
    22 Jan 2014
  • Leadership Summit

    Paulo Scaroni was one of the best speakers of the event. He gave an excellent speech, with outstanding content. The audience responded really well to his session.

    Meeting and Events Organisers
    29 Apr 2016
  • Network Leadership Roundtable

    Penny Mallory was very motivating and engaging. She was spot on for our audience and had valuable insights for both men and women. We were inspired by her.

    Multinational Cleaning Trade Assoc.
    05 Dec 2016
  • University Gala Dinner

    Perry McCarthy has an outstanding style. He is very entertaining, as well as being relevant and engaging. He is very professional and personable and I would highly recommend him.

    British University
    30 Nov 2016
  • Partner Conference

    Pierluigi Collina was excellent. He is very approachable and is down-to-earth. The content of his speech can be applied to business as well as life in general.

    Multinational Telecomms Company
    25 Apr 2013
  • Construction Annual Conference

    Pierluigi Collina was clear, eloquent and convincing. He gave excellent, actionable takeaways for business. The attendees were all captivated listening to him.

    International Speaker Bureau
    28 Nov 2014
  • Client Conference

    Ranulph Fiennes was fascinating and inspirational. He is casual, witty and has a great sense of humour. He fitted with our theme perfectly.

    Innovative Education Publishers
    15 Nov 2012
  • Strategic Partnerships Summit

    Ranulph Fiennes was excellent. He was inspiring, interesting and at times extremely funny. He was great to work with and the audience were all extremely positive.

    Global Advisory Company
    10 Sep 2012
  • Management Conference

    Rasmus Ankersen was well prepared, eloquent and brilliant. Everyone was very positive – lots of great feedback after the event.

    Rail Transport Company
    29 Apr 2014
  • Aviation Industry Congress

    Ray Hammond’s content really opened new aspects for us. He is an excellent speaker, sympathetic, highly competent and eloquent – altogether fascinating.

    European National Federation
    11 Jun 2012
  • CEO Dinner

    Ray Hammond has an excellent style. He was very interactive with the group and really got them to engage and start a debate. We got great feedback from everyone.

    Global Reinsurance Company
    15 May 2014
  • International Trade Event

    Richard Needham was outstanding. He was witty and demonstrated his great depth of experience. His content was totally appropriate and our audience loved him.

    Trade & Investment Association
    13 Nov 2013
  • Annual Customer Engagement Summit

    Richard Reed has a passionate, entertaining and very engaging speaking style. He gave an excellent speech that was dynamic, fun, thought provoking, entertaining and bang on brief.

    CRM Software Solutions
    06 Mar 2014
  • Leadership Summit

    Richard West was entertaining, very well prepared and professional. His material was completely in line with requirements and he was easy to listen to with good humour.

    Event & Communications Co.
    06 Mar 2014
  • Business Summit

    Robin Sieger had a great stage presence, good sense of humour and great choice of speaker to finish the event with. He gave us some good, simple takeaways for the delegates.

    Global Advisory Company
    20 Mar 2014
  • Annual Company Conference

    Roger Black is a brilliant and lovely man. He listened to what we wanted and pitched and delivered his speech to perfection. He was inspirational.

    International Industrial Group
    01 Apr 2012
  • Company Awards Evening

    Roger Black was confident and very entertaining – without using any notes. He was just what we were looking for and linked his experiences back to business. Excellent.

    Regional Development Board
    17 May 2012
  • Annual Strategy Meeting

    Rowan Gibson gave a highly interactive and energised performance. He had very relevant content and demonstrated knowledge and passion for the subject.

    Financial Services Company
    23 Oct 2012
  • Corporate Golf Day and Dinner

    Roy Walker was great. He is a really lovely man who engaged well with the audience. He was also happy to help where possible. He was very funny and kept everyone entertained.

    Partnerships & Experiences Designer
    18 Sep 2014
  • Directors Annual Meeting

    We got great feedback from Sahar Hashemi’s speech. She is an excellent speaker with valuable insights for any entrepreneur. She is exciting as well as professional.

    European Real Estate Company
    18 Sep 2013
  • Kick Off Meeting

    Everyone absolutely loved Sahar Hashemi’s session. She had great content and did an excellent job, adapting her pace and language perfectly for non-native speakers.

    US Biotechnology Co.
    27 Oct 2016
  • Annual Skills Conference

    Sally Gunnell’s presentation was just amazing, really excellent. She showed her gold medal winning video which created a real buzz and everyone thought she was very accessible.

    British University
    28 Mar 2012
  • Training and Development Day

    “Best guest speaker ever” was a really common piece of feedback on Sean Fitzpatrick’s speech. Sean is exceptionally engaging and his talk was really well received by the audience.

    Integrated Services Company
    31 Mar 2017
  • Sales Conference

    Sean Fitzpatrick delivers an excellent balance of international sport, business application and individual motivation. He is relaxed yet compelling.

    Global Defence and Aerospace Corp.
    22 Feb 2012
  • Annual Members Conference

    Simon Weston delivered everything required and was a great success. He told his compelling story with clarity, honesty and a lot of humour. He was uplifting and inspiring.

    European Freight Distribution Co.
    19 Jun 2012
  • Technology Conference

    Stefan Hyttfors had excellent, thought-provoking content, expertly tailored to the audience. He has a great on-stage presence, with a good sense of humour.

    Global Advisory Company
    05 Oct 2017
  • Annual Corporate Day

    Susan Greenfield is very thought-provoking and an excellent, well-rehearsed speaker. She covered a lot of information and everyone was very positive about her.

    Laboratory Instrumentation Company
    02 Mar 2015
  • Corporate Launch Event

    Susan Greenfield gave a wonderful speech. She was incredibly engaging and thought provoking, as well as being warm, friendly, professional and insightful.

    Lead Tracking Software Organisation
    10 Jan 2015
  • Annual Managers Conference

    Tanni Grey-Thompson was amazing! She had the whole audience hanging off her every word; she inspired us talking about motivating, setting goals and achieving targets. .

    Independent Hospitality Caterer
    23 Jun 2012
  • Head Teachers Conference

    Tanni Grey-Thompson was outstanding. She was brilliantly motivating and totally honest. Her style was perfect; she was informal and won our hearts immediately.

    UK Government Organisation
    16 Mar 2012
  • Peace Project Conference

    Terry Waite is an experienced and highly professional speaker. He had everyone’s full attention from the start. We thought he was excellent, as well as being easy to work with.

    Council of Churches
    27 Mar 2015
  • University Scholar Event

    Terry Waite was overwhelmingly received, we were all enthralled. He has an excellent depth to his content, with moving narrative. He is also personable and connected.

    British University
    30 Nov 2016
  • Company Summer Event

    Tim Foster was fantastic, he was totally aligned with our company values and he got a standing ovation. Bringing in his gold medal was inspired, they loved that.

    Employee Benefit Group
    09 Sep 2016
  • Group Leadership Conference

    Tim Foster was excellent – he gave a superb speech with great content. He was very interesting and got properly involved in our day.

    Residential Property Developers
    20 Oct 2016
  • Leadership Meeting

    Tony Anderson was extremely professional and delivered a very engaging presentation. He has a relaxed but professional style.

    Retail Banking Company
    13 Oct 2015
  • Client Wealth Event

    Viviane Reding was excellent. She was the perfect guest speaker for our event. She has a great style, a lot of experience and her speech content was great. Everyone was delighted.

    Corporate and Financial Comms Company
    14 Jan 2016
  • Annual Lunch

    Sally was excellent. So friendly and came across as very relaxed but with some great content.

    Business Leaders Organisation
    17 Jul 2019
  • CEO Event

    Alain was humble, easy to engage with, clear and articulate. He made his speech relevant to participants, linking car racing to banking.

    International Bank
    18 Jul 2019
  • Integration Summit

    Andreas did a great job! There were lots of laughs from the audience and everyone was engaged in the session.

    Global Advisory Corporation
    18 Jul 2019
  • Technical Forum and Awards

    Andreas made an impactful delivery - he was mind-blowing. The audience was very engaged with the topic.

    Technical Standards Association
    18 Jul 2019
  • Risk Leadership Conference

    The audience really enjoyed Ayesha - she knows her stuff on AI, very relevant.

    Global Financial Services Company
    18 Jul 2019
  • Sales Achievement Day

    An excellent motivational talk which met the brief fully and closed the event on a very positive note. Bonita's story is obviously a very inspiring one.

    Global Manufacturer
    18 Jul 2019
  • Apprentice Engineer Awards Dinner

    Bonita was fantastic! Very professional and generous with her time. Fascinating story and photographs added to the drama and inspiration.

    Technical Consultancy Service
    18 Jul 2019
  • Global Risk Leadership Conference

    Brett was totally on point with our ask. Both interesting and relevant.

    Financial Services Group
    18 Jul 2019
  • Pharmaceuticals Event

    Brian was great. Interesting, personable, engaged and flexible to client needs. Loved him.

    Event Management Company
    18 Jul 2019
  • International Client Conference

    Bruce was brilliant. Absolutely what I had in mind. Really good - you could easily apply what he was saying to our world.

    IT Solutions Company
    18 Jul 2019
  • Sales Kick off

    Our client was really pleased with Bruce, he was on message and delivered his keynote with great energy and enthusiasm.

    Events Organiser
    18 Jul 2019
  • Power Summit

    Chris has a great style, with very clear and engaging content. He addressed the right themes to provoke discussion.

    Electricity Trade Association
    18 Jul 2019
  • Emerging Markets Conference

    Our clients were very impressed with Florence. She was extremely relevant.

    International Bank
    18 Jul 2019
  • IT Forum

    Gavin was really good, full of energy and came across very humble. We all loved the war stories.

    Event Management Company
    18 Jul 2019
  • Dinner Meeting of Energy and Associated Industries

    Isabel was very nice to work with. Professional approach. The content of her speech was fabulous for our group. Not too detailed, she kept it light.

    Petrochemical Industry Organisation
    18 Jul 2019
  • Annual Gala Dinner & Awards

    Justin was really good and very easy to work with and worked superbly with our MC too.

    Banking Group
    18 Jul 2019
  • Security Summit

    Keren connects with audiences immediately and tells great stories that keep the audience hooked. She is extremely knowledgeable, but doesn't baffle the audience with tech speak.

    Event Management Agency
    18 Jul 2019
  • Management Summit

    Matthew is a great guy, super nice to work with. Very friendly and accommodating. Quite detailed, gave a good sense of what the sport involves.

    Global Advisory Company
    18 Jul 2019
  • Aviation Dinner

    The whole evening went down super well last night. Michael 'Eddie the Eagle' was excellent and the feedback from all of our team was super positive.

    Aviation Fuel Service Company
    18 Jul 2019
  • Annual European Forum

    Noreena's presentation was a very fitting closure of a very successful event. Her presentation gave a fabulous summary of the various parameters confronting our business audience.

    Manufacturing Trade Association
    18 Jul 2019
  • AGM

    Pierluigi delivered a really great presentation. His delivery was wonderful. Excellent.

    Financial Services Group
    18 Jul 2019
  • Global Management Meeting

    Rasmus was very well prepared, very responsive. He delivered perfectly on our pre-discussed subjects.

    European Chemical Company
    18 Jul 2019
  • Management Summit

    Ruby is one of the nicest speakers I've worked with in ages. Super friendly, funny, accommodating; everyone who worked with her was charmed by her.

    Global Advisory Company
    18 Jul 2019
  • Christmas party

    Terry was calm, informative, engaging, friendly, charming, knowledgeable and captivating. He educated us, he was motivating and entertaining. We learnt so much.

    Educational Consultants
    18 Jul 2019
  • RT Speciality

    Martina was absolutely wonderful. She was totally charming, relatable, inspiring, interesting. Great! Everyone said what a great speaker she was.

    Speciality Insurance Group
    07 Aug 2019
  • Asset Management Summit

    Michael is an excellent speaker. He is lovely to work with, he was relaxed, engaging, inspiring and humorous.

    Global Research and Advisory Company
    31 Oct 2019
  • Global Accountancy Corporation

    Magnus had really thought provoking content with takeaways for our organisation in terms of how we will deliver our strategy. He fitted the brief perfectly.

    Global Accountancy Corporation
    31 Oct 2019
  • Annual Lunch

    Kevin was excellent, interesting, humorous and engaging. The audience reaction was superb.

    Business Leaders Organisation
    31 Oct 2019
  • Investment Management Group

    Kishore was one of the best speakers we have had for a long time. Setting the stage from a macroeconomic perspective: Has the West lost it?

    CSA Celebrity Speakers Web Admin
    31 Oct 2019

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