Orlando Machado

Chief Data Scientist Lego

Orlando Machado is a leading data scientist, currently working as the Chief Data Officer of the LEGO Group. Having formerly worked in data science for MoneySuperMarket and Aviva, Orlando is on a mission to help organisations find value in their data.

"A leading data scientist"

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  • Emerging Technologies
  • Analytical Data in Business
  • Maintaining Data Ethics
  • AI Technology and the Future
  • Using Consumer Insights
  • Data AI and Play


He presents in English and Spanish .

How he presents

Orlando, who sees his mission as to "bring data to life", explores all of the current and future possibilities with engaging examples and though-provoking ideas.

In Detail

Before joining Lego, Orlando worked for five years as the Group Chief Data Scientist at Aviva and an Advisory Board Member of the European Data Science Academy. He previously held the same role at MoneySuperMarket.com, the price comparison website. As well as demystifying questions around AI, data science and algorithms, he examines the real value of data to organisations. He demonstrates how it can provide a competitive edge for businesses, whilst also looking at the ethical and privacy concerns inspired by working with ever more and more personal information. In recognition of his highly successful career, Orlando was ranked at No.1 on the 2019 DataIQ list of the Most Influential People in Data-Driven Businesses.


With over two decades of working with data, Orlando looks at the opportunities data presents businesses, from driving revenue and improving customer experience to as-yet unexplored new innovations. He describes how rapid technological advances are enabling organisations to learn ever more about customer behaviour.



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