Tshering Tobgay

Former Prime Minister of Bhutan

Tshering Tobgay is the former Prime Minister of Bhutan. He led the country's government from 2013 to 2018. Tobgay remains the leader of the People's Democratic Party and is known internationally for his environmentalism.

"World Leading Environmentalist"

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  • Leadership
  • Conservation, Climate Change and the Environment
  • Happiness Matters
  • Economy & Society
  • Global Issues


He presents in English.

How he presents

Tshering Tobgay is a polished and professional speaker who delivers highly topical and relevant content in an extremely compelling and engaging way.

In Detail

After a career in the Bhutanese civil service, Tshering Tobgay became a co-founder of the People's Democratic Party in 2008. It was the country's first registered political party. The party grew swiftly, from gaining just two seats that year to winning the 2013 election. Tobgay was subsequently elected as Prime Minister. As Prime Minister, Tshering Tobgay focused on tangible goals, such as providing farming equipment to every district. Tobgay's leadership prioritised the environment. Since leaving office, Tshering Tobgay has continued his environmental work. In September 2019, he delivered an urgent warning about the Hindu Kush Himalaya region. He cautioned that the melting ice could impact over two million people living in the area and further downstream.


As an advocate of Gross National Happiness, Tobgay speakers about conservation, climate change, poverty, democracy and happiness at a variety of international conferences.


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