An Evening With Bruce Dickinson

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Iron Maiden Lead Singer Bruce Dickinson Made A Tour Stop In Toronto To Promote His New Autobiography: “What Does This Button Do?”

Bruce Gives A Very Candid, and Rousingly Comedic Look Into His Life Story And How He Came To Be The Singer Of One Of The Greatest Metal Bands.

We count ourselves fortunate that we were able to attend An Evening With Bruce Dickinson the other night at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre in Toronto. We had been looking forward to this for some time. As we arrived at the venue, throngs of Iron Maiden fans of every age were making their way inside. Many to the bar for a pint. Many to the table inside where fans were able to submit questions for Bruce to be answered during the event.

And perhaps due to habit when you go to see Maiden, or perhaps coincidence as there was a cannabis convention next door, but the unmistakeable scent of colitas was rising up to the air as well. The atmosphere was excited, and there were Iron Maiden concert t-shirts from the many years of touring being worn. This was going to be a good night. Read more.

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