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Former CIA Operative Unveils Key Strategies for Peak Performance

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Rupal Patel, an esteemed executive coach and the author of ‘From CIA to CEO,’ shares profound insights drawn from her personal journey in overcoming ‘Monday aversion,’ a challenge she grappled with even during her tenure at the CIA. As the architect of her own professional path, she adopted the practice of reserving Mondays for increased flexibility, sculpting a more pliable work schedule. Coined as a ‘Personal Energy Map’ (PEM), Patel advocates for meticulously plotting personal energy levels, aligning tasks with peak performance times to not only amplify productivity but also cultivate a more robust, healthier work-life balance.

Furthermore, Patel recommends the identification of invigorating activities—be it walking, gardening, reading, or other personally fulfilling pursuits—and encourages a dedicated commitment to incorporating them more regularly into one’s routine.

She also emphasises being mindful of one’s social circle, urging us to ensure that those with whom we invest the most time contribute positively to our energy and overall well-being.

In her distinctive holistic approach, Patel champions a ‘little and often’ movement strategy, suggesting that regular involvement in minor activities—such as stretching while waiting for the kettle to boil—can notably elevate energy levels over time.

In essence, Patel’s all-encompassing framework comprises of personalised energy management, mindful social connections, and strategic physical activity, providing a captivating and unique guide to optimising personal energy for sustained success.


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