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Rory Sutherland, Gerald Ashley: The Human Risk Podcast

5 min read


Rory Sutherland and Gerald Ashley, acclaimed business speakers, host a captivating podcast called Human Risk, where they delve into the fascinating realm of decision-making in various risk scenarios. With their extensive knowledge of behavioural science and expertise in risk management, Sutherland and Ashley offer invaluable insights into the often-overlooked quirks and biases that shape our choices. Their thought-provoking discussions encourage organisations to acknowledge and leverage these irrational behaviours to improve risk management strategies. By navigating the complexities of human decision-making, their podcast provides practical solutions for businesses to achieve better outcomes. Whether you’re a risk professional or a curious business enthusiast, Sutherland and Ashley’s podcast is an enlightening resource that sheds new light on the intricacies of decision-making in the corporate world.


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