Alex Depledge MBE

Entrepreneur, Co-Founder & CEO of Resi

Alex Depledge is a prominent entrepreneur and business leader, best known for her role as the Co-Founder and CEO of Resi, the UK's largest residential architectural firm focusing on using technology to help solve our country's housing problem through residential extensions and renovations.

"One of the UK's foremost serial tech entrepreneurs"

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  • The Future of Work: How Innovation Can Disrupt Standard Business Models
  • We Have a Women-Problem, but Maybe the Problem is Us?
  • The Sharing Economy
  • Founding and Scaling an AI Startup
  • Innovation in AI: From Idea to Market
  • Challenges and Opportunities in AI Entrepreneurship


She presents in English.

How she presents

Alex is known for her engaging and dynamic presentation style. She combines authenticity with a clear, straightforward delivery, making complex topics accessible and relatable.

In Detail

Before founding Resi, Alex co-founded and led, a marketplace that connected individuals with trusted home cleaners. Under her leadership, became one of the leading platforms in its niche and was eventually sold to Helpling, a Rocket Internet company, in 2015. She is a non-executive director of Persimmon Homes, one of the largest homebuilders in the UK. Alex has been featured in various prestigious lists such as The Sunday Times' Top 100 Disruptive Entrepreneurs and has been recognised as one of the most influential women in tech. Her unique perspective as a female founder offers a refreshingly grounded view on broader business and tech trends.


Alex Depledge is a dynamic entrepreneur and inspiring leader, with a proven track record in founding and scaling successful businesses. Her expertise spans across entrepreneurship, technology innovation, and advocacy for women in tech. She continues to influence and shape the startup ecosystem through her insightful talks and leadership.


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