Carlos Espinosa de los Monteros

High Commissioner for the Spain Brand & Former Vice-President of Inditex

As High Commissioner for the Spain Brand since 2012, Carlos Espinosa's main objective is to improving Spain’s image abroad and promoting it internationally through public and private events. He was Vice-President of Inditex, one of the world's largest fashion retailers and advisor to Acciona S.A., a Spanish conglomerate dedicated to engineering, construction and infrastructure. He was President and CEO of Daimler Chrysler Spain for 20 years and Chief Executive Officer for Mercedes Benz Spain.

"A key figure in Spanish business & politics"

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  • Strategy and Execution
  • Business Administration
  • Economic Policy
  • Internationalisation
  • Management Skills
  • Development of Strategic Sense for SMEs
  • An Analysis of the Spanish Economy


He speaks fluent English, French, Spanish and Italian.

How he presents

Carlos Espinosa is a powerful and informative orator with excellent communication skills.

In Detail

He has held several high profile positions including Sales Director and Vice-President of the National Institute of Industry in Spain and President of Iberia and Aviaco airlines. He was also a member of the Board of Directors of the International Air Transport Association and President of the Businessmen Circle of the Spanish Association of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers and of the International Organisation of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers. Carols was Professor of Economy at ICADE, a member of NATO's "Wisemen Group" for the analysis of European industry and consultant at the CEE for the study of the future of the aeronautic industry. He worked for the Spanish Government as Spanish Commercial Aggregate in Chicago and became the first president of Bodegas Gónzalez- Byass who wasn't a member of the González family.


One of the key figures who have shaped the Spanish business and political landscape in recent years, Carlos Espinosa addresses in his highly sought-after presentations the analysis of the Spanish economy, the internationalisation of businesses and the current sociopolitical environment. With almost 40 years experience, he has seen the positives and negatives in business and management and provides useful advice how to be less vulnerable to the crisis, how to position yourself effectively in different markets and the development of strategic sense for SMEs.



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