Claudio Guarnieri

Security Researcher, Free Software Developer & Artist

Claudio Guarnieri researches the use of technology as a means for repression, and helps human rights organisations, journalists, and activists with issues of computer security, privacy and surveillance. He is the Head of Security Lab at Amnesty International.

"A specialist in the analysis of malware, botnets and computer attacks"

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  • Cybersecurity
  • Digitisation
  • Information and Computer Security
  • Privacy in a Digital World


He presents in English and Italian.

How he presents

Claudio is a popular white hat hacker, known for his efforts for the protection of civil rights. His highly informative and candid presentations are tailored to suit each audience.

In Detail

An accomplished security researcher and fellow at CitizenLab, Claudio was part of the team that uncovered how countries with questionable human rights records were using Hacking Team technology against activists. He is also the creator of two widely used open-source Malware analysis tools, Cuckoo Sandbox and Malwr. He has devoted his attention to issues of privacy and surveillance and has published numerous articles. He is a columnist and some of his work has been published by Die Zeit, Slate, Deutsche Welle and Motherboard. He has spoken to numerous conferences including BlackHat, Chaos Communication Congress, Re:publica and many more.


With his highly specialised background in digital security and technology, Claudio is ideally positioned to advise organisations on how to deal with the complex aspects of cybersecurity and privacy in today's digital world.


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