Captain David Blakeley

Ultimate Soldier

Captain David Blakeley was a commander in the secretive British military unit The Pathfinders, also known as 'The Ghost Platoon.' They are trained to freefall 'James Bond' style from extreme high altitude, wearing oxygen masks and special survival suits. They work in small elite teams parachuting behind enemy lines, where they carry out extremely high-risk, sabotage, kill or capture missions.

"A true hero with an exhilarating leadership story"

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  • The Story of the "Ghost Platoon"
  • Ambushed. Alone. Surrounded.
  • Leadership
  • Building High Performance Teams
  • Empowerment and Accountability
  • Coping with Stress Under Pressure
  • Changing Mindsets


He presents in English.

How he presents

David is a dynamic and naturally gifted storyteller and his action packed, spellbinding stories are guaranteed to captivate, inspire and stir the imagination of audiences.

Books & Media

  • Maverick One: The True Story of a Para, Pathfinder, Renegade
  • Pathfinder

In Detail

David led the most audacious mission of the Iraq War, commanding a nine-man patrol going deep behind enemy lines - subject of his Sunday Times Bestselling book, 'Pathfinder', which has featured in all major British media as "the untold story of a secret elite British unit". Surrounded by thousands of enemy forces and abandoned by coalition command, they were left to fight their way out of the enemy's backyard. Miraculously, they did so, without losing a single member of their patrol. At 21 years of age David was promoted to be the youngest Captain in the British Army, going on to serve in Northern Ireland, Kosovo, Sierra Leone, Afghanistan and Iraq. Since leaving the military he has been working the media and has featured in films and TV programmes.


David demonstrates, using practical methods and techniques, the steps necessary for individuals and organisations to successfully unite and progress toward a common goal. He draws from his extensive, credible experiences to impart valuable mindsets and strategies that empower people to enhance their performance and go beyond any boundaries.

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Peoples Managers' Event

David Blakeley is an excellent, really engaging speaker with some unique life experiences. He retells his story in a style that has people on the edge of their seats.

International Car Corporation

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