Frank Gardner OBE

BBC's Security Correspondent

Frank Gardner is a renowned journalist and bestselling author, recognised for his extensive coverage of international security and terrorism from all parts of the Middle East. Despite having been seriously injured by terrorists which left him partially paralysed, Frank resumed his career at the BBC.

"His work always reflects the true complexities of the stories he reports." Vin Ray

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  • Terrorism and Security
  • The Middle East
  • Current Affairs
  • Overcoming Adversity


He presents in English and is fluent in Arabic.

How he presents

Frank's personal story of survival isn't just gripping—it's profoundly inspiring. His quick wit and extraordinary communication prowess enable him to deftly handle any situation on the spot, forming an effortless connection with his audience.

Books & Media

  • Outbreak
  • Ultimatum
  • Crisis
  • Far Horizons
  • Blood and Sand

In Detail

Fluent in Arabic with a degree in Arabic and Islamic studies, Frank was an investment banker for nine years before he moved to journalism. He emerged as the BBC's Middle East correspondent, stationed in Cairo covering the 'War on Terror' in areas like Guantanamo Bay, Yemen, Afghanistan, Iraq and the broader Middle East. In 2004 he survived being shot six times at close range by Al Qaeda terrorists in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Battling back with remarkable determination, he rejoined his work aided by a wheelchair. Recognised with an OBE in 2005 for his journalism, he authored the bestselling book 'Blood and Sand' in 2006. His dedication to reporting on global security issues persists to this day.


Frank draws on his experiences as a security correspondent to offer audiences remarkable accounts of his time in the Middle East. Having witnessed some truly terrifying situations his determination to return to his full and active life, demonstrates how to overcome even the toughest challenges, embrace change and persist against all odds.


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Frank Gardner gave an excellent performance. He was his usual polished and well prepared self, and was well received by the audience.

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