Elaine Kasket

Leading Cyberpsychologist

A leading Cyberpsychologist and Counselling Psychologist, Dr Elaine Kasket is an expert in how our digital choices shape our humanity, experience, and relationships across the lifespan, at home and at work.

"A specialist in the intersection of psychology and technology"

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  • Beyond "Digital Detox": Crafting your Tech-Life Balance
  • Digital Dynamics: Cyberpsychology at Work
  • DeathTech: Why "Digital Remains" Matter for Identity, Data Security, and Everyone on the Planet
  • The Tech Ties that Bind: Maintaining Healthy Relationships in the Modern Era


She presents in English.

How she presents

A deeply knowledgeable, compelling speaker, Elaine has the presence to capture those fractured attention spans; knows how to throw the most important information into sharpest relief; and deploys the art and craft of storytelling to make her material not just land but resonate.

Books & Media

  • Reboot: Reclaiming your Life in a Tech Obsessed World
  • Podcast: Your Life on Tech
  • All the Ghosts in the Machine: The Digital Afterlife of Your Personal Data

In Detail

Unprecedented psychological and social dilemmas are arising in our technologically saturated world. Elaine is a uniquely qualified guide in that new landscape, focusing on deepening wellbeing; maximising connection; and retaining our fundamental humanity. As a hybrid Cyberpsychologist and Counselling Psychologist, she believes in recognising and challenging narratives of helplessness in the face of technology; realising the fuller extent of our power; and building more meaningful lives with and through tech. A keynote speaker, storyteller and trainer, Elaine has collaborated with clients and audiences worldwide, including Netflix, TEDx, Santander, the NHS, the Edinburgh Fringe and Latitude. She is a regular contributor across the media and produces and hosts the podcast Your Life on Tech.


In a tech-dominated world, Elaine's unique human touch and her capacity for real dialogue are increasingly rare and in demand. She helps her audiences and clients centre their humanity, nurture their connections with others, and maximise mindful, values, aligned personal and relational agency.



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