Dr. Gregory Stock

One of the World's Leading Authorities on Genomics and Biotech

Dr Gregory Stock, a biotech entrepreneur, bioethicist and best-selling author is a leading authority on the broad impacts of genomics and other advanced technologies now reshaping medicine. He founded the influential Program on Medicine, Technology and Society at UCLA's School of Medicine.

"Dr. Gregory Stock offers a convincing rebuttal to those who fear we are hurtling towards some deadly reckoning"

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  • The Biotech Revolution: How it will Transform the Healthcare Sector
  • From Darwin to Destiny: Glimpses of the Strange Future Ahead
  • Big Data in Healthcare: Best Hope or Worst Fear?
  • Courage to Question: Confronting Hard Choices in Business and Life
  • The New Economics of Healthcare
  • Prosthetics, Designer Babies, and Life Extension: What are the Limits?
  • Where are the Wonder Drugs?


He presents in English.

How he presents

His presentations are provocative, engaging, accessible distillations of recent technological advances and how they will remake our lives and challenge our sense of what it is to be human. He provides a riveting, eye-opening glimpse of the sometimes dizzying future that is arriving far sooner than most people imagine. He is unforgettable.

Books & Media

  • On the Cusp: New Paths in Healthcare and Medicine
  • The Book of Questions
  • Redesigning Humans: Our Inevitable Genetic Future
  • Engineering the Human Germline
  • Metaman: The Merging of Humans and Machines into a Global Superorganism


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In Detail

At the UCLA's School of Medicine, he served as its director for ten years leading a broad exploration of critical technologies poised to reshape healthcare and society. Dr. Stock is a strong advocate for aggressive biomedical and healthcare research. He co-founded Signum Biosciences, serving as its CEO for 6 years and directed efforts there to develop a promising new therapeutic class for Alzheimer's disease and identify neuroprotective natural products. He co-founded and served for two years as the CEO of Ecoeos, where he helped pioneer the development of ecogenetic tests to gauge personal sensitivity to environmental toxins. Dr Stock serves on the California Advisory Committee on Stem Cells and Reproductive Cloning and is the Associate Director of the Center for Life Science Policy Studies, a policy think tank at the University of California at Berkeley.


Gregory Stock inspires and challenges audiences with a compelling vision of the far-reaching consequences of the biotech and Infotech revolutions. He provides clear perspective on the economic, political and social challenges that are emerging as big-data, digital-health, and other advanced technology comes of age, and shows how they will transform medicine, healthcare and our very selves. Stock makes the case for hope and possibility in this time of difficult, disruptive change.



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