Dr. Ian Pearson

Leading Futurologist

Dr. Ian Pearson is the visionary founder of Futurizon and former Futurologist at BT. With a forward-thinking and creative approach, Pearson leverages his extensive knowledge to enhance the PR and marketing strategies of businesses worldwide.

"A renowned authority on future trends and technologies"

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  • The Impact of Future Technology on Business and Society
  • Broadband Networks and Services
  • Networks and Mobile Systems Groups
  • The Performance of Computer Networks and Protocols


He presents in English.

How he presents

Ian stands as one of the most captivating futurist speakers available. His speeches offer thought-provoking insights and captivating narratives that bridge the gap between science fiction and imminent reality.

Books & Media

  • A Futurist Invents
  • The Power of Three
  • You Tomorrow: The Future of Humanity, Gender, Everyday Life, Careers, Belongings and Surroundings
  • Business 2010: Mapping the New Commercial Landscape (with Michael Lyons)

In Detail

In 2017, Pearson forecasted the obsolescence of smartphones by 2025 and envisioned a future of highly autonomous transport with self-driving pods optimising rail and road capacity. Furthermore, in 2018, he speculated that AI would surpass human intelligence by "billions of times," advocating for the integration of humans with AI for survival. An authoritative voice on the pressing issues of tomorrow, Pearson has addressed audiences at prestigious events such as the Unions 2020 Conference, Microsoft, the East of England Business Awards, Mobility 2050, 2020 Shaping Ideas Ericsson, and BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT. With a Doctor of Science degree and expertise spanning industries from aeronautics to cybernetics, Pearson provides accurate forecasts of future developments that will shape our homes and workplaces.


Ian's focuses on tracking developments across the whole field of technology and society, figuring out where it is all going next, and how that will affect our everyday lives. In his presentations he offers in depth analysis of future trends and predicts the impact of future technologies on business and society.



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