Dr. Ian Pearson


Dr. Ian Pearson works for Futurizon as their futurologist and concentrates on mapping the progress of new developments throughout information technology, considering both technological and social implications. As a futurologist he speaks across the whole field of industry and commerce, government and society.

"Renowned futurologist"

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  • The Impact of Future Technology on Business and Society
  • Broadband Networks and Services
  • Networks and Mobile Systems Groups
  • The Performance of Computer Networks and Protocols


He presents in English.

How he presents

An experienced media personality, Ian is well used to delivering the goods in front of a live audiences. His presentations are stimulating and filled with provocative views on the impact of future technology on business and society, attracting much media attention.

Books & Media

  • Business 2010: Mapping the New Commercial Landscape (with Michael Lyons)
  • The Atlas of the Future

In Detail

Ian Pearson graduated in 1981 from Queens University, Belfast. He spent four years in Shorts Missile Systems, in many different disciplines from mechanical engineering to battlefield strategy simulation. He was BT's Futurologist for 16 years, keeping track of developments across the whole field of technology and informing BT on emerging opportunities and threats. He is a fellow of the World Academy of Art and Science, the Royal Society of Arts and the Institute of Nanotechnology. He has received many awards for his papers, written several books and has made approximately 400 TV and radio appearances.


Ian's focuses on tracking developments across the whole field of technology and society, figuring out where it is all going next, and how that will affect our everyday lives. In his presentations he offers in depth analysis of future trends and predicts the impact of future technologies on business and society. Recognised as being creative, he is often involved in shorter consultancy jobs and workshops for other business areas.



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