John Nosta

Digital Health Expert and Innovation Theorist

John Nosta is a thinker entrenched in the world of science, medicine and innovation. John is the founder of NOSTALAB, a digital health think tank. He's currently ranked as the #1 global influencer in digital health and generally regarded as one of the top global strategic and creative thinkers in this area.

"A leading voice in the convergence of technology and health"

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  • The Future of Health Innovation
  • The Digital Health Revolution - How Technology Will Extent and Expand Our Lives
  • Genius Is Our Birthright and Mediocrity Is Self-Imposed
  • The Convergence of Medicine, Technology, and Humanity
  • Longevity: Technology and the New Promise for Tomorrow


He presents in English.

How he presents

John's engaging style and authoritative content help individuals appreciate the powerful convergence of health, technology and consumer empowerment.

In Detail

John helps define, dissect and deliberate global trends in digital health. He is consistently ranked among the top names in almost every digital health list and has sustained that position for several years. He is a member of the Google Health Advisory Board as well as a WHO Digital Health Expert. John is also a frequent contributor to Fortune, Forbes, Psychology Today and Bloomberg. He has built his career on the "science of innovation", a process where strategy and creativity work together to create inflection points in the market. He has also been recognised for his ability to translate difficult medical and scientific concepts into material that can be more easily communicated to consumers, clinicians and scientists.


John helps translate the alphabet soup of EKGs and CPUs into practical knowledge that you can put into practice today, from personal longevity strategies to powerful marketing tactics. He shares with audiences his vibrant and insightful perspective on the future of health innovation. His focus is on guiding companies, NGOs, and governments through the dynamics of exponential change in the health / tech marketplaces.


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