Joshua Klein

Author & Hacker Extraordinaire

Joshua Klein is a fervent hacker of all things, he will hack anything that moves. He understands that the greatest innovations emerge from reconsidering commonplace scenarios. Proficient in analysing systems, disassembling and then reassembling them to generate novel and more efficient outcomes, he is an authority in this domain.

"Joshua hacks...everything.."

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  • Creative Enterprise: Hacking the New Rules of the Online Economy
  • Reputational Economics: Why Who Cares Is More Important Than What You Have
  • Meritocratic Marketplaces: the Secret Side to the Megatrends You Thought You Understood
  • Synanthropy: How Parasitic Species can be Co-opted to Beneficial Systems
  • The Amazing Intelligence of Crows
  • People Vs Robots - How Both Will Win
  • Metaverse & Multiverse


He presents in English.

How he presents

Joshua Klein is the quintessential hacker - often characterized as a versatile thinker who identifies patterns across disciplines, deriving immense satisfaction from blending the unforeseen and witnessing its successful application in fresh and improved manners. Through his innovative, captivating, and profoundly enlightening presentations, he provides a window into this mindset, offering a distinctive perspective from his vantage point.

Books & Media

  • Podcast: Host of "The Big Change", a New York Times and Accenture podcast
  • Reputation Economics
  • Hacking Work

In Detail

Joshua has harnessed emerging technologies across a range of industries, including social systems, computer networks, institutions, consumer hardware and animal behaviour. He specialises in translating technology insights into actionable strategies for business leaders. Since 2018, Joshua has been the CEO of Indigometrics and Founder of H4X Industries, created in 2007. He also sits on several advisory boards, including Eyrir Ventures, BP, World 50 and His well-established occupation has caught the eye of many start-ups and Fortune 100 companies, who all seek Joshua's executive-level business imperatives and ability to clearly explain limitations and critiques for success.


Joshua Klein helps his global audiences discover how common opinion has short-sighted the impact and opportunity of the biggest trends we've all misunderstood. His keynotes on technology innovation focus on how we can use it to our advantage and to create a better world.



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