Lital Marom

Innovation Strategist & Visionary

Lital Marom is a serial entrepreneur, corporate innovation driver, frequent keynote speaker and seasoned lecturer. She led the global strategy and sales of multibillion-dollar corporations. Now she brings her experience and on-going immersive research to executive teams.

"A catalyst for change"

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  • Future of Business; New World New Rules
  • The Power of AI; unleashing a New Era
  • Leadership: Fostering Innovation and Agility
  • Digital Transformation in 2023 and Beyond
  • The Platform Economy: Platforms Shaping Industry Structures
  • Masterclass: Unleash Your DIGITAL Potential
  • Masterclass: Exponential Technologies 101


She presents in English.

How she presents

Lital is a highly sought after keynote speaker and respected moderator. With her captivating style, energy and infectious enthusiasm she inspires her audiences all over the world and pushes them into action.

In Detail

Lital's journey to becoming a global innovation powerhouse began on the technological frontlines of Israel and Europe, where she built software products from the ground up. As her influence grew, so did her scope, soon leading strategic sales for Fortune 100 giants across three continents. Her exciting journey has led her to live in ten different countries and to start four companies, including UNFOLD, a haven for innovation, and The Academy of Tomorrow, shaping the leaders of tomorrow. With the future in sight, she's equipping leaders with the mindsets and skillsets to navigate and succeed in the world of tomorrow. Her inspiring story and extensive experience, underline her authority in connecting technology (disruptive technologies and system thinking) with humanity to create impact on a global scale. /em>


Lital provides practical and well researched strategies to business leaders which will transform and future-proof their business. She helps organisations to embrace completely new ways to grow their business and to position themselves for exponential growth, leveraging data strategies and exponential technologies.


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