Ruby Wax OBE

TV Personality and Mental Health Activist

Ruby Wax is an actress, comedian, TV writer, lecturer and mental health campaigner with an impressive career spanning over five decades. Ruby is a highly engaging and popular corporate speaker who is a fortified mental health advocate and stalwart in the entertainment industry.

"A genuine expert of mental health"

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  • Mindfulness and Neuroscience: How the Mind Works
  • How to Keep a Clear Mind in a World Full of Mental Fog
  • Clear Company Culture
  • Staying Unfrazzled in a Frazzled World
  • Developing Leadership Skills
  • Communication Workshops
  • Leadership Facilitator


She presents in English.

How she presents

Ruby Wax uses her own journey and insights to uplift and empower others, ultimately fostering a society that is more open, compassionate, and supportive when it comes to mental health.

Books & Media

  • Communication Workshops
  • A Mindfulness Guide for Survival
  • And Now For The Good News...
  • How to Be Human: The Manual
  • A Mindfulness Guide for the Frazzled

In Detail

Ruby is also a renowned author who has penned numerous books on cognitive therapy and psychology. Through her insightful works, she seeks to promote mindfulness, break down the barriers of mental health stigma, and unravel its complexities. Beyond her role as a mental health activist and esteemed author, Ruby has left an indelible mark on the entertainment and production industry with her comedic talent and an extensive repertoire of film and television appearances. Ruby's journey in acting commenced on Broadway, where she honed her skills alongside the Crucible Theatre before joining the esteemed Royal Shakespeare Company. In recognition of her unwavering commitment to mental health, the University of Surrey appointed her as a Visiting Professor in Mental Health Nursing in 2015.


In her multifaceted role as a comedian, mental health advocate, and mindfulness champion, Ruby has carved out a remarkable path, touching the lives of many and leaving a lasting impact on audiences. Throughout her career, she has delighted organisations with her unique comedic perspective on life.


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Management Summit

Ruby is one of the nicest speakers I've worked with in ages. Super friendly, funny, accommodating; everyone who worked with her was charmed by her.

Global Advisory Company

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