Suzanne Williams

International Hostage & Kidnap Negotiation Expert

Suzanne Williams is an experienced hostage negotiator who has successfully handled numerous high-profile and perilous hostage crises on a global scale. Additionally, she played a vital role within the senior management team of the Royalty Protection Group, stationed at Buckingham Palace.

"Change what you can control, influence what you cannot"

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  • Understanding Decision Making in Negotiations
  • Trust and Ethics in Negotiation
  • Negotiating Successfully across Cultures
  • Understanding Decision Making in Negotiations - How to Negotiate Rationally in a Non-Rational World


She presents in English.

How she presents

Suzanne is a fascinating speaker, recounting stories from her career; she offers audiences a glimpse into the extraordinary and high-pressured life of a hostage negotiator.

In Detail

As a former Scotland Yard detective, Suzanne held a unique position as the sole senior officer responsible for both the Kidnap and the Hostage Crisis Negotiation Units. Operating at the highest level, she played an active role in the UK Government's crisis response process concerning the abduction and kidnapping of British citizens abroad. Some of these cases garnered significant media attention, while others were handled discreetly, but each required meticulous family support, innovative negotiation strategies, and effective communication. With her vast expertise in these domains, Suzanne has been sought after to provide assistance and guidance to numerous foreign governments, and organisations grappling with similar criminal activities and critical incidents.


Suzanne's expertise extends beyond traditional realms, as she skilfully applies negotiation strategies to the realms of business and politics, exploring the intricate connection between leadership, effective communication, and performing under high-pressure circumstances.


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