Prof. Martin Siegert

Renowned Glaciologist

Martin Siegert is a British glaciologist, involved in the scientific exploration of Antarctica, leading the UK's participation in a series of geophysical programmes that have charted around 40% of the subglacial environment across the continent.

"A recognised leader on the climate change science"

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  • Climate Change Science
  • The Future Low Carbon Society
  • Environmentalism
  • Understanding Antarctica


He presents in English.

How he presents

A passionate and engaging speaker, Prof. Martin Siegert demonstrates his ambition and passion to build a more sustainable future.

Books & Media

  • Antarctic Subglacial Aquatic Environments

In Detail

Professor Siegert is the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Cornwall), University of Exeter where he is responsible for the strategic development of Exeter's activities in Cornwall and supporting the 2030 target for net-zero greenhouse gas emissions in both the University and the County. Prof. Martin Siegert FRSE has been the Co-Director of the Grantham Institute since May 2014. Previously, he was Director of the Bristol Glaciology Center at Bristol University, where he is now a visiting Professor, and Head of the School of GeoSciences at Edinburgh University, where he now holds an Honorary Professorship. He was awarded the 2013 Martha T Muse Prize in Antarctic Science and Policy by the Tinker Foundation and the Scientific Committee for Antarctic Research.


Prof. Siegert explains how our appreciation of Antarctica has changed as a consequence of the technological advances required for its scientific exploration. He shows how the perception of Antarctica as a static, lifeless continent has transformed to that of a dynamic region that has the power to alter our global environment and why it should concern us all.



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