Miha Pogačnik

Leadership Expert, Violinist & Visionary

Miha Pogačnik is an exceptional virtuoso, in the corporate and political world, as well as the musical stage. Most importantly, he is the inventor of the Musical Method which he uses for inspiring "C"- level audiences worldwide to develop their inner genius through his unique leadership resonance platform.

Miha Pogačnik has been described as a "maker of magic"

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  • Leadership Resonance Platform
  • Organisational Change and Transformation in Disruptive Economy
  • HR to HS: From Human Resources To Human Resonance
  • Teamwork: Inspiring Productivity through Creativity
  • World 4.0: The Power of Emotional Innovation for IT Leaders


Miha presents in English and German.

How he presents

With his emotional and human approach in the digital age Miha leads executives through a transformational leadership journey, using the formative forces of music and art. Speaking, playing his famous Guarneri violin, while creating symbolic drawings his presenting style is a truly multi-media experience for the audiences.


 Miha Pogačnik  - Microsite

In Detail

Miha's life has been marked by social innovations, including the creation of over 200 intercultural festivals in crisis areas of the world, and in the course of the last 20 years working with leaders of over 100 global brand companies. Miha has appeared at the World Economic Forum in Davos and China, the European Economic Forum in Alpbach, Austria, as well as in different Agencies of the UN. Today, his artistic musical method goes mainstream in world leading business schools - like Harvard, IESE, Ceibs. All are starting to use it in their Leadership Programs. From corporate executive teams to engineers, doctors or sales teams, Miha creates his unique spell to extract individuals' true awareness and capacity, implementing the powerful chemistry between creativity and business.


Imagine a seminar or keynote where nobody is looking at their smartphones, where even the toughest executives are touched and that people remember and talk about for years! With the power of musical masterpieces Miha focuses on the analogy between the orchestra and corporate teams, providing them with ultimate inspiration and guidance to go beyond excellence.



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