Thomas Bubendorfer

World Renowned Climber

Thomas Bubendorfer is the world's foremost solo climber - the most elite group of athletes in the world. To succeed this requires mental and physical conditioning, detailed planning and preparation and the ability to take calculated risks.

"Everything I know, the mountains have taught me"

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  • Motivation, Achievement, Excellence
  • Team Playing
  • Emotion versus Ratio
  • Quality
  • Crisis
  • Risk - Safety
  • Fear - Courage
  • Beyond each Goal you Reach
  • Vision and Passion
  • Change and Stability
  • Strategy and Planning
  • Creativity
  • The Attainable Threshold Management
  • Responsibility


He presents in German, English, French and Italian.

How he presents

Not only an accomplished climber, Thomas is also an accomplished speaker in four languages. His breathtaking presentations are filled with examples of his incredible adventures and entertain and inspire audiences from around the globe.


  • Die Kraft, die uns nach oben trägt (The strength that drives us up)
  • Zauberworte vom Berg (Magic Words from the Mountains)
  • Senkrecht gegen die Zeit
  • The Conquest of the Invisible

In Detail

In 1983, at 21 years of age, Thomas joined the elite inner circle of solo climbers with a record climb of the highest and hardest face of the Alps - The Eiger North Face in Switzerland, a record unbroken to this day. Since that time he has been one of the dominating personalities of alpine solo climbing. Thomas Bubendorfer is a celebrity in Europe and has appeared on countless television shows. His life and his achievements as a climber have been portrayed in more than a dozen documentaries.


Thomas offers audiences an in-depth look at the skills required to become the greatest free climber in the world. He carefully explains how to apply these skills in a business environment and to achieve great results. He shares his extensive experience and insights with the largest companies world-wide.



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