President Vaclav Klaus

Former President of the Czech Republic

Václav Klaus is the former President of the Czech Republic and is a free-market economist and co-founder of the Civic Democratic Party. Considered one of Eastern Europe's most influential post-Communist leaders, he was previously Finance Minister in the former Czechoslovakia.

"Vaclav Klaus is a highly awarded statesman and economist."

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  • Leadership and Change Transformation of Economies
  • Monetary and Fiscal Policies, Inflation
  • Developments in Central and Eastern Europe
  • Visions and Strategies for an Enlarged European Union
  • Climate Change


He presents in Czech and English.

How he presents

Vaclav Klaus' presentations provide vision and strategic thoughts from a highly respected statesman.

Books & Media

  • A Guide to Climate Apocalypse

In Detail

An academic economist by training, he was forced out of the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences after the Soviet invasion in 1968 after the Prague Spring era. He returned back after the so-called "Velvet Revolution" of 1989, as one of the founders of the Civic Forum Movement. He was the country's first non-Communist Finance Minister and served from 1992 to 1997 as Prime Minister of the Czech Republic. In February 2003 Václav Klaus was elected President of the Czech Republic. He was re-elected for second term in February 2008. After completing his mandate as President of the Czech Republic in March 2013, he moved to the newly formed The Václav Klaus Institute, which is a liberal-conservative think tank with its own research study activities, seminars, and conferences. He is a member of the Mont Pelerin Society.


Václav Klaus shares his views on inflation, monetary and fiscal policies, on comparative economic systems and on economic transformation. Audiences get a real flavour of international affairs from this proven economist.


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