Yulia Marushevska

Famed Ukrainian Global Human Rights Leader, Advocate of Political Reform

Yulia Marushevska was a Ukrainian student who achieved worldwide fame when a video of her asking for help during Ukraine's Maiden riots went viral. Since 2014 Yulia has been studying, speaking and working in positions of leadership to influence geopolitical change.

"Ukrainian anti-corruption advocate and civil servant "

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  • Ukraine Political and Economic Situation
  • Global Politics
  • Human Rights
  • Leadership
  • Inspiration


She presents in English.

How she presents

Yulia is a remarkable and confident speaker who communicates highly effectively with great passion and poise.

In Detail

In her short but powerful viral video, titled "I Am A Ukrainian," Yulia explains the reasons behind the Euromaidan protests. Since the video was posted on YouTube in 2014, more than 8 million people have viewed it. In 2015, she joined the Odessa regional government team and was appointed Chief of Odessa Customs after training for the role at Harvard and Stanford universities. For more than a year Yulia was implementing anti-corruption policies and with a strong international team cleaned up five seaports from the massive bribery. This activity received attention among international media but also caused irritation from the Ukrainian political establishment. This forced Yulia who was pushed to resign. Yulia is now pursuing her studies on an executive program in Global Leadership in New York and London going into deeper levels of global development issues.


In her presentations, Yulia draws awareness to the political and economic situation in Ukraine. She inspires younger generations to push for achievement, whether it be making life changing decisions, realising ambition or simply contributing to making the local environment a better place to live in.



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