Dr Robert Phaal

Principal Research Associate at University of Cambridge

Dr. Robert Phaal works in the Department of Engineering at the University of Cambridge, where he conducts research in the area of strategic technology management and organisational challenges in the context of high tech innovation and strategy.

"A world renowned strategic roadmapping expert"

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  • Strategic Roadmapping
  • Evolution of Roadmapping for Application in Innovation, Strategy and Policy
  • Technological Innovation
  • Alignment of Industry-University Research


He presents in English.

How he presents

Dr. Phaal's high content tailored presentations are always well received. His messages are concise and informative, delivered in his highly professional style.

Books & Media

  • Next Generation Roadmapping: Establishing Technology and Innovation Pathways Towards Sustainable Value
  • Technology Roadmapping (World Scientific Series in R&D Management)
  • Here Be Dragons - Navigating in an Uncertain World
  • Roadmapping for Strategy and Innovation: Aligning Technology and Markets in a Dynamic World
  • T-Plan: The Fast Start to Technology Roadmapping. Planning Your Route to Success

In Detail

Dr. Phaal joined the Centre for Technology Management in 1997. His particular interests include technology-intensive innovation, the emergence of technology-based industry, the use of visual techniques for strategy, and the development of practical management tools. He has a mechanical engineering background, with a PhD in computational mechanics and industrial experience in technical consulting, contract research and software development. Strategic roadmappìng has been a key area of ongoing interest, in terms of both research and practice as a platform for strategic toolkits, focusing on 'fast-start' workshop approaches that can help to deliver early benefits while learning how the method can help, minimising effort, cost and risk.


Dr. Phaal offers an authoritative perspective on roadmapping and related methods for strategy and innovation. Knowing how to use a few selected tools well, and how to adapt and combine them, provides a flexible foundation for building management systems. 'Fast-start' workshop approaches provide an agile and low risk route to deploying the ideas covered, supported by online templates.



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