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Vala Afshar

Vala Afshar is a digital marketing evangelist author and Twitter storyteller. Vala is Chief Digital Evangelist at Salesforce.com. Widely regarded as a top martech and social media influencer (described as one of the best industry thought leaders by Forbes and Gartner amongst others).

Isabel Aguilera

Isabel Aguilera is one of the top executives in Europe according to the Financial Times and Fortune Magazine and a renowned specialist in success strategies for developing competitive leadership. She is the former CEO of Google Iberia and of General Electric Spain and Portugal.

Muthla Al-Sayer

Muthla Al-Sayer is Executive Board Member at Toolbox OS and the CEO and Founder of OmniX Lab New York, where she has shaped the vision and purpose of OmniX labs, by bringing her experience and understanding of connecting the physical space in a digital world.

Alberto Alessi

Alberto Alessi is Managing Director of Alessi Spa and Head of marketing strategy, communication and design management. His design and technology expertise have seen the company become globally recognised for producing products which combine functionality and aesthetic appeal.

James Alexander

James Alexander is Director of FutureAgenda.org, an open source think tank and advisory delivering foresight, strategy and innovation to some of the world's leading organisations such as Apple, WWF and Mastercard. He is a Co-Founder of #voicefortheplanet, the coalition aimed at securing a global deal for nature.

Kate Ancketill

Kate Ancketill is a futurist with a tech, consumer, retail and brand specialisation, making complex societal shifts and emerging technologies relatable for any audience. As CEO and founder of GDR Creative Intelligence, Kate is the innovation partner to around 30 of the world's largest consumer brands.

Jamie Anderson

Professor Jamie Anderson is an extraordinary management coach, who brings creativity back into managerial thinking. He was named one of the "top 25 management thinkers" by the journal Business Strategy Review. He's also been named as a "management guru" in the Financial Times.

Sterling Anderson

Sterling Anderson is a world expert in autonomous vehicle technology. He led Tesla's Model X program from its first development build through launch and served as the Director of Tesla Autopilot from its release on the first generation platform through design, development, and launch of the second.

Kate Andrews

Kate Andrews is the Economics Editor at the Spectator. She regularly features across the national media and writes a weekly column for the Daily Telegraph business pages.

Giles Andrews

Giles Andrews is an entrepreneur and co-founder of the Social Lending online business Zopa. By demonstrating that Social Lending works on a large scale, Zopa changed the financial sector for good and became the world's first lending and borrowing marketplace.

Keith Antoine

Keith Antoine is a performance coach working in both business and sport. He divides his time between enhancing the performance management / people development skills of business leaders and preparing another batch of athletes for the challenges beyond Rio and into the Tokyo Paralympics.

Charles Armstrong

Charles Armstrong is a social entrepreneur based in London. He founded The Trampery to develop new kinds of workspace for start-ups and creative communities. The Trampery has opened ten sites in London including specialist facilities for fashion, digital arts, travel and retail.

Gerald Ashley

Gerald Ashley has over thirty years experience in international financial markets, having worked for Baring Brothers in London and Hong Kong, and the Bank for International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland. He is now a leading thinker and consultant on business risk and decision making.

Dr. Jacques Attali

Jacques Attali is an Economist, Professor, author and contributor at Les Echos, a French financial newspaper. As President of the international foundation, Positive Planet he is supporting the actions of its entrepreneurs who are fighting against the COVID19 pandemic.

"Technology will reign supreme after the Coronavirus" Jacques Attali

Stephen Attenborough

Stephen Attenborough is at the forefront of space tourism. He is the Commercial Director for Virgin Galactic, a company wholly owned by Sir Richard Branson's Virgin Group which is on track to become the world's first passenger carrying commercial spaceline.

James Averdieck

James Averdieck is the founder and former Managing Director of Gü Chocolate Puds, the fastest growing food company in UK and a brand credited with revolutionising the quality of desserts. His latest venture, The Coconut Collaborative, sells luxury yoghurt made from coconut milk, free from dairy, soya and gluten.

Azeem Azhar

Azeem Azhar is the current Vice President, Venture and Foresight of Schisbsted Media Group and writer of the newsletter Exponential View which concentrates primarily on technology, business models, the political economy and society

Scott Bales

Scott Bales is a global futurist, innovation & digital strategist and serial entrepreneur in the cutting edge arena known as 'The Digital Shift', encompassing innovation, culture, design, technology and mobility in a world gone digital.

Ed Balls

Ed Balls is a broadcaster, writer and economist. He is a Research Fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School and Visiting Professor at King's College London, co-Chair of the UK Holocaust Memorial Foundation and Vice-President and former Chairman of Norwich City Football Club.

Anna Bance

Anna Bance is the Founder of Girl Meets Dress, a company disrupting the fashion industry by introducing clothing rental as a new way of shopping. By building a wardrobe in the cloud, Girl Meets Dress gives millions of women the ability to hire designer dresses and accessories for a fraction of the retail price.

Nigel Barlow

Nigel Barlow is an internationally acclaimed keynote speaker, author and coach on Innovative Thinking. Recently he has focused on how you can stay human in a digital world. In his keynotes, Nigel helps his audience to "Open their minds to creative re-thinking".

Dr. José Manuel Barroso

José Manuel Barroso is one of Europe's leading political figures. From November 2004 to October 2014 he was the President of the European Commission. From 2002 to 2004 Barroso was Prime Minister of Portugal. He participated in several international missions and played a key role as mediator of some of the most recent peace accords. In addition, he was a member of various advisory groups to the Secretary-General of the United Nations.

Mike Barry

Mike Barry is a leader in sustainable change. One of the pioneers of green business in the corporate world he helped to develop, launch and implement Marks and Spencer's ground-breaking sustainability programme, Plan A (because there is no Plan B for the one world we have). In ten years, Plan A delivered £750m of net business benefit and over the years won 230 awards.

Steven Bartlett

Steven Bartlett is an Award-winning entrepreneur, the founder and former CEO of Social Chain, a leading, global team with a track-record for leveraging owned media, technology and insights to build brands that earn a meaningful share of people's lives.

"The Millennial Dropout who controls social media"
The Times

Michael Bayler

Michael Bayler "tells truth to power" for leadership in many of the world's largest companies. As a strategist, a published author and a speaker, he delivers guidance, inspiration and, above all, fresh clarity and confidence. In such "interesting times", Michael is a uniquely direct and trustworthy guide.

Dame Inga Beale DBE

Dame Inga Beale is a British businesswoman with over three decades of experience in global financial services. She was awarded a Damehood for services to the economy and for her contributions to driving the inclusion agenda for women.

John Beasley

John Beasley is an innovative and disruptive marketer, who has spent the last 12 years at the cutting edge of industry progression, as Vice President at Monster Energy and at Red Bull.

Cally Beaton

Cally Beaton is a media executive, entrepreneur and performer. Whilst working on Comedy Central Cally developed her other life as a standup comedian. Despite joining the circuit after already establishing an impressive corporate career, the move has seen her perform at clubs around the UK and front her own show at the Edinburgh Fringe.

Jordan Belfort

Jordan Belfort was the CEO of brokerage firm Stratton Oakmont and in the 1990s built one of the most dynamic and successful sales organisations in Wall Street history. During that time, he soared to financial heights, earning over $50 million a year, a feat that coined him the name "The Wolf of Wall Street".

Dr. James Bellini

Dr James Bellini has a considerable reputation as a thought-provoking speaker and moderator at top-level management conferences and business schools around the world. James is a respected futures analyst and writer with a strong focus on social, economic and technological trends up to Horizon 2025.

Tal Ben-Shahar

Tal Ben-Shahar is an author and lecturer who taught the most popular course at Harvard University on "Positive Psychology," and the university's third most popular course on "The Psychology of Leadership"—with a total of more than 1,400 students.

Todd Benjamin

Todd Benjamin is well known to television audiences across the globe. For 26 years he worked as an anchor, correspondent, and financial editor for CNN. Todd is a senior advisor to an international management consultancy which works with major companies to transition to a low-carbon energy.

Nicklas Bergman

Nicklas Bergman spent 25 years as an entrepreneur and technology investor focusing on investments and business development in emerging technologies. He searches for new opportunities which arise from the ever changing technological landscape.

George Berkowski

George Berkowski is a seasoned digital entrepreneur who is currently Chief Product Officer at GoCompare. He is also the co-founder of DeepAR.ai, an augmented reality technology platform that enables any app or website to add Snapchat-like masks, lenses, filters and special effects with a simple software development kit.

Carl Bildt

Carl Bildt is Co-Chair of the European Council of Foreign Relations. Since 2021 he has been the World Health Organisation's Special Envoy for the Access to COVID19 Tools. Previously, Carl Bildt served as Sweden?s Prime Minister from 1991 to 1994, Foreign Affairs Minister and chaired the Global Commission on Internet Governance.

David Birch

One of the 2014 'Power 50' in European digital financial services and a NextBank Fintech 'titan' who was named as one of WIRED magazine's global top 15 favourite sources of news from the business and finance world. David is a Director of Consult Hyperion, a consultancy specialising in electronic transactions.

Prof. Asit Biswas

Prof. Asit Biswas is one of the world's leading authorities on water and environmental management. He is Distinguished Visiting Professor to the University of Glasgow and was a member of the World Commission on Water, and co-founder of International Water Resources Association and World Water Council.

Lord Ian Blair

Lord Ian Blair of Boughton was appointed Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police just months before the 2005 terrorist attacks in London. His tenure as Britain's top police officer was marked by change and turmoil in the service at all levels. Ian's police career spanned 35 years and included several senior leadership positions.

Prof. David Blanchflower CBE

David Blanchflower is currently a professor of economics at Dartmouth College in the US. As a member of the Bank of England's Monetary Policy Committee, he was one of the few economists to correctly call the depths of the recession gripping the economy and has spoken out about the caution of his fellow MPC members.

Alexander Blass

Alexander Blass is an internationally acclaimed American innovator. He currently serves as CEO and Chief Innovator of the Innovation Institute of America and has travelled to over 65 countries and appeared in hundreds of media outlets.

Heston Blumenthal OBE

Fast becoming recognised as one of the best chefs around, Heston Blumenthal is the chef-proprietor of the Fat Duck restaurant in Berkshire. The Fat Duck was voted "Best Restaurant in the World" in 2005. He was awarded his first Michelin star in 2000 and has since received a further two.

Bisila Bokoko

Bisila Bokoko is a pioneering, truly inspirational and an award-winning businesswoman with an impressive track record of taking international companies from local to global. Founder of BBES, a consulting firm, she serves a wide range of markets and industries with particular focus on gastronomy, fashion, lifestyle, arts and culture.

Ann Booth-Clibborn

Ann Booth-Clibborn is the BAFTA nominated TV producer behind the most successful format of the 90's, Changing Rooms which innovated a brand-new genre of TV shows across the world. Ann went on to create You Are What You Eat, and Lost Gardens and worked with the BBC Country File team to re-invigorate their format.

Nick Bostrom

Nick Bostrom is Professor in the Faculty of Philosophy at Oxford University. He is the founding Director of the Future of Humanity Institute, a multidisciplinary research centre which enables a few exceptional mathematicians, philosophers, and scientists to think about global priorities and big questions for humanity.

Rachel Botsman

Rachel Botsman is the leading thinker and author on trust in the modern world. By distilling complex ideas into clear and compelling content, she gives us the tools to understand trust, what it means, how it works and why it is so important for every aspect of our lives.

Caprice Bourret

One of today's top female international business speakers, Caprice Bourret started her own company called By Caprice in 2006 and her collection, designed and modelled by Caprice was an instant success. Caprice is currently busy expanding her business internationally which includes Lingerie, Swimwear and Home.

Kyran Bracken MBE

Kyran Bracken MBE is a rugby World Cup winning hero who was capped for England 51 times, 3 of them as captain. Kyran now concentrates on television and broadcasting and won the hugely popular television show Dancing on Ice. Kyran is entrepreneurial and he now owns and runs a touring ice skating show, among other business interests.

Baroness Brady of Knightsbridge CBE

Baroness Brady is also a Senior Non-Executive Director of Syco and Arcadia Boards and Small Business Ambassador for the Conservative Party. Additionally she is Chairman of Mentore, a business to help accelerate development of female talent in their organisations to increase diversity at board levels in companies across the UK.

Sir Richard Branson

Sir Richard Branson is the eccentric and outspoken Chairman of the Virgin Group. An experienced daredevil, Branson has raced powerboats across the ocean and has set distance records in hot air balloons. His unconventional style of living is only a part of his undeniable knack for beating impossible odds in business and in life.

Prof. Arturo Bris

Arturo Bris is Professor of Finance at IMD. Since January 2014 he is also leading the world-renowned IMD World Competitiveness Center. His research and consulting activities focus on the international aspects of financial regulation, and in particular on the effects of bankruptcy, short sales, insider trading, and merger laws.

Dr. Brené Brown Ph.D., LMSW

Brené Brown is a research Professor at the University of Houston, where she holds the Huffington Brené Brown Endowed Chair at the Graduate College of Social Work. She is also a visiting Professor in management at The University of Texas at Austin McCombs School of Business.

Prof. Erik Brynjolfsson

Erik Brynjolfsson is the Schussel Family Professor at the MIT Sloan School of Management, Director of the MIT Center for Digital Business, Chair of the MIT Sloan Management Review, and the Editor of the Information Systems Network.

Dr. David Bryon

Dr David Bryon is the former Managing Director of bmibaby, which grew to become one of the Europe's largest low cost airlines. He now enjoys a successful media career that includes a popular after-dinner comedy routine, professional business speaking, awards evening host, conference facilitator and TV presenting.

Marcus Buckingham

Marcus Buckingham is a global researcher and thought leader focused on unlocking strengths, increasing performance and pioneering the future of how people work. Marcus has dedicated his career to helping individuals discover and capitalise on their personal strengths.

Prof. Dr. Hans-Jörg Bullinger

Professor Hans-Jörg Bullinger is an internationally renowned expert and researcher in the fields of technology, innovation and information management, e-commerce and the Internet. He is currently President of the Fraunhofer Society, the leading organisation for technical and organisational innovations in Europe.

Geoff Burch

Geoff Burch has a wealth of experience in illustrating the thinking required to find business success. He is equally at ease delivering presentations at conferences, and as a highly amusing after dinner speaker. Geoff covers everything from sales and negotiation to customer care and how they can be improved.

Will Butler-Adams

Will Butler-Adams is the CEO of Brompton Bikes, a company which designs, manufactures, markets and distributes folding bikes. He joined Brompton Bicycle in 2002 and, since taking over from the firm's founder Andrew Ritchie as MD in 2008, he increased the production of bikes from 7,000 to 30,000 per year.

James Caan

James Caan is one of the UK's most successful and dynamic entrepreneurs and built up a multi-million pound fortune from Recruitment. He is the CEO and Founder of Hamilton Bradshaw, a private equity firm which specialises in turnarounds and development opportunities in the UK and Europe.

The Rt Hon Sir Vince Cable

Dr. Vince Cable was the Liberal Democrat Member of Parliament for Twickenham from 1997-2015. He was Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer and in 2010, Vince Cable was chosen by David Cameron to become Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills, a post he held until the General Election of 2015.

Michael Caines MBE

Michael Caines, MBE, is a truly original British chef, who has created innovative and original dishes which have earned him two Michelin stars and numerous awards and accolades. Michael's career almost ended abruptly when he was involved in a serious car accident which required his right arm to be amputated.

Simon Calver

Currently Chairman of the award winning online printing giant moo.com. and on the board of online pharmacy ChemistDirect, Simon was CEO of some of the UK's most innovative and preeminent businesses, including pioneering a new way of watching movies with LOVEFilm and turning Mothercare around.

Alastair Campbell

Alastair Campbell is a writer, communicator and strategist best known for his role as former British Prime Minister Tony Blair's spokesman, press secretary and director of communications and strategy. He now splits his time between writing, speaking, fundraising, politics and campaigns.

Tim Campbell MBE

Tim Campbell is a passionate and recognised advocate of inclusion. With a focus on Education, Empowerment and Entrepreneurship, he has established a ground-breaking charitable foundation, currently chairs an outstanding school board and regularly speaks on these topics at international conferences.

René Carayol MBE

René Carayol MBE is not just one of the world's leading executive coaches, working with some of the Fortune 500's top CEO's and their executive teams, but he has also been Chairman, CEO and MD of blue chip businesses.

Luis Carranza

Luis Carranza is an entrepreneur and founder of Fintech Worldwide and Census. Luis started his career in digital innovation in the marketing sector and transitioned to Financial services technology. His project, Census, is a Blockchain-based technology that allows people to earn value from their data.

Jordan Casey

Jordan Casey became known publicly; when in February 2012 he became one of Europe's youngest iOS app developers by releasing a mobile game onto the iTunes store. The game called Alien Ball Vs Humans subsequently went to the number 1 on the iTunes charts.

Caroline Casey

Caroline Casey is an award-winning social entrepreneur, Ashoka Fellow, Young Global Leader of the World Economic Forum. and founder of #valuable, a catalyst for an inclusion revolution that exists to position disability equally on the global business leadership agenda.

Pat Cash

Pat Cash is best known as the flamboyant winner of Wimbledon 1987. Nowadays he works as TV commentator and presenter and is developing his business interests which include the Pat Cash Tennis Academy.

The Rt Hon Baroness Cavendish

Camilla Cavendish is an award-winning journalist and former Head of the Policy Unit in 10 Downing Street under Prime Minister David Cameron. She is currently a Senior Fellow at the Mossavar-Rahmani Center for Business and Government at the Harvard Kennedy School, and she now sits in the House of Lords as an independent peer.

Calum Chace

Calum Chace has a background in business strategy, marketing and journalism working as a marketer, strategy consultant and CEO. His experience of a 30-year career in business marks his work. Today Calum is a sought-after keynote speaker, blogger and best-selling author specialising within the area of artificial intelligence.

André Noël Chaker

André Noël Chaker is a speaker, writer, performer, an entrepreneur and a business executive all rolled into one person. As an entrepreneur, André has been a leading force in many science, technology, gaming and sports related start-up ventures.

Jung Chang

Dr. Jung Chang is the author of the best-selling books 'Wild Swans - Three Daughters of China' (the most read book about China) and 'Mao: The Unknown Story' (co-written with Jon Halliday). Both books have been translated into more than 30 languages, and together sold some 15 million copies.

Dr. Ram Charan

Ram Charan is a world-renowned business advisor, author and speaker who has spent the past 35 years working with many top companies, CEOs, and boards of our time. He is known for cutting through the complexity of running a business in today's fast changing environment to uncover the core business problem.

"The most influential consultant alive" Fortune Magazine

Liam Chivers

Liam Chivers manages some of the biggest influencer names in the world, responsible for billions of video views and millions of social media followers. Liam is a popular speaker and commentator, in demand on a range of platforms for his insights and experience, including the BBC documentary Celebrity: A 21st Century Story.

Dr. Timothy Chou

Dr. Timothy Chou was the president of Oracle On Demand, the fastest-growing business inside Oracle. He also serves as a member of the board of directors of Embarcadero Technologies (EMBT) and as a member of the advisory board of WebEx (WEBX). In addition, he has been a lecturer in computer science at Stanford University for more than 15 years and continues to give seminars.

Shelby Clark

Shelby Clark is a social entrepreneur who is intrigued by the power of connecting people online to positively impact the offline world. Shelby has been called a pioneer in "Collaborative Consumption" or the "Sharing Economy", changing consumer behaviours, compelling people to share everything from cars to apartments to lawnmowers.

The Rt Hon. Kenneth Clarke MP

Kenneth Clarke held the posts of Secretary of State for Health, Education & Science and Home Office before becoming Chancellor of the Exchequer in May 1993. In May 2010 Clarke was appointed as Secretary of State for Justice and Lord Chancellor in the coalition government, a position he held until September 2012.

John Cleese

Often named the funniest man alive, John Cleese is both a versatile comedic actor and a leading business motivator. He went from being "the tall one" on Monty Python's Flying Circus to being a ubiquitous presence in films, television and advertising.

Rita Clifton

Rita Clifton has been called 'The Doyenne of Branding' by Campaign magazine, 'Brand Guru' by the Financial Times, and the Daily Telegraph described her as 'The Brand Leading the Brands'. A former Chief Executive and Chairman at Interbrand, Rita is now Vice Chairman and Strategic Director at Saatchi & Saatchi.

Dan Cobley

Dan Cobley served as Google's Vice President of Brand Solutions and as the company's MD in the UK & Ireland. After almost a decade at Google, Dan started a new venture, a FinTech fund and incubator, aimed at building new, disruptive companies within financial services.

Dr. Graeme Codrington

Graeme Codrington is an expert on the future of work and the disruptive forces that are shaping it. He is the co-founder and partner of TomorrowToday Global, a firm of futurists and business strategists that advises business schools and CEOs around the world.

The Rt Hon. Lord Coe KBE

Lord Sebastian Coe KBE acclaimed world renown heading the bid and organisation of the London 2012 Olympic Games. As President of the IAAF, he secured the 2017 World Athletics Championships for London.

Pete Cohen

Pete Cohen has not only established himself firmly as one of the top names in the personal development field, but also is becoming a top name in broadcasting and publishing. He has presented his own show on TV called The Coach and was the resident Life Coach on GMTV for 12 years.

Tim Cole

Tim Cole is an expert on Internet, Digital Transformation, Social Web and IT Security. As editor of Smart Industry - the IoT Business Magazine he has a proven track record for journalistic objectivity, as well as the ability to critically evaluate the impact of technology on business processes and markets.

Ben Collins

Ben Collins is most famous for his role as the Stig, but he is also respected as a focussed and successful businessman. Ben has put every known supercar to the test, racing the world's greatest cars, from the Bugatti Veyron and Ferrari 430 Scuderia to a London Routemaster.

Patrick Collison

Patrick Collison is an Irish entrepreneur from County Limerick and co-founder and CEO of Stripe which he started with his brother John Collison in 2010. He was the winner of the 41st Young Scientist and Technology Exhibition in 2005 at the age of sixteen.

Joel Comm

Joel Comm is an entrepreneur, NY Times bestselling author, and new media innovator. An expert on harnessing the power of social media and mobile applications to expand your brands reach and engage in active relationship marketing. He is a contributor to Forbes, Inc, Entrepreneur and the Social Media Examiner.

David Coulthard MBE

David Coulthard enjoyed a long and spectacular career as a Formula One driver during which he drove for three of the most successful teams in the history of the sport: Williams, McLaren and Red Bull Racing. He is also a successful entrepreneur and ambassador to several high profile global businesses.

BJ Cunningham

BJ Cunningham possesses the winning combination of business and creative credentials. He is a successful entrepreneur and acknowledged thought leader in the field of branding. In his most recent business enterprise, he now runs the luxury shoe designer Georgina Goodman.

Bruce Daisley

Bruce Daisley is the former VP for Twitter and the bestselling author of Eat Sleep Work Repeat, a guide to identifying the misconceptions that exist in the workplace and work culture and his thoughts on how to address them.

"One of the most talented people in advertising" Campaign Magazine

The Lord Dannatt GCB, CBE, MC

Lord Dannatt is a decorated soldier, and a leading authority on military and defence issues. His distinguished service in Northern Ireland, Bosnia and Kosovo, and as professional head of the British Army during the most difficult years in Iraq and Afghanistan, mean he is well-placed to offer penetrating insights into defence and security policy, military leadership and strategy.

Sir Howard Davies

Sir Howard Davies is Chairman of the Board of Directors of Phoenix Group since 2012. In addition, he is the Chair of the British Government's Airport Policy Review and a Professor of Practice at the French School of Political Science in Paris. He was previously the Director of The London School of Economics and Political Science.

Alain de Botton

One of Europe's most recognised philosophers, Alain de Botton writes essayistic books that have been described as a "philosophy of everyday life". His books have been best-sellers in 30 countries. Alain has also opened a school in London called The School of Life, dedicated to a new vision of education.

Hernando de Soto

Hernando de Soto is currently President of the Institute for Liberty and Democracy (ILD) based in Peru. The ILD has been described as one of the most important think-tanks in the World and Mr de Soto as the "World's Greatest Living Economist". In 2004 he received Cato Institute's the Milton Friedman Prize.

Nadine Dereza

Award-winning Nadine Dereza is one of the most experienced and knowledgeable business and finance presenters. She currently presents for CNBC, and has previously worked for CNN, SABC, BBC and Sky TV. As London Markets Correspondent for Financial Times and Summit TV, she was awarded Financial Journalist of the Year.

Hilary Devey

Hilary Devey is the Inspirational Founder, Chief Executive and Chairman of The Pall-Ex Group, UK's No. 1 palletised freight distribution network. She is also a respected business commentator and television host appearing as a Dragon on the BBC's business Programme Dragons Den.

Catherine DeVrye

Catherine DeVrye is an inspirational communicator with proven hands-on international management experience in the private and public sectors - as both a corporate business woman and small business owner.

Vito Di Bari

Vito Di Bari is an acclaimed futurologist and an authority on innovation. Mixing Italian strengths of creativity and design with strong scientific analysis, he explains future mega-trends and scenarios of our fast-pace changing world.

Peter Diamandis

Dr. Peter H. Diamandis is an international pioneer in the fields of innovation, incentive competitions and commercial space. He has been named one of "The World's 50 Greatest Leaders" by Fortune Magazine. Peter is focused on some of the world's grand challenges on driving breakthroughs in products, companies, industries and humanity.

Dr. Frank W. Dick OBE

Frank Dick OBE is the President of the European Athletics Coaches Association, and Chairman of the International Association of Athletics Federations Academy and is one of the country's best and most consistently inspiring motivational speakers.

Paul Dickerson

Paul Dickerson has worn many hats - Presidential appointee in the United States government, attorney, CPA, investment banker and venture capital and private equity investor.

Joseph DiVanna

Joseph DiVanna is a results-driven entrepreneur and management consultant. As a strategist for numerous banks, technology companies and multinational organisations, Joe has an extensive knowledge of global economic markets, finance and business growth.

Fraser Doherty MBE

Fraser Doherty MBE is the founder of SuperJam; the 100% fruit jam company. He started the company at the age of fourteen, using his Gran's recipes. Since then, SuperJam has grown to supply over 2,000 supermarkets around the world, selling millions of jars along the way.

Aric Dromi

Aric Dromi is the Chief Futurologist for one of the world's most well-known and respected vehicle manufacturers and a leading developer of premium, autonomous and electric vehicles. He looks into new ways of thinking about how things work.

Sir Alan Duncan

Sir Alan Duncan was formerly the UK's Foreign Minister responsible for Europe and the Americas, and until November 2019 was the Member of Parliament for Rutland Melton. He is regarded as one of the most connected and informed experts on the Middle East.

Ian Dunt

Ian Dunt is Editor of Politics.co.uk, one of the most widely-read specialist political websites by MPs and the public. He writes for several publications, including The Guardian, Washington Post and appears on TV and radio shows, including Any Questions, Newsnight, and Sky's Newspaper Review.

Greg Dyke

Greg Dyke was appointed Chairman of the British Film Institute in 2008. He was previously Director General of the BBC where he started four new digital television channels, five new digital radio channels, opened two new BBC regions, launched the BBC's interactive television services and helped create Freeview.

Andreas Ekström

Andreas Ekström focuses on the Digital Revolution seen from the role of a futurist looking at all disciplines of society. He is a senior writer at the Swedish newspaper Sydsvenskan and an author of several books. In his acclaimed volume 'The Google Code' his journalistic curiosity turns towards the growing influence of Google in our society.

Keren Elazari

Keren Elazari is an internationally celebrated researcher, author and speaker on all matters related to cybersecurity and hacker culture. Her research and writing about security has been featured in Scientific American, WIRED and CNN.

Garrett Emmerson

Garrett Emmerson is the former Chief Executive Officer of the London Ambulance Service (LAS) who led the Service through the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as responding to multiple major incidents including the two London Bridge terrorist attacks and the Grenfell Tower fire tragedy.

Stella English

Stella English is instantly recognisable as the 6th winner of the BBC series The Apprentice. The majority of her career was spent working on City trading floors where she rose the ladder into Senior Management and became fully qualified to trade securities and derivatives.

Porter Erisman

Porter Erisman is a leading expert on E-commerce with more than 20 years of experience working in China and an Entrepreneur. He is also the Former Vice-President at Alibaba Group, China's internet giant, an award-winning film producer and author.

Carlos Espinosa de los Monteros

As High Commissioner for the Spain Brand since 2012, Carlos Espinosa's main objective is to improving Spain’s image abroad and promoting it internationally through public and private events. He was Vice-President of Inditex, one of the world's largest fashion retailers and advisor to Acciona S.A., a Spanish conglomerate dedicated to engineering, construction and infrastructure. He was President and CEO of Daimler Chrysler Spain for 20 years and Chief Executive Officer for Mercedes Benz Spain.

Kevin Eyres

Kevin Eyres is the former Managing Director of Linkedin Europe and Talent Champion for the Tech City Investment Organisation. At LinkedIn he led their highly successful European growth strategy. He is the founder of GreyBella Ventures and board director of several companies.

Dr. Marc Faber

Dr. Marc Faber is a leading investment advisor and fund manager. He is probably best known as the publisher of a widely read monthly investment newsletter The Gloom, Boom and Doom an in depth economic and financial report which highlights unusual investment opportunities.

Josephine Fairley

Jo Fairley is co-founder of the pioneering organic chocolate company Green & Black's, which has gone from a niche organic and Fairtrade brand to a global chocolate name. Recently, Green & Black's was voted 'Coolest Food Brand in the UK' for the fifth year running, by Coolbrands.

Richard Farleigh

Australian multi-millionaire Richard is a full time "business angel" who has possibly invested in more new UK companies than any other British investor. With a penchant for private equity investment in young high growth technology startups, the list of companies he has invested in reads like the Who's Who of the UK tech companies.

Sir Tom Farmer CBE

Sir Tom Farmer is the former Chairman and Chief Executive of Kwik-Fit Holdings Plc, the largest independent retail organization of tyres and exhausts in Europe. Sir Tom now oversees a portfolio of retailing, commercial property and other investments including new business start-ups.

Prof. Niall Ferguson

Niall Ferguson is one of our most influential commentators on Geopolitics and the Global Economy. Niall is the Milbank Family Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution, Stanford University, and a Senior Fellow of the Center for European Studies, Harvard, where he served for twelve years as the Laurence A. Tisch Professor of History.

Kirstin Ferguson

Dr Kirstin Ferguson is a business leader, company director, award winning leadership expert and author. Kirstin is an experienced Australian business leader and company director and is the former Deputy Chair of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC). She also sits on a number of publicly listed and private company boards.

Christiana Figueres

Christiana Figueres was Executive Secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change 2010-2016. Throughout her tenure she brought together national governments, corporations and activists, financial institutions, think tanks, technology providers, NGOs and parliamentarians, to jointly deliver the unprecedented climate change agreement. For this achievement she has been credited with forging a new brand of collaborative diplomacy.

José María Figueres Olsen

José María Figueres served as President of Costa Rica and created a comprehensive national development strategy combining sound macroeconomic policies, strategic investments in human development, and a strong alliance with nature.

Joschka Fischer

Joschka Fischer is a Senior Strategic Counsel at ASG, where he advises clients on issues relating to Germany and the European Union from his Berlin office. Mr. Fischer served as Minister and Vice Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany from 1998 to 2005.

Roger Flynn

Roger Flynn is a recognised CEO and leader in transformation change having driven change in global organisations including Virgin, British Airways, Prudential and the BBC. He is now Chairman and investor in several media, travel and technology businesses.

Carl Fogarty MBE

Carl Fogarty MBE is a Superbike legend and arguably the best ever motorbike rider from Britain. He is the most successful World Superbike racer having won 59 victories and four World Superbike Championships. Now retired, he is renowned for his high corner speed riding style, combined with an aggressive competitiveness.

Brian Forde

Brian Forde is the Co-Founder and CEO of Numero, Former White House Senior Advisor for Mobile and Data Innovation and Former Director of Digital Currency at the MIT Media Lab where he led the world?s largest academic research initiative on cryptocurrencies.

Anja Förster

Anja Förster is a bestselling author, management consultant and one of today's savviest business authorities on reinventing the logic of how business gets done. She is a member of the Top 100 Jury, an initiative that awards the Best Innovator prize in Germany. Anja also lectures at the ZfU International Business School in Switzerland.

Jane Frankland

Jane Frankland is the Founder of Cyber Security Capital, a training and consulting company. Working with a wide range of clients from leaders at listed multinationals and fast-growth start-ups to practitioners, consultants and subject matter experts. IFSEC Global named her as one of the world's top twenty influencers.

Allister Frost

Allister Frost is the founder of Wild Orange Media where he helps businesses adapt to our rapidly changing world. He is a specialist in emerging and future online marketing techniques and works across many industries helping marketers stay abreast of technological advances to develop future-ready capabilities.

Nick Fry

Nick Fry is the non-executive Chairman of McLaren Applied. He is also the Former Chief Executive Officer of the Mercedes AMG Petronas Formula One team and has a long track record in the automotive and motorsports industries.

Ashley Galina Dudarenok

Ashley Galina Dudarenok is a well-known marketing thought leader, LinkedIn Top Voice in marketing, an Asia-Pacific Top 25 Innovator and made Thinkers50's Radar Class of 2021 as a China digital marketing and trend guru. She has lived and worked in Greater China for over 15 years and is your go-to person for everything related to China marketing.

Mark Gallagher

Mark Gallagher has spent the last 15 years as a senior executive within the management of Jordan Grand Prix, Red Bull Racing and Cosworth. Today Mark heads a sports investment group and sits on the board of Status Grand Prix which he co-founded in 2005.

Prof. Scott Galloway

Scott Galloway is Professor of brand strategy and marketing at NYU's Stern School of Business. A serial entrepreneur, he founded 9 companies, including Red Envelope, Prophet, and L2 Inc. Scott was named "One of the World's 50 Best Business School Professors" by Poets & Quants in 2012.

Christian Gansch

Christian Gansch is a highly respected conductor and a renowned management consultant. With two distinct perspectives of the musical world, as a musician and as a manager, he has been able to create a unique coaching concept, which demonstrates the similarities between orchestras and company structures.

Pau Garcia-Milà

Pau Garcia-Milà is a serial entrepreneur and communicator who created at age 17 his first company, eyeOS, which was later acquired by Telefónica. He also founded Ideafoster (acquired by Canvia, a portfolio company of Advent International), and StepsLife, a mobile app to store early memories for babies and children.

Professor Stéphane Garelli

Stéphane Garelli is a world authority on competitiveness and has pioneered research and the theory in this field. He is Professor Emeritus at IMD Lausanne, where he has founded the World Competitiveness Center, he is also Professor Emeritus of World Competitiveness at the University of Lausanne.

Timothy Garton Ash

Having charted the spectacular transformation of Europe over the last quarter century, his work focuses on the emerging geopolitical triangle between Europe, the United States and Asia, and on how we can avoid a "Clash of Civilizations" with Islam.

Kevin Gaskell

Kevin Gaskell is one of the outstanding leaders of his generation, an expert at leading teams and businesses from adversity to success, or on to further success. He has founded and created international businesses and led management teams in companies seeking new success.

Mohammad Gawdat

Mo Gawdat is the Chief Business Officer for Google [X], a serial entrepreneur and author of 'Solve for Happy'. Mo has an impressive combined career of 27 years, starting at IBM Egypt as a Systems Engineer before moving to a sales role in the government sector.

Annabelle Gawer

Annabelle Gawer, a world-class academic and pioneer in platform strategy. A thought-leader and expert advisor on the business of digital platforms and platform-based innovation ecosystems, Anabelle is the author of 30 articles and 4 books on platforms. Her 2021 study Online Platforms: Economic and Societal Effects was published by the European Parliament.

Sir Bob Geldof KBE

Bob Geldof KBE is best known for organising the 2005 Live 8 and 1985 Live Aid benefit concerts. A self-styled campaigner he is tremendously well informed on a broad range of global and national issues. He is also a proven businessman and is co-founder of Ten Alps a successful production company.

Prof. Dr. Marco Gercke

Marco Gercke is a global thinker and writer focussing on Global Security and Cybersecurity. For more than ten years he has advised governments, international organisations and the private sector. He is Director of the Cybercrime Research Institute, an independent global think tank dealing with legal aspects.

Dan Germain

Dan Germain is Head of Today at Apple EMEIA - Apple's latest experiential marketing strategy focused on creating customer experiences in-store. Rather like a market square, the idea is to "have hands" on product demonstrations and learning experiences. Dan was previously Head of Brand & Creative at Innocent Drinks.

Prof. Pankaj Ghemawat

Pankaj Ghemawat is one of the new generation management gurus who throws new light on corporate behaviour and particularly its global aspect. He is Professor of Management and Strategy at the Stern School, New York and Professor of Global Strategy at the IESE Business School.

Barry Gibbons

Barry Gibbons earned the title of 'Turnaround Champ' from Fortune Magazine thanks to his phenomenal success in boosting Burger King's fortunes. Within a year of taking on the role, Burger King was opening two new restaurants a day around the world.

Rowan Gibson

Rowan Gibson, an international best-selling author, is widely recognised as one of the world's foremost thought leaders on business strategy and innovation. The media have labelled him "Mr. Innovation", "the Innovation Grandmaster", "the W. Edwards Deming of innovation" and "a guru among the gurus".

Adrian Gilpin

Adrian Gilpin is the founder and driving force behind the Institute of Human Development. Adrian's work in the field of leadership development and peak performance coaching is rapidly becoming recognised by business leaders as cutting-edge.

Nancy Giordano

Nancy Giordano is a strategic futurist with a drive to help enterprise organizations and visionary leaders transform to meet the escalating expectations ahead. Recognised as one of the world's top female futurists, she has spent her career building, shaping and evolving a portfolio of $50 billion worth of major global brands.

Martin Glenn

Martin Glenn is a veteran of industry and has built up a reputation for making well-loved British brands more dynamic, competitive and international in their reach. Martin is the CEO of the Football Association and prior to this he was the CEO of United Biscuits. He has worked on some of the UK & Europe's biggest Food Brands in the last 30 years.

Seth Godin

Seth Godin, a true agent of change, is world-renowned for his innovative marketing strategies. He focuses on the post-industrial revolution, the way ideas spread, leadership and most of all change. Seth also founded two companies, Squidoo and Yoyodyne (acquired by Yahoo!).

Vijay Govindarajan

Vijay Govindarajan is widely regarded as one of the world's leading experts on strategy and innovation. Vijay, a The New York Times and Wall Street Journal, Best Selling author, is the Coxe Distinguished Professor at Dartmouth College's Tuck School of Business and the Marvin Bower Fellow at Harvard Business School.

Patrick Grant

Patrick Grant is a Creative Director and the co-presenter of BBC's Great British Sewing Bee. He has been named in Esquire Magazine's Most Stylish Man in the World. In 2009 he re-launched the historic British sporting and military tailoring house of E. Tautz as a men's ready to wear collection.

Dr. Lynda Gratton

Dr. Lynda Gratton is a Professor of Management Practice at London Business School where she directs 'Human Resource Strategy in Transforming Companies' - considered the world's leading programme on human resources. She is also the founder of Hot Spots Movement and since 2008 she has led the Future of Work Research Consortium.

Baroness Susan Greenfield CBE

Baroness Susan Greenfield CBE, is a British scientist specialising in the physiology of the brain, Susan researches the impact of 21st century technologies on the mind, how the brain generates consciousness and novel approaches to neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.

Viv Groskop

Viv Groskop is a writer, comedian, broadcaster and podcaster. She is the creator of the How to Own the Room podcast, and author of the book of the same title, as well as books covering everything from life lessons from literature to her experiences as a stand-up.

Sunny Grosso

Sunny Grosso has spent a colourful career building relationship, from sake trainings in California to coaching teams around the world. Sunny joined Delivering Happiness to build and expand the coaching team. She now holds the role of Coaching & Culture Chief, leading the team to create more successful companies through sustainable workplace change and the science of happiness.

Murat Günak

Murat Günak was Head of Design at leading automotive companies, such as Peugeot, DaimlerChrysler and Volkswagen as well as Skoda and Bentley. He is currently the CEO of Mindset, an innovative idea company in Switzerland. Since 2007, he has been devoting himself primarily to the development of vehicles with electric drive.

Dr. Anil Gupta Ph.D.

Dr. Anil K. Gupta is widely recognised as one of the world's leading experts on strategy, globalisation and emerging markets. He is the Michael Dingman Chair in Strategy and Entrepreneurship at the University of Maryland. He is also a Visiting Professor of Strategy at INSEAD and chief advisor to the China India Institute.

Sophie Hackford

Sophie Hackford is a futurist whose research entails meeting weirdos and troublemakers in off-the-beaten-track labs, makerspaces and garages around the globe. As part of her research, she consults for exec teams and boards of large companies on understanding the explosive new technologies defining the new economy.

Cathy Hackl

Cathy Hackl is a leading tech futurist and globally recognized business leader specializing in augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), & spatial computing. She is one of LinkedIn's top technology voices and a champion for diversity.

Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou

A Monaco based entrepreneur of Greek-Cypriot origin, Stelios stepped back from the board of EasyJet in 2010. True to his beliefs in serial entrepreneurship, he consolidated the ownership of the easy brand into easyGroup, comprising several easy-branded businesses - all dedicated to offering consumers more value for less.

Liam Halligan

Liam Halligan is a prestigious economist, writer, and broadcaster with extensive business experience. He is best known for his weekly Economics Agenda column in The Sunday Telegraph which enjoys a large international following and has been recognised with a highly-coveted British Press Award.

Monty Halls

Monty Halls is an author, expedition leader, motivational coach, biologist, television presenter, company director and filmmaker. After five solid years on the road filming series for BBC2, and after the success of Fisherman's Apprentice in early 2012, Monty settled in Dartmouth, Devon to set up his own eco-tourism business.

Prof. Gary Hamel

Gary Hamel is one of the world's most influential and iconoclastic business thinkers. He has worked with leading companies across the globe. He has been on the faculty of the London Business School for more than 30 years and is the Director of the Management Innovation eXchange.

Ray Hammond

Ray Hammond is Europe's most experienced Futurists. For over 35 years Ray has been writing and speaking about the trends that will shape the future. His long record of accurate foresight is unique in Europe and he is now living in the future he first described 30 years ago.

Sir Stuart Hampson

Sir Stuart Hampson spent 12 years as a civil servant before joining the John Lewis Partnership where he was Chairman for 14 years. During which he presided modernisations, oversaw huge expansions, modernised outlets and increased the range of products without sacrificing the partnership ethos.

James Hardy

James Hardy is an authority on retail globalisation, ecommerce and online growth strategies. He specialises in working with brands to future-proof their online expansion across diverse trading platforms (from Amazon and Alibaba to boutique marketplaces and own-brand sites).

Rahaf Harfoush

Rahaf Harfoush is a Strategist, Digital Anthropologist, and Best-Selling Author who focuses on the intersections between emerging technology, innovation, and digital culture. She is the Executive Director of the Red Thread Institute of Digital Culture and teaches 'Innovation & Emerging Business Models' at Sciences Politique's school of Management and Innovation in Paris.

Mike Harris

Mike Harris, a true innovator and the legendary Founder of EGG plc, was also the Executive Chairman of Garlik which won the prestigious BT Flagship Award for innovation in 2008. Mike also mentors SME owners and entrepreneurs interested in developing and funding ideas and accelerating growth.

Jim Harris

Jim Harris is a thought leader on Disruptive Innovation. Disruption has accelerated because of the global pandemic. The rapid advent of digital technology has created opportunities and challenges for all organisations globally. Jim presentations address these changes and shines a light on how to maximise commercial performance in the 21st century.

Gabrielle Hase

Gabrielle Hase is a London based digital commerce strategy consultant. An experienced and innovative entrepreneur, Gabrielle has broad experience in all aspects of eCommerce, direct marketing and strategic brand management.

Sahar Hashemi OBE

Sahar Hashemi is a powerful authority on innovation and entrepreneurial mindset who shares with the audience her captivating personal stories of building two famous brands; Coffee Republic and Skinny Candy. Sahar was awarded an OBE 'for services to the UK Economy and to charity' in the 2012 Birthday Honours list.

Joe Haslam

Joe Haslam is the Chairman of Hot Hotels, a sameday only hotel booking smartphone App offering Hotels from 30 Countries and 201 cities in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Latin America. He is also the Executive Director of the Owners and Entrepreneurs Management Program at the IE Business School in Madrid.

Laurent Haug

Laurent Haug is an innovator, entrepreneur, observer, strategist, creative matchmaker and investor guiding industry leaders, start-ups and policy makers through the intricacies of emerging technologies and the larger social and economic changes that shape them.

Trip Hawkins

Trip Hawkins is the Founder/first CEO of Electronic Arts and the driving force behind EA Sports; producer and designer, Madden Football and other hit games; Silicon Valley serial entrepreneur; Digital Hall of Fame Inductee & Video Game Industry Guru.

Sir John Hegarty

Sir John Hegarty is the inspirational co-founder of Bartle Bogle Hegarty (BBH). He is a creative genius with a deserved reputation for developing brilliant ideas for brands. Together with Spark Ventures CEO Tom Teichman, Sir John launched, The Garage, London's latest incubator space for early stage startups.

Wayne Hemingway MBE

Wayne Hemingway is an international and award winning designer with strong ethical and social values. He is the Designer and Founder of the Red or Dead fashion label and is currently Partner at Hemingway Design. Wayne has worked with local authorities to regenerate their housing stock, both in urban and coastal communities.

Lindsay Herbert

Lindsay Herbert is the author of Digital Transformation, a Bloomsbury business book that has received international praise for its practical framework on how to drive major change through innovation at enterprise scale.

Robert Herjavec

Robert Herjavec is an entrepreneur, technology leader, motivator and author. In 2003 he founded Herjavec Group, and it quickly became one of North America's fastest growing technology companies. Today, Herjavec Group is recognised as a global leader in information security.

Noreena Hertz

Noreena Hertz is a renowned thought leader and economist with an impressive track record in predicting global trends. In 2017 Noreena launched her own show MegaHertz:London Calling on Sirius XM in the US, providing insights and analysis on what is happening in Europe and also a European take on what is happening in the US.

Philip Hesketh

Philip Hesketh built an acclaimed £48m business in 17 consecutive years of growth and now shares the psychology of influence and persuasion as a full-time professional speaker. Setting Philip apart are his trademark 50 Killer Questions and authentic, battle-tested takeaways transforming lives.

William Higham

William Higham is one of the world's leading futurists and strategy experts. He helps organizations to understand how tomorrow's Smart Consumers will think, feel, behave and how they can benefit from this in their business. His expertise comes from 20 years' consumer experience for companies such as Sony, Virgin and Universal.

Miles Hilton-Barber

Miles Hilton-Barber has had the privilege of speaking at over 950 corporate events in 74 countries. Since the age of 50, he has set numerous world records undertaking extreme events across all seven continents including mountaineering, power-boat racing, scuba-diving, motor and supersonic flying amongst other achievements.

Peter Hinssen

Peter Hinssen is one of Europe's thought leaders on the impact of technology on our society. He has moved on from a deep passion for all things technology to believing that digital is 'merely' a spark, an enabler and that networks are the true drivers of progress.

Prof. Vlatka Hlupic

Professor Vlatka Hlupic is an award winning international thought leader, with an interdisciplinary educational background and several strands of her career. She is a Professor of Business and Management at the University of Westminster, a former Adjunct Faculty at London Business School and Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Drucker Society in London.

Brent Hoberman

In 1998 Brent Hoberman co-founded lastminute.com, UK's most successful ecommerce travel company. He was CEO until 2006 and then became the chairman and chief strategic officer. He admits to being bitten by the entrepreneurial bug and has founded or backed a number of other companies since lastminute.com.

Larry Hochman

A senior leader at British Airways and the loyalty management company Airmiles in both New York and London, he became a pioneer of corporate mentoring in Europe. Larry has been the personal mentor to many global Chief Executives.

Marga Hoek

Marga Hoek is the international business and thought leader on sustainable business and capital and the shift from the linear economy to a circle economy. She has gained recognition over the years as a successful and innovative business leader in various CEO and executive roles. Thinkers50 has incorporated her in their radar 2019 list.

Marc Hogan

Marc Hogan's growing reputation as an expert in the fields of communication and sales has led him to become one of the most sought after speakers. He has inspired audiences to seek out opportunities, tackle challenges and improve their communication and influencing skills.

Richard van Hooijdonk

Richard van Hooijdonk is an international keynote speaker, trend watcher and futurist who offers inspiring lectures on how technology impacts the way we live, work and do business. Richard has several Chip-implants, because he wants to physically experience the future.

Nicola Horlick

Nicola Horlick is CEO of Money&Co, a crowdfunding business aiming to connect investors looking for a better rate of interest on their cash, with businesses seeking finance to grow. Nicola is also Chairman of Rockpool Investments LLP which raises private equity for companies.

Steve Howard

Steve Howard is a leading sustainable business professional and is a recognised authority on sustainability and climate change. Steve was Chief Sustainability Officer at IKEA Group and served on IKEA's Executive Group Management from 2011-2017.

Chas Howes

Chas Howes served as Chief Financial Officer of SuperGroup, the company behind the phenomenally successful retail brand, SuperDry. Chas helped grow the company from a handful of stores to over 200 outlets, increasing turnover from £41million to £314million, managing its IPO and achieving FTSE 250 status within one year.

Sir Chris Hoy MBE

Sir Chris Hoy MBE is GB's most successful Olympic athlete of all time, with six gold medals and one silver. Sir Chris won his last two gold medals at London 2012 and then retired from competitive cycling in 2013. Subsequently Chris has successfully made the transition into the business world with the launch of his bike range HOY Bikes.

"Great Britain's most successful Olympian in 2012"

Arianna Huffington

Arianna Huffington is the founder of The Huffington Post, the founder and CEO of Thrive Global, and the author of 15 books, including, most recently, 'Thrive' and 'The Sleep Revolution'. She has been named in Time Magazine's list of the world's 100 most influential people and the Forbes Most Powerful Women list.

Justin Hughes

Justin Hughes founded Mission Excellence on leaving the RAF in 2002. Mission Excellence is an organisational performance consultancy focused on the development of outstanding leadership, teamwork and execution skills in corporate teams.

Paul Hughes

Paul Hughes is an internationally renowned top professional keynote speaker on Growth with a unique speaking style. Paul is leading a movement that is driven by his formula for success: the Circle of Growth.

Dan Hunt

Dan Hunt was previously Sports Director for Team Sky, Race Coach for SKY Pro-Cycling Team and formerly Great Britain's National Endurance Coach for the Track. Dan joined GB Snowsport from the Premier League where he was Head of Elite Performance. He led the performance strategy for GB Snowsport across all disciplines.

Alex Hunter

Alex Hunter is a company incubator, angel investor, and branding expert. He is also a noted public speaker, appearing at events all over the world such as ad:tech, Future of Web Apps, Thinking Digital, Marketing 2.0, iStrategy, Tech4Africa, MARKA and Internet World.

David Hurst

David Hurst specialises in crisis and renewal. He spent twenty-five years working in the corporate world as an effective manager and extracted from his experience some highly innovative ideas about leadership and the dynamics of change.

Stefan Hyttfors

Stefan Hyttfors focuses on disruptive technologies, behavioural change and next generation leadership. His work tackles global opportunities and global challenges. Stefan believes that the future is not to be predicted, it is to be created.

Herminia Ibarra

Herminia Ibarra is the Cora Chaired Professor of leadership and learning, and Professor of organizational behaviour at INSEAD. Prior to joining INSEAD she served on the Harvard Business School faculty for thirteen years. Thinkers 50 ranked Herminia #9 among the most influential business gurus in the world.

Dr. Mo Ibrahim Mo Ibrahim

Dr Mo Ibrahim is the Founder of Celtel International and one of Africa's most successful business leaders. Originally from Sudan and educated in the Middle East and the United Kingdom, Dr Ibrahim is a respected global expert in mobile communications with a distinguished academic and business career.

Anders Indset

Anders Indset is one of the world's leading business philosophers. He is the co-founder of the management think tank 'ShapingWork' where he has outlined a new academic approach that combines practical, applicable philosophy with best practices from leadership, management and execution.

Wolfgang Ischinger

Wolfgang Ischinger is the Chairman of the Munich Security Conference and Global Head of Government Relations, Allianz SE, Munich. From 1998 to 2000 he was Deputy Foreign Minister in Berlin, then German Ambassador to the US and later to the UK.

Salim Ismail

Salim Ismail is a sought-after speaker, strategist and entrepreneur. His last company, Angstro, was sold to Google in 2010. He is the founding Executive Director of Singularity University and spent the last six years building out this unique organization serving as its Global Ambassador, creating relationships in over a dozen countries. SU is based at NASA Ames and is training a new generation of leaders to manage exponentially growing technologies.

Prof. Otmar Issing

Otmar Issing is a leading monetary economist and one of Europe's most influential central bankers. He has played a key role since the ECB was established in the late 1990s as the central bank of Europe's monetary union.

Michael Jacobides

Michael Jacobides is a leading practitioner in entrepreneurship and strategy in an era of increasing digitization and deregulation. He holds the Sir Donald Gordon Chair of Entrepreneurship & Innovation at London Business School, where is Professor of Strategy. As well as this, he is an Academic Advisor to the Boston Consulting Group, a Visiting Scholar at the New York Fed, and Visiting Fellow at Cambridge University.

Ben Jeffries

Ben Jeffries is an Award-winning entrepreneur, specialising in influencer marketing and social media. He is the 25-year-old CEO and co-founder of 'Influencer', a global leader in influencer marketing. Influencer's unique technology provides global advertisers with the ability to succeed on social, with scalable workflows and actionable insights.

Ryan Jenkins

Ryan Jenkins has been speaking professionally as a Millennial and Generation Z keynote speaker for over a decade. His top-ranked generational insights have been featured in Forbes, Fast Company, Inc., and SUCCESS Magazine.

Shivvy Jervis

Shivvy Jervis has been voted as one of the 'most creative thinkers in tech'. A four-time award winning trends forecaster and founder of ambitious forecasting lab FutureScape 248, Shivvy is cited by the World Economic Forum as 'a thought leader beyond compare'.

Edleen John

Edleen John is an award-winning business leader and consultant on diversity, inclusion and culture in organisations. She currently serves as the International Relations, Corporate Affairs and Co-Partner for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Director at the Football Association.

Luke Johnson

Luke Johnson is currently Chairman of Risk Capital Partners Ltd, a private equity company. He is also the owner of several other companies including Giraffe Restaurants, Patisserie Valerie and APT Controls. He is also Chairman of Fast Track, the UK's leading networking events and research company.

Michael Johnson

Michael Johnson is a 200m and 400m sprinting legend. The dual event world champion won a spectacular 19 international gold medals. He retired from sports in 2000 and created various business ventures, including a company that provides training and consulting to athletes and sports teams all over the world.

Lord Digby Jones

Lord Jones is one of the world's most acclaimed business commentators. As Director-General of the CBI, he became well known for his candid visions for business and as Minister of Trade and Investment he changed the way UK Trade and Investment was perceived, expanding into all major international markets.

Jorgen Christian Juul

Jørgen Christian Juul is an entrepreneur with extensive experience holding executive positions in listed companies and other corporate organisations. He served as Executive Chairman at Wallmob, which he founded, operated, and sold to the Nordic IT Conglomerate Visma.

Dr. Michio Kaku

Dr. Michio Kaku is one of the most widely recognised scientists in the world today. A theoretical physicist, futurist and Professor of theoretical physics, Michio is the co-founder of string field theory and continues Einstein's search for a "Theory of Everything".

Anatole Kaletsky

Anatole Kaletsky has written for The Economist, The Financial Times and The Times of London before joining Reuters in 2012. Anatole is also chief economist of GaveKal Dragonomics, a Hong Kong-based group that provides investment analysis to 800 investment institutions around the world and manages US $ 500m of client funds.

Russell Kane

Russell Kane is an award-winning stand-up, writer and performer. Winning the two biggest awards in comedy, the Edinburgh Comedy Award and Australia's Barry Award, Russell has cemented his name in the industry.

Dr. John Kao

John Kao, dubbed "Mr. Creativity" and "a serial innovator" by The Economist, is a leading authority on innovation, business creativity, organizational transformation and emerging technologies. John is passionate about how leaders learn to innovate, and he has taught extensively in both public and private sectors.

"The innovation Sherpa"US Government

Sony Kapoor

Sony Kapoor is an influential economist, financial sector expert and development practitioner. Sony advises central banks, large investors, European governments, developing economies and multilateral institutions on Economic Strategy and Financial Policy.

Bindi Karia

Bindi Karia is passionate about all things start-up in Europe and connecting the dots between
Investors, Founders, Corporates and Government. She is the founder of a Boutique Advisory Firm, bindi ventures, focused on advising and connecting across four core Innovation pillars for commercial success.

Garry Kasparov

Garry Kasparov is widely considered the greatest chess player that ever lived. He is the founder and inspiration behind the Kasparov Chess Foundation whose mission is to introduce chess into the educational system worldwide. He is also a writer and political activist and a regular contributor to the Wall Street Journal.

Nisha Katona

Nisha Katona is a dedicated curry evangelist and founder of Mowgli Street Food. Nisha has appeared in various television programmes including Channel 4's Sunday Brunch and a regular slot on ITV's Lorraine in which she demonstrates her fool proof, simple recipes with ease and an infectious passion for her food.

Guy Kawasaki

Guy Kawasaki was the chief evangelist of Apple and a trustee of the Wikimedia Foundation. Guy is the chief evangelist of Canva, an online graphic design tool. He is a brand ambassador for Mercedes-Benz and an executive fellow of the Haas School of Business (UC Berkeley).

Spencer Kelly

Spencer Kelly is a respected technology presenter and computer scientist who's been in the business for over 20 years. After a seven-year stint as a breakfast radio host, Spencer joined the BBC as a Presenter on Click and has travelled the world to seek out not only the most advanced tech but simple devices which make a huge difference.

Laurence Kemball-Cook

Laurence Kemball-Cook is the award-winning founder and CEO of Pavegen Systems, an innovative clean-technology company. A strong believer of the impact of disruptive technologies, he is a regular commentator on technology and entrepreneurship events.

Dr Ayesha Khanna

Dr. Ayesha Khanna is Co-Founder and CEO of ADDO AI, an artificial intelligence (AI) solutions firm and incubator. She has been a strategic advisor on artificial intelligence, smart cities and fintech to leading corporations and governments.

W. Chan Kim

W. Chan Kim is the Co-Director of the INSEAD Blue Ocean Strategy Institute, Professor of Strategy and International Management, and the Boston Consulting Group Bruce D. Henderson Chair Professor of International Management at INSEAD, France.

Brett King

Brett King is a best-selling author, a well-known industry commentator, the host of the BREAKING BANK$ radio show on Voice America, and the founder of the revolutionary mobile-based banking service Moven. King was voted as American Banker's Innovator of the Year in 2012.

Justin King CBE

Justin King served as CEO of J Sainsbury for a decade. At the time one of the youngest CEOs in FTSE 100 history, Justin's time in charge is seen as one of the great success stories of modern British business. He's now vice-chair of private equity firm Terra Firma overseeing a portfolio that stretches from cinema chains to garden centres.

Kanya King MBE

Kanya King is an internationally renowned entrepreneur. Today the MOBO awards is one of the most televised urban music awards shows in the world reaching over 400 million viewers in 200 countries. The MOBO platform has helped launch many of today's biggest international musical talents and is an iconic platform.

Lord Mervyn King of Lothbury

Lord King was Governor of the Bank of England and Chairman of its Monetary Policy Committee from 2003 to 2013. He steered the Bank of England through the deepest financial crisis and together with other central bankers, Lord King prevented a great depression by creating economic stability in the banking sector.

Anne Lise Kjaer

Anne Lise Kjaer is the CEO and Founder of Kjaer Global. She utilises her design background to predict and simplify the complex trends of future, business and innovation. An expert in business branding and embracing change, Anne-Lise can guide any organisation through turbulent times.

Jonas Kjellberg

Jonas Kjellberg, founding creator of Skype is co-founder of Gear Up, a framework to help people to transform ideas into a high-potential venture in real time. He is also the CEO of Gourmetli which disrupts the existing food industry by connecting buyers and sellers of locally produced delights and global gourmet specialties.

Joshua Klein

Joshua Klein is a fervent hacker who will hack anything that moves. His latest project, though charmingly low-tech, has amazing implications for the human-animal interface. Right now, he is working at Frog Design as a Principal Technologist, while developing mobile/social applications, health care-related systems and other tools that improve people's lives.

Prof. Dr. Christian Koeck

Christian Koeck is a visionary in health policy and management. A regular contributor to national and international industry journals addressing a range of healthcare issues, he is firmly committed to improving the quality of healthcare throughout the world.

Dr. Fred Kofman Ph.D.

Fred Kofman, Ph.D. is Axialent's co-founder and President, EVP of Development at LinkedIn and President of Conscious Business Center International. He is also a "influencer" of LinkedIn and one of the most widely read columnists.

Thomas Köhler

Thomas R. Köhler is an internationally recognized expert on Digital Transformation and Cybersecurity. He is the founder and initiator of various IT companies, holds a patent in IT Security and advises leading companies in the automotive sector, financial services, retail and telecommunication.

Rem Koolhaas

Rem Koolhaas is a Dutch architect, architectural theorist, urbanist and Professor in the Practice of Architecture and Urban Design at the Graduate School of Design at Harvard University, USA. Koolhaas is the founding partner of OMA and AMO a think tank focused on social, economic and technological issues.

John Kornblum

John C. Kornblum was the US Ambassador to Germany from 1997 until 2001. He has been the special envoy for the Dayton Peace Agreement. Since the end of his service as US Ambassador to Germany, he was Chairman of Lazard & Co. Germany and serves on the supervisory board of ThyssenKrupp Technologies AG and Bayer AG.

Prof. Philip Kotler

The prolific author of many definitive marketing reference works, Professor Philip Kotler is widely regarded as the world's leading expert on strategic marketing. In 2008, the Wall Street Journal listed him as the 6th most influential person on business thinking.

Bryan Kramer

Bryan Kramer is a renowned business strategist. As former President and Co-Owner of PureMatter, a Silicon Valley global marketing agency since 2001, he sparked the Human-to-Human H2H movement that set out to humanize business through simpler communication, empathy, and celebrating our imperfections.

Matthias Kröner

Matthias Kröner is a highly respected thought leader within the global financial services community. He has built bridges between the traditional banking world and FinTech-powered digital banking platforms. The tech enthusiast has co-founded two digital banks.

Rémi Krug

Rémi Krug is a tireless ambassador for the House of Krug, whose passion for his craft and pride in his remarkable product remain undiminished. He recently founded RK Conseil, a consultancy aimed at sharing his particular experiences in the luxury goods world and assisting others to explore value creation by "learning from luxury".

Ray Kurzweil

Ray Kurzweil has been described as "the restless genius" by The Wall Street Journal, and "the ultimate thinking machine" by Forbes. Inc. magazine ranked him #8 among entrepreneurs in the USA, calling him the "rightful heir to Thomas Edison, America"

Ricardo Lagos

Ricardo Lagos is a lawyer, economist and social democrat politician, who served as President of Chile from 2000 to 2006. Since 2007 he has served as a Special Envoy on Climate Change for the United Nations. He inaugurated his own foundation in 2006 called Democracia y Desarrollo ("Democracy and Development") in Santiago.

Sir Richard Lambert

Sir Richard Lambert served as Director General of the CBI, the most influential business group in the UK, during a period including the banking collapse and global recession. Previously he was Editor-in-Chief of the Financial Times. He also chaired the independent Banking Standards Review Council.

Baroness Martha Lane Fox

Martha Lane Fox, a leading entrepreneur and champion of digital inclusion, is well-known as the co-founder of Lastminute.com. She is currently founder and executive chair of Doteveryone.org.uk, a charity fighting for a fairer internet. Martha is also non-executive director of Twitter and a crossbench peer in the House of Lords.

Jaron Lanier

Jaron Lanier is one of most celebrated technology writers in the world, and is known for charting a humanistic approach to technology appreciation and criticism. Often associated with Virtual Reality research, he coined the term 'Virtual Reality' and in the early 1980s founded VPL Research, the first company to sell VR products.

Bas Lansdorp

Bas Lansdorp has a passion for ambitious projects. He is co-founder and CEO of Mars One, a Dutch foundation that aims to land the first humans on Mars in 2032. To prepare for this settlement, the first unmanned mission is scheduled to depart in 2022.

Jim Lawless

Jim Lawless is one of the most inspirational and highly sought-after business speakers in Europe. He is the only authority on change and personal development to have put his life on the line to prove his theories. As CEO of Taming Tigers, Jim has advised companies globally on creating organisational Cultural Change and elite teams.

Graeme Leach

Graeme Leach is CEO & Chief Economist of 'Macronomics', a geopolitical, macroeconomic and future megatrends research consultancy launched in 2016. He has worked globally, acting as the figurehead for 35,000 international business leaders.

Nick Leeson

In 1995, Nick Leeson's unchecked risk-taking caused the sensational collapse of Barings Bank. He was sentenced to a six-and-a-half-year jail sentence in a Singaporean jail, in conditions that defy belief. Whilst in prison he was diagnosed with cancer but recovered against all the odds, determined to begin a new life.

Allan Leighton

Allan Leighton is a highly successful entrepreneurial businessman, widely regarded as one of the UK's top business leaders. He is currently Deputy Chairman of Selfridges & Co, George Weston Ltd and Loblaw Companies Ltd; and Non Executive Director of BSkyB Group plc. He is Patron of Breast Cancer Care.

Carl Leighton-Pope

Carl Leighton-Pope has carved a successful business career as an entrepreneur in the dynamic yet demanding worlds of music and entertainment. From the early 70s through to the present, Leighton-Pope has always been at the forefront of the music business and at various times has been agent for many leading performers.

Patrick Lencioni

Patrick Lencioni is the Founder of The Table Group, a consulting firm that specialises in executive team development and organizational health. Recognised as a true pioneer in leadership and business, Patrick Lencioni is a New York Times best-selling author.

Jay Leno

Jay Leno hosted the Tonight Show until 2014. In 2009 he launched his own talk show, The Jay Leno Show on NBC. He had - and has - a colossal work ethic, one that has led to great success. One of the country's premier comedians, Jay has appeared in hundreds of comedy shows around the United States for the past 20 years.

Gerd Leonhard

Gerd Leonhard is a widely known and top-rated futurist, founder and CEO of the futures Agency, a global network of over 30 leading futurists. He focusses on the intersections of humanity, science / technology, business, and culture. He promotes sustainable, human-centric values, and emphasises the importance of foresight, and resilience in the face of uncertainty.

Uri Levine

Uri Levine is a passionate serial entrepreneur and disruptor, co-founder of Waze, the world's largest driving traffic and navigation app. The app, now used by more than 250 million drivers around the globe, was acquired by Google in June of 2013 for $1.1 billion.

Magnus Lindkvist

Magnus Lindkvist is a trendspotter and futurologist who weaves together the most important and exciting current trends to forecast what life, society and business might look like in the future. As a writer, Magnus Lindkvist is driven by a relentless curiosity about our mental space where the outside world collides with the human brain.

Martin Lindstrom

Martin Lindstrom is recognized as one of the world's leading business, branding, and culture transformation experts. His cutting-edge research in behavioural psychology and his New York Times-bestselling books are reshaping how organisations approach innovation, culture, and business transformation.

Tamara Lohan MBE

Tamara Lohan is the entrepreneur behind the 'aspirational but still accessible' travel brand Mr & Mrs Smith. Tamara, CTO of the company, leads the development team who power the cutting-edge technology behind the website, the booking engine and the iPhone app. She has also launched the brand extension Smith & Family - for family travel.

Rachel Lomax

Rachel Lomax is a British economist who was the Deputy Governor of the Bank of England from 2003 until 2008. With her experience in the public and private sectors and a deep knowledge of UK government operations and financial system, Rachel joined the Board at HSBC in 2008, becoming a Senior Independent Director in 2015.

Bjørn Lomborg

Bjørn Lomborg is President of the Copenhagen Consensus Center, a think-tank that researches the smartest ways to do good. For this work, he was named one of TIME magazine's 100 most influential people in the world. He is also a visiting Professor at Copenhagen Business School.

Gian Luigi Longinotti-Buitoni

Gian Luigi Longinotti-Buitoni is the founder and CEO of LIFE Corporation which developed advanced technologies in the field of wearable electronics and sensors. Gian has led some of the world's most prestigious consumer products companies and has a remarkable ability to transform products like Ferrari into irresistible brands.

Roberta Lucca

Roberta Lucca is Co-Founder and Chief Brand Officer at BAFTA-winning games company Bossa Studios. Her YouTube channel Beta Lucca, widens her support to aspiring entrepreneurs. Roberta has built and launched over 20 digital/mobile products, games, and brands.

Alastair Lukies CBE

Alastair Lukies CBE founded Monitise in 2003 and three years later it was recognised as a 'Technology Pioneer' by the World Economic Forum. He has a proven track record of turning visions and concepts into real businesses. In 2014, Alastair was appointed as a Business Ambassador for the financial services industry by the UK Government.

David MacLeod OBE

David MacLeod is co-Chair of the British Employee Engagement Task Force launched in 2011. In 2008 David and Nita Clarke were asked by the Government to produce a research paper on the importance of employee engagement and in 2009 his published work 'Engaging for Success' was described as the definitive work on this subject.

Bronwen Maddox

Bronwen Maddox is the Director of the Institute for Government, the leading think tank working to improve government, in making better decisions and implementing them. Previously Bronwen was Editor and Chief Executive of Prospect Magazine, the UK's leading current affairs and culture monthly title.

David Magliano MBE

David Magliano MBE has led digital innovation across the Wizarding World franchise of Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts for Warner Bros.. Previously he was Managing Director of consumer revenue at the Guardian and was Director of marketing for both London's Olympic bid and England's failed bid for the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

Christian Majgaard

Christian Majgaard was LEGO's strategic brand and innovation wizard and global top executive in the 80's and 90's where he stood behind the creation of the LEGOLAND theme parks, Mindstorms robots, the Harry Potter and StarWars licenses and many other marketing successes.

Jo Malone CBE

Jo Malone CBE has been described as an 'English scent maverick' and the woman responsible for creating some of the world's most loved fragrances. She launched her brand Jo Loves in 2011 and opened the first Jo Loves boutique in 2013.

Lucy Marcus

As one of the World Economic Forum's Global Leaders for Tomorrow, Lucy Marcus represents a new generation of global decision-makers from business, government, politics and civil society who have demonstrated outstanding leadership.

Prof. Costas Markides

Costas Markides is recognised as one of the world's foremost experts on strategy and innovation. He is a professor of Strategic and International Management and holds the Robert P. Bauman Chair of Strategic Leadership at the London Business School.

Lital Marom

Lital Marom is a serial entrepreneur, corporate innovation driver, frequent keynote speaker and seasoned lecturer. She led the global strategy and sales of multibillion-dollar corporations. Now she brings her experience and on-going immersive research to executive teams.

Inma Martinez

Inma Martinez is a digital and AI pioneer who has recently been appointed to the GPAI's Innovation and Commercialisation of AI Task Group. She is also a collaborator of the UNIDO highlighting the implications of the 4IR for developing countries in the post-pandemic world and of UNESCO's initiative to make AI inclusive of intercultural input.

Prof. Mark Maslin

Mark Maslin FRGS, FRSA is a Professor of Earth System Science at University College London. He is a founding director of Rezatec Ltd a geospatial analytics company which provides big data solutions for companies, NGOs and Governments.

Benita Matofska

Benita Matofska is a changemaker and climate change consultant. An award-winning social entrepreneur, she is the founder of global network The People Who Share and Global Sharing Week, reaching over 100 million people worldwide.

Renée Mauborgne

Renée Mauborgne is The INSEAD Distinguished Fellow and a professor of strategy at INSEAD, the world's second largest business school. She is also Co-Director of the INSEAD Blue Ocean Strategy Institute. She served on President Barack Obama's Board of Advisors on Historically Black Colleges and Universities.

Mariana Mazzucato

Mariana Mazzucato is Professor in the Economics of Innovation and Public Value at University College London. She is also the Director and Founder of the UCL Institute for Innovation & Public Purpose, which specialises in the role of public policy in shaping the direction and growth of the economy.

Prof. Andrew McAfee

Andrew McAfee is a globally acclaimed researcher, writer and thinker about technological progress and the changes it brings. He is and expert helping organisations build businesses that are simultaneously agile, innovative and robust.

Brian McBride

Brian McBride is the Chairman of Trainline and in 2022 will become President, Confederation British Industry (CBI). Brian focuses on helping companies develop digital strategies in consumer-facing businesses tackling rapidly evolving markets.

Patty McCord

Patty McCord brings the Silicon Valley concepts of fresh ideas and innovation and applies them to rethinking the way we work. She challenges norms and invites us to reconsider the idea of "best practices."

Martin McCourt

Martin McCourt has spent over 40 years working at the heart of British-based manufacturing, design and marketing for quality brands such as Dyson, Mars, Duracell, Toshiba and Pelikan. In 2019 he joined the Board of Weber as a nonexecutive Director and strategic adviser.

Mark McCulloch

Mark McCulloch is a Brand, Marketing expert with a career spanning 20 years working for and with brands such as Pret a Manger, lastminute.com, Loaded Magazine, YO! Sushi and Peter Gabriel's trailblazing music streaming site WE7 (now Blinkbox music).

Rita Gunther McGrath

Rita Gunther McGrath, a Professor at Columbia Business School, is a globally recognized expert on strategy in uncertain and volatile environments. Her thinking is highly regarded by readers and clients who include Pearson, Covidien, Coca-Cola Enterprises, General Electric, Alliance Boots, and the World Economic Forum.

Jim McKelvey

Jim McKelvey is an entrepreneur, inventor and artist widely known, together with Jack Dorsey as the co-founder of Square, a new mobile payment platform. The revolutionary service enables anyone to accept credit cards anywhere. Square has now more than 600 employees and is valued at $6 billion.

Hamish McRae

Hamish McRae is one of the country's most respected financial journalists and commentators on future trends in economics, business and society. Author of the acclaimed bestseller "The World in 2020", Hamish is Associate Editor of The Independent Newspaper, Principal Commentator for the Independent Online and Columnist for the Evening Standard.

Paul McVeigh

Paul McVeigh has been an elite performer in two of the most competitive industries on the planet for over 25 years; elite sport and performance psychology. As a Premier League and International football player, Paul competed with and against the best players in the world on a daily basis.

Douglas McWilliams

Douglas McWilliams is one of Europe's leading economists and most respected economic forecasters and analysts of UK and world economic trends. He is the founder, and formerly the Executive Chairman and Chief Executive, of the Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR).

David Meca

David Meca is a pioneering Spanish swimmer in long-distance open water swimming. As well as being the first and only swimmer in history to have won four medals in one World Championship, he is able to apply his experience and training to day-to-day activity in businesses, which is why he has become a renowned expert in coaching, leadership and working in elite teams.

Benjamin Mee

Benjamin Mee is the Director of Dartmoor Zoo and the author of 'We Bought A Zoo', the bestselling book that inspired the Hollywood movie of the same name starring Matt Damon and Scarlett Johansson. In 2007 he reopened a dilapidated zoo under the new name of Dartmoor Zoological Park.

Estelle Métayer

Estelle Métayer is one of the world's leading experts on Competitive & Strategic Intelligence. She was President and founder of Competia, a leading training organisation for executives and analysts in Strategic Intelligence. In 1998 Competia launched Competia.com which became the world's largest community, portal and magazine for strategy professionals, with over 1 million hits each month.

Erin Meyer

Erin Meyer is a professor at INSEAD, one of the leading international business schools. Her work focuses on how the world's most successful managers navigate the complexities of cultural differences in a global environment.

David Millar

David is a former member of the UCI World Tour pro cycling peloton and one of only two British cyclists to have worn the leaders jersey in all three Grand Tours. He is also a former Olympic team captain, an author, media commentator, film maker, coach, creative designer and an entrepreneur.

Gina Miller

Gina Miller is a prominent businesswoman and passionate philanthropist who is also one of the UK's highest high-profile campaigners. As well as Brexit, Gina has commented and campaigned on the transparency of pensions and investment advice as well as on social and equality issues.

Paul Miller

Paul Miller is CEO and Founder of the Digital Workplace Group, described by Oracle as “phenomenon in its industry”. He provides visionary yet practical insights into the digital future of work for many leading organisations and has been at the heart of the work and technology revolution for the last 20 years.

Safia Minney MBE, FRSA

Safia Minney MBE is an award winning international social entrepreneur, speaker and advisor, with more than 20 years' experience as a Global CEO of the company she founded, People Tree. Safia built pioneering Fair Trade and sustainable fashion, food and lifestyle brand from her living room.

Zanny Minton Beddoes

Zanny Minton Beddoes is the Editor-in-Chief of The Economist. Previously the Business Affairs editor, responsible for the coverage of business, finance and science. Zanny has written extensively about international financial issues including the future of the International Monetary Fund and economic reform in emerging economies.

Pranav Mistry

Pranav Mistry is a Senior Advisor for Metaverse & AI Investing at DOV. Pranav served as Corp SVP for Samsung Electronics and President and CEO of Samsung Technology and Advanced Research. Pranav is also known as the creator of Sixth Sense.

Dr. Karen Moloney

Conscious of the growing interest from Human Resources in measuring competence at work, Karen is Founder and Director of Moloney Minds, a company she set up in order to concentrate on thinking, writing, speaking and working with a smaller group of select clients worldwide.

Marco Montemagno

Marco Montemagno is the founder and CEO of Blogosfere, Italy's biggest web log network. In September 2013 he launched his new start up called SuperSummit, a free live online events platform where international experts share their knowledge. Marco is also assistant professor at the Cattolica University, Milan.

Paul Moore

Paul Moore was the only senior risk & compliance executive in the UK banking sector to speak out publicly after the financial crisis about what he saw from the inside of a bank. Prior to HBOS, Paul was a Partner at KPMG advising banks, insurance companies and asset managers on risk, governance, regulatory compliance and ethics.

Edwin Moses

Edwin Moses is one of the most respected and recognized athletes of our time, renowned for his 122 consecutive wins in the 400-meter hurdles. He currently works as a financial consultant specialising in investment management consulting.

Chris Moss

Chris is a highly experienced board level brand and marketing leader. He has already created 3 multi-billion dollar brands with a track record of delivering award winning launch campaigns, broadscale business transformation and sustained bottom line growth through product, service and communications innovation.

Dambisa Moyo

Dr. Dambisa Moyo is a pre-eminent thinker, who influences key decision-makers in strategic investment and public policy. She is respected for her unique perspectives, her balance of contrarian thinking with measured judgment, and her ability to turn economic insight into investible ideas.

Dhiraj Mukherjee

Dhiraj Mukherjee is an experienced digital business executive and entrepreneur, with a proven track record in corporate and start-up environments. The co-founder of the billion-dollar company Shazam is currently Entrepreneur in Residence at PWC, an angel investor, mentor to emerging technology startups and advisor to venture capital firms.

Neil Mullarkey

Neil Mullarkey is a unique communication expert. He was Centenary President of the famous Footlights and is best recognised from his performances in Whose Line Is it Anyway, I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue, QI and two Austin Powers movies.

Dr. Eva-Marie Muller-Stuler

Dr. Eva Marie Muller-Stuler is the Chief Data Scientist for IBM MEA. She leads the Centre of Excellence for Data Science at IBM MEA and shares her passion for translating data into structured information as well as implementing sustainable large scale A.I. projects, globally.

Nathalie Nahai

Nathalie Nahai is one of the foremost experts in web psychology. With a background in psychology, web design and digital strategy, she coined the term 'web psychology', defining it as 'the empirical study of how our online environments influence our attitudes and behaviours'.

Sandra Navidi

Sandra Navidi is the founder and CEO of BeyondGlobal, a company which provides strategic advice to financial institutions and corporations seeking to optimally position themselves in international capital markets. Formerly, she was Director of research strategies at Roubini Global Economics.

Sir Richard Needham

Sir Richard Needham was Director of Dyson for 16 years. He was largely responsible for the development of the Company's overseas sales operations. He has unrivalled access at the highest levels into both public and private sectors in Asia, Europe and the US.

Andrew Neil

Andrew Neil is a publisher, writer, businessman and broadcaster. He is Chairman and Editor-in-Chief of Press Holdings, owner of The Spectator and various titles around the world. On-screen he has regularly scrutinised Westminster and leading figures across politics on shows including Daily Politics and Politics Live.

Rain Newton-Smith

Rain Newton-Smith is Confederation of British Industry Chief Economist. She and her team provide business leaders with advice on the UK economic outlook and global risks. Previously, Rain was head of Emerging Markets at Oxford Economics where she managed a large team of economists and was the lead expert on China.

Dr. Kjell Nordström

Dr. Kjell A. Nordström is a guru of the new world of business, with over 20 years of experience of working with multinational companies. Kjell has been ranked by Thinkers 50 at number 5 in Europe and among the top 50 in the world and is one of the few who has been ranked among the 50 for 11 consecutive years.

Alan O'Neill

Alan O'Neill has over 30 years of experience from the board room to the front line. The Change Agent - has supported iconic brands to achieve amazing results. In a dynamic World, Alan knows what it takes to drive change in a business - from top to bottom and back to front.

Kate O'Neill

Kate O'Neill is the founder and CEO of KO Insights, a strategic advisory and consultancy firm committed to improving human experience at scale. Kate is known as both the 'Tech Humanist' and 'Optimistic Futurist', helping humanity prepare for an increasingly tech-driven future.

Prof. Eddie Obeng

Professor Eddie Obeng is Founder Director of Pentacle the world's first virtual business school and the first organisation to offer an integrated management approach specifically designed to meet the challenges of our fast changing, complex 21st Century.

Tom Oliver

Praised as a "coach to many of the world's top CEOs, philanthropists and entertainers", Tom Oliver has shared his secrets on leadership, innovation and creativity with Bono, the Dalai Lama, the Rockefeller family and Richard Branson. He is also an award-winning global social entrepreneur, singer, songwriter and producer.

Cory Ondrejka

Cory Ondrejka is a leading authority on the economic and technological impact of virtual worlds. He was the co-creator of the virtual world 'Second Life' and Vice President of Engineering at Facebook where he was responsible for Facebook's mobile turnaround. Currently he is the CEO and Co-Founder of a software company called mori inc.

Olivier Oullier Ph.D.

Olivier Oullier is the former President of EMOTIV, the world leader in portable, scalable, and cost-effective brain measuring and cloud-based analytics solutions. Prior to joining EMOTIV, he was a Member of the Executive Committee and the Global Head of Strategy in Health and Healthcare of the World Economic Forum.

Ash Pal

Ash Pal is a world expert and thought-leader on digital disruption and the role of digital transformation. He advises corporations on how to see the digital future and what to do next and focuses on best and emerging thinking for leaders tackling digital disruption - not only the tried and tested but the new and differentiating.

Dipak R. Pant

Prof. Dipak R. Pant advises governmental, non-governmental and business organisations on policy and planning issues for environmentally sustainable and socially sound developments. A tireless world explorer, he is regarded as the pioneer of 'Extreme Lands Program' which conducts ethnographic field surveys and economic studies.

Theo Paphitis

Theo Paphitis is one of the UK's most high profile businessmen. His empire spans retail, property, finance and consumer goods. Through his appearances on BBC Two's Dragons' Den, Theo has advised many young entrepreneurs and invested in several innovative businesses and brands.

Belinda Parmar OBE

Belinda Parmar OBE is the CEO and founder of The Empathy Business. She is the creator of the Global Empathy Index, published in the Harvard Business Review, which is the first index to measure empathy and inclusion at scale. Belinda works alongside CEOs and leaders of large organisations to transform companies using the power of empathy in a post-Covid world.

Alpesh Patel

A barrister, broadcaster and asset manager, Alpesh Patel reaches 280 million viewers through his newspaper review on the BBC, discussing politics, economics and social issues. Appointed as Dealmaker for the British Government covering India and China, his role is to find innovative technologies and help the companies of outstanding entrepreneurs to go global.

Jeremy Paxman

Jeremy Paxman is an award-winning journalist, who began his career covering the Northern Ireland troubles in the 1970s, then joined Tonight and Panorama as an investigative reporter. After a spell as a foreign correspondent, he moved inside the studio on the Six O'Clock News and Breakfast Time.

Dr. Ian Pearson

Dr. Ian Pearson works for Futurizon as their futurologist and concentrates on mapping the progress of new developments throughout information technology, considering both technological and social implications. As a futurologist he speaks across the whole field of industry and commerce, government and society.

Göran Persson

Göran Persson is the former Prime Minister of Sweden. He was leader of the Swedish Social Democratic Party, stepping down after the 2006 General Election. Since leaving the political realm, Persson holds the position of Chairman of Sveaskog, a leading Swedish forestry business.

Bertrand Piccard

Bertrand Piccard is a well-known explorer and holder of two world records: flying round-the-world in a balloon and piloting the first ever solar plane, capable of flying perpetually without fuel. He was also the visionary and driving force behind the Solar Impulse Project which created this solar plane.

Francois Pienaar

Francois Pienaar is a remarkable athlete, trained lawyer and an ambassador for multi-racial sports and civil rights. He reached the highest peak in rugby union: he captained his country South Africa, to World Cup victory in 1995. He was depicted in Clint Eastwood's blockbuster Invictus.

Lindsey Pollak

Lindsey Pollak is a New York Times bestselling author and in-demand speaker who has been hired for nearly two decades by the top corporations, law firms, universities, associations and conferences. She was named by Thinkers50 as one of the top 30 global management thinkers whose work is shaping the future of how organisations are managed and led.

Paul Polman

Paul Polman is best known for his decade as CEO of consumer products giant Unilever. He is now the co-founder and Chair of Imagine, a foundation whose aim is to engage business leaders around the world in embracing the UN Global Goals of addressing climate change and inequality.

Mary Portas

Mary Portas is widely recognised as the UK's foremost authority on retail and brand communication, Mary has a multitude of expertise; businesswoman, advertising executive, retail expert, Government adviser, broadcaster and consumer champion. The British media crowned her "Queen of Shops".

Bob Pritchard

Bob Pritchard has over 30 years of international marketing experience across a Who's Who of large and small businesses. This expertise and his forthright, entertaining and interactive presentations have resulted in Bob being one of the most in-demand business and marketing speakers in the world.

Prof. Danny Quah

Danny Quah is Dean and Li Ka Shing Professor in Economics at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy - NUS, Singapore. Prof. Quah's current research takes an economic approach to world order - with focus on global power shift and the rise of the east, and alternative models of global power relations.

Richard Quest

Richard Quest is CNN's foremost international business correspondent and presenter of Quest Means Business, the definitive word on how we earn and spend our money. QMB destroys the myth that business is boring, bridging the gap between hard economics and entertaining television.

Tariq Qureishy

Tariq Qureishy is a focused business leader, a disruptive thinker and has this unique ability to create breakthroughs in organisations. He is an expert connecting the dots between the present & future.

Jamil Qureshi

Jamil Qureshi is one of today's foremost practitioners of performance psychology and is an expert in high performance. As the co-founder of several change agencies Jamil has enjoyed working with a rich diversity of the most talented business and sports people and teams in the world.

Dame Heather Rabbatts

Heather Rabbatts is the first woman to serve on the FA Board. She also heads the FA's Inclusion Advisory Board and has been an active campaigner for equality and in particular race and gender equality. She continues to lead and advise organisations on growth, change and talent.

Prof. Amin Rajan

Amin Rajan is CEO of CREATE, a pan-European network of prominent researchers undertaking high level advisory assignments for the UK government, City institutions, multinational companies and international bodies such as the EU, OECD and ILO. He was awarded the Aspen Institute's Prize in leadership (1998) for his research.

Captain Raghu Raman

Capt. Raghu Raman has one of the most diverse career profiles spanning over 25 years from the army to the business world. This has enabled him to learn, practice and teach the principles of organisational dynamics, strategy, transformations and the mindset shift that is needed to lead in a complex and ever-changing world.

Gordon Ramsay OBE

Gordon Ramsay is a highly renowned British celebrity chef who owns several Michel star awarded restaurants. He is probably best known from the Channel 4 TV series Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares which proved hugely successful and was awarded a BAFTA.

Marc Randolph

Marc Randolph is a veteran Silicon Valley entrepreneur, advisor and investor. He was co-founder of the online movie and television streaming service Netflix. Recently, Marc co-founded Looker Data Sciences and currently serves as an advisor, CEO, coach and/or board member to numerous other start-ups.

Anssi Rantanen

Anssi Rantanen is the Finnish CEO of Growth Tribe. Growth Tribe is Europe's first and leading growth academy. Anssi has helped 50+ companies implement growth strategies during their Google career, from startups to listed companies. He has founded three companies in the last 10 years.

Gerald Ratner

After 25 years in the jewellery business, Gerald Ratner is one of the well-known and successful retailers of his generation. He is currently CEO of the UK's largest online jewellery business GeraldOnline. Formerly, he was Chairman and Chief Executive of Ratners Group.

Carlo Ratti

Carlo Ratti is an architect and engineer who teaches at MIT, directing the Senseable City Lab, and is a founding partner of the international design office Carlo Ratti Associati. Prof. Ratti serves as both a member of the World Economic Forum Global Future Council on Cities and special adviser on Urban Innovation to the European Commission.

Viviane Reding

Viviane Reding completed 3 terms as member of the European Government and became Vice President and EU Commissioner responsible for Justice, Fundamental Rights and Citizenship in 2010. Following her victory in the European elections in May 2014 she has taken up her seat in the European Parliament.

Richard Reed

Richard Reed is well known as the co-founder of innocent drinks and is one of the UK's most commercially successful entrepreneurs. His enterprise, JamJar Investments provides entrepreneurs with capital investment and consultancy all born from his experience making innocent a huge commercial success story.

Dr. Frank-Jürgen Richter

Dr. Richter is a global business expert and the Founder and Chairman of Horasis committed to enacting visions for a sustainable future. As one of the leading analysts of international business and emerging economies, he influences major business and governmental decisions with his public commentary.

Chantal Rickards

Chantal Rickards was spokesperson for BAFTA, Los Angeles, running high profile events and talent led initiatives. Adding philanthropy to her expertise, Chantal now speaks on how philanthropic and cause related content is being used to shine a light on pressing global issues from Hollywood to London and beyond.

Dr. Jonas Ridderstråle

Dr Jonas Ridderstråle is one of the world's most influential and respected business thinkers and speakers. Since bursting onto the international scene with the bestselling book 'Funky Business' in 2000, Jonas has remained at the forefront of the new generation of management thinkers.

Al Ries

Al Ries is a leading PR and marketing authority. Chairman of Ries & Ries, he counts numerous global organisations among his clients. A learned and current authority, he shares his vision through his impressive collection of authoritative publications.

Jeremy Rifkin

Jeremy Rifkin is a Professor at the Wharton School, Currently, Mr. Rifkin is advising the European Union and other governments as well as Fortune 500 companies, on actions that should be taken immediately to address the triple threat of the global financial crisis, energy crisis, and climate change.

Frank M. Rinderknecht

So what kind of car you would like? One that shrinks for easy parking? A four-seater that turns into a pick-up at the touch of a button? Or would you like seats that lean into the curves? Well, they all exist. Swiss inventor Frank Rinderknecht comes up with a different curiosity every year.

Nigel Risner

Nigel Risner is a human development specialist and peak performance coach, whose high-energy message leads individuals and organisations to incredible success. He delivers over a hundred talks a year in his unique, energetic style across the world.

Professor Chris Roebuck

Professor Chris Roebuck has an innovative and highly effective approach to leadership in both private and public sectors. Chris is experienced as a mentor, training and developing executives by putting in place mentoring programmes in leading global organisations to world class standards.

Martin Roll

Martin Roll is an experienced global business strategist, senior advisor and facilitator to Fortune 500 companies, Asian firms and family-owned businesses. He is CEO of Martin Roll Company with more than 25 years of board & C-suite counselling experience.

Levi Roots

Levi Roots is the creator of 'Reggae Reggae Sauce', one of the success stories from the BBC Entrepreneur programme, Dragon's Den. His late entry into the culinary field came because of commitments to music. Levi was touring the world, performing with icons such as James Brown, Dennis Brown, Michael Rose and Black Uhuru.

Jez Rose

Jez Rose is a leading authority on changing mindset, achieving sensational results and concluding in the level of excellence in customer service. The founder of the International Superhero Association, his passion for customer service was born from having worked for the Walt Disney Company.

Lord Stuart Rose of Monewden

Lord Rose is recognised as one of the leading lights in British retail. Since leaving M&S in 2011, he has worked similar magic for other businesses and is currently an independent non-executive director and chairman designate of the online retailer Ocado.

Dr. Nouriel Roubini

Dr. Nouriel Roubini is a professor of economics at New York University's Stern School of Business. He is also CEO of Roubini Macro Associates, LLC, and Co-Founder of Rosa & Roubini Associates. Dr. Roubini studies international macroeconomics, political economy and the mechanisms of economic growth.

David Rowan

David Rowan is the founding UK Editor in Chief of WIRED magazine, an award-winning technology and innovation magazine that stays ahead of the trends transforming our world. He has visited countless companies and met with entrepreneurs including founders of WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Xiaomi, Spotify, Nest and other ambitious startups.

Frank Salzgeber

Frank Salzgeber is a leading expert on innovation, entrepreneurship, technology and trends. He is Head of the ESA Technology Transfer and Business Incubation Office of the European Space Agency ESA.

John Sanei

John Sanei is best known as a dynamic speaker on technology, quantum and neuroscience and business strategy. John is Africa's first Singularity University faculty member and a lecturer at Duke Corporate Education, he is also an Associate Partner at The Copenhagen Institute of Future Studies.

Alex Sbardella

Alex Sbardella is a retail technology expert, specialising in the practical application of the latest innovations to solve retail's biggest challenges. He is the Senior Vice-President of Global Innovation at GDR, one of the world's leading retail consultancies.

Paolo Scaroni

Paolo Scaroni, former CEO of Eni SpA and current VP of Rothchild Investment Bank, has recently been appointed as the new Chairman of AC Milan, heralding the "dawn of a new era". He is taking over at a critical moment in the club's storied history and is eager to return AC Milan to its former glory.

Anna Schlegel

Anna Schlegel, awarded the most influential woman in Tech 2020 has worked in the tech industry in the Silicon Valley for over 20 years, leading teams at NetApp, Cisco, VMware, Xerox, and Verisign. Anna has scaled product and markets globally. She has unlocked significant new revenue to the organisations she has worked with.

Ken Schmidt

Ken Schmidt is the former director of communications for Harley-Davidson Motor Company who played an active role in one of the most celebrated turnarounds in corporate history. In 2021, he launched, ?Tailgating with Geniuses,? a highly successful business and entertainment podcast.

Bruce Schneier

Bruce Schneier is an internationally renowned security technologist, called a "security guru" by The Economist. His influential newsletter "Crypto-Gram" and his blog "Schneier on Security" are read by over 250,000 people. He is a frequent guest on television and radio and has served on several government committees.

Howard Schultz

Howard Schultz is a highly successful businessman and entrepreneur. Having bought out the two founders in 1987 and taken the company public in 1992, he is currently chairman, president and chief executive officer of Starbucks Coffee Company. Howard has taken Starbucks from a mere 11 retail stores to in excess of 1,300 stores.

Prof. Klaus Schwab

Prof. Klaus Schwab is the Founder and Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum. Since its creation in 1971, the Forum has become the world's foremost global partnership of business, political, intellectual and thought leaders committed to improving the state of the world. It has also been a driver for global reconciliation efforts as well as a catalyst of numerous international initiatives.

Prof Klaus Schweinsberg

Klaus Schweinsberg is an acknowledged expert, author and top international management adviser on strategic leadership and economic policy. Founder and Chairman of the Centre for Strategy and Higher Leadership, he also teaches at several universities.

Billy Schwer

Billy Schwer spent 20 years at the top of his field in arguably the most gruelling and demanding sport there is - Boxing. Using the lessons he learnt during his time in pursuit of the world championship, he has built a successful business as an Inspirational & Motivational Speaker and Performance Coach.

Professor Andrew Scott

Andrew Scott is Professor of Economics and former Deputy Dean at London Business School. He is also a Fellow of All Souls, Oxford University and the Centre for Economic Policy Research. His research focuses on longevity, an ageing society and fiscal policy and debt management.

Ken Segall

Ken Segall is a creative director with a highly successful career in technology marketing, branding, product naming and strategy. He worked closely with Steve Jobs for over 12 years spanning NeXT and Apple. He started the i-frenzy by naming iMac and helped develop Apple's famous Think Different campaign.

Euan Semple

Euan Semple advises organisations how to maximise the benefits of "Social Business". He offers an inspiring, yet reassuring, perspective on these changes based on his unique experiences as one of the pioneers of the use of social tools in the workplace.

Oliver Shah

Oliver Shah is the Business Editor of the Sunday Times. He was named business journalist of the year at the 2017 Press Awards for his investigation into Sir Philip Green's £1 sale of BHS. He was also named business journalist of the year at the 2017 London Press Club Awards.

Robin Sharma

Robin Sharma is one of the world's premier speakers on Leadership and Personal Mastery. For nearly 20 years, many of the most well-known organizations on the planet. have chosen Robin Sharma for their most important events, when nothing less than a world-class speaker will do.

Jack Shaw

Jack Shaw has been a Technology Futurist for over 30 years - helping businesses to understand the strategic implications of emerging technologies. In 2016 he became Executive Director of the American Blockchain Council and of their forum, the Blockchain Executive LinkedIn Group.

Dr. Ian C. Shepherdson

Dr. Ian C. Shepherdson has been described by the London Times as one of "the best economists in the City". His research and forecasts are read by investors, policymakers and dealers around the world. Dr. Shepherdson was named top U.S. forecaster of 2003 by the Wall Street Journal.

Baroness Joanna Shields OBE

Baroness Joanna Shields OBE is a tech industry veteran with a successful track record building some of the world's best-known companies. She is currently CEO of BenevolentAI, a world leader in the development and application of artificial intelligence to understand the underlying causes of disease, accelerate and develop new medicines.

Dame Jenny Shipley

Dame Jenny Shipley is the former Prime Minister of New Zealand and currently a director of a number of companies in NZ and offshore. She was a driving force in the successful decade of economic and social reform in NZ and Director of China Construction Bank, one of the big four former State owned banks in China.

Daniel Sieberg

Daniel Sieberg is Co-Founder and Chief Content Officer at GoodTrust, a digital-legacy and end-of-life platform that uses AI, customizable UX and pragmatic and emotional pathways to preserve anyone's afterlife. Daniel is the author of The Digital Diet: and co-author of Digital Legacy: Take Control of Your Online Afterlife.

Robin Sieger

Robin Sieger is a best selling author, broadcaster and the founder of a multi-disciplinary training company with offices in the UK and the USA. Robin, the former head of the BBC Entertainment, is a leading success strategist and developed a reputation within media and circles as a peak performance 'guru'.

Lars Silberbauer Andersen

Lars Silberbauer Andersen is the Global Head of Brand, Marketing and Digital for the IOC (International Olympic Committee). Before that he was Global Director of Social Media and Marketing at LEGO and since 2018 Senior Vice President of MTV Digital Studios, to drive the MTV brand on digital and focus on the development of digital originals.

Brian Sims

Brian Sims is a world class professional salesman. He moved into international motorsport from the corporate sector and became one of the sport's most successful sponsorship sales exponents. His achievements include securing the multi-million dollar deals that brought FedEx, Gillette and Marconi into Formula 1.

Emma Sinclair

Emma Sinclair is often described as a 'force of nature' in the world of business and entrepreneurialism. Amongst a long list of distinctions she remains the youngest person to have floated a company on the London Stock Exchange. Her ability to inspire change led her to become UNICEF's first Business Mentor in 2014.

Simon Sinek

Simon Sinek is described as "a visionary thinker with a rare intellect". The author is best known for discovering and popularising his theory of the "Golden Circle," a naturally occurring pattern grounded in the biology of human decision making and motivation. He leads the movement to inspire people to do the things that inspire them.

Lauren Singer

Lauren Singer is the founder and CEO of the world's first and largest zero-waste lifestyle shop, Package Free Shop, as well as the founder of the internationally celebrated media platform, Trash is for Tossers. Now, through her latest endeavours with Package Free, Lauren is set to bring this movement to the masses.

Guy Singh-Watson

Guy Singh-Watson is an inspirational and admired figure in the world of organic farming, who still spends more time in the fields than in the boardroom. As the founder of Riverford Organic Farmers, Guy has, over the last 30 years, taken Riverford from one man and a wheelbarrow delivering homegrown organic veg to friends, to a national veg box scheme delivering to around 80,000 customers a week.

Chris Skinner

Chris Skinner is known as one of the most influential people in technology, and as an independent commentator on fintech through his blog, the Finanser.com. He is Chair of Nordic Future Innovation, is a non-executive director of 11:FS and on the advisory boards of various firms including Mode, Moven and Meniga.

Boyan Slat

Boyan Slat is a Dutch inventor and entrepreneur who creates technological solutions to global problems. He is the founder and CEO of The Ocean Cleanup; a Dutch foundation which develops advanced systems to rid world's oceans of plastic.

'"The Ocean Cleanup has been chosen by TIME Magazine as one of the Best Inventions of 2015."

Paul Sloane

Paul Sloane is well known as a thought provoking, entertaining and motivational speaker. He is the author of 17 books on lateral puzzles, creative problem-solving and lateral leadership. He helps organisations gain competitive advantage through innovation.

Sir Tim Smit KBE

Tim Smit is Chief Executive and co-founder of the Eden Project, in Cornwall. Eden began as a dream in 1995 and opened its doors to the public for an exhibition in 2000. The press dubbed it "the Eighth Wonder of the World."

Anders Sorman-Nilsson

Anders Sorman-Nilsson has helped executives and leaders prepare and strategise for foreseeable and unpredictable futures. He is the founder and creative director of the Sydney and Stockholm based strategy think tank Thinque that helps leaders convert disruptive questions into proactive, future strategies.

Earl Spencer

Charles, Earl Spencer is a historian, broadcaster and journalist. Earl Spencer lives at Althorp, built by the Spencer family in 1508. He has worked tirelessly over the years to ensure that Althorp continues to thrive and adapt to modern times.

Dr. Reinhard K. Sprenger

Dr. Reinhard Sprenger is the "The Management Pope" - a renowned European management expert and advisor on shaping future management and guiding culture in enterprises. His ideas of self-accountability have shaken up the management world in Europe and the US.

Roger Steare

Roger Steare is internationally recognised as one of the leading experts advising the Boards and executive teams on building high performing, ethical organizations. His work with BP after the Gulf of Mexico disaster has been crucial to the company's recovery plan, with Roger's decision-making framework and leadership training endorsed within the US Department of Justice Consent Agreement of 2016.

Jim Steele

Jim Steele is an internationally respected speaker and business adviser who has inspired people within some of the world's leading companies to perform at their highest level and maintain their resilience no matter what challenges come their way.

Scott Steinberg

Scott Steinberg is one of today's best-known leadership, strategic innovation, and future trends experts. A pioneer in the field of digital transformation, the Fortune 500 calls him a "defining figure in business + technology" and "top trendsetter to follow."

Prof. Joseph Stiglitz

Joseph Stiglitz is a leading economic educator and the former Chair of The Commission of Experts of the President of the UN General Assembly on Reforms of the International Monetary and Financial System. In 2009 Thinkers 50, the global ranking of management gurus, placed him among the list of most influential thinkers.

Dr. Gregory Stock

Dr Gregory Stock, a biotech entrepreneur, bioethicist and best-selling author is a leading authority on the broad impacts of genomics and other advanced technologies now reshaping medicine. He founded the influential Program on Medicine, Technology and Society at UCLA's School of Medicine.

Sir Andrew Strauss MBE

Andrew Strauss was one of England's most successful cricket captains of all time. Andrew captained England to their first Ashes series win in Australia for 24 years, becoming one of only 3 Captains ever to successfully lead England to Ashes victories home and away.

Don Strickland

Don Strickland is a former Senior Executive at Apple, CEO of PictureWorks and CEO of IPIX. Don is also the President and CEO of Strickland Associates and serves as Adjunct Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Imperial College London.

Lord Alan Sugar

Lord Sugar is a British businessman, philanthropist and star of the BBC series The Apprentice. In 2009 Lord Sugar received a peerage and took up a role in Gordon Brown's Government, advising the administration on business issues.

Rory Sutherland

Rory Sutherland is the Vice Chairman of Ogilvy, which has allowed him to co-found a behavioural science practice within the agency. He works with a consulting practice of psychology graduates who look for 'unseen opportunities' in consumer behaviour which can have enormous effects on the decisions people make.

Kate Sweetman

Kate Sweetman believes that the world is overdue for a major leadership upgrade: full stop. Too many companies are relying on old "software" as they try to incorporate new technologies, business models, and, yes, millennials. Her research shows a new way forward.

Matthew Syed

Matthew Syed is one of the world's most influential thinkers in the field of high performance and cultural change. He is also co-founder of Matthew Syed Consulting (MSC); the company has worked with an impressive portfolio of clients to build growth mindset cultures and drive higher performance in individuals, teams, and organisations.

Hamish Taylor

Hamish Taylor is an authority and now an advisor on Leadership, Innovation and Branding. He has an award winning record of driving innovation and change in a number of high profile businesses where he held senior positions including Procter & Gamble, Eurostar and British Airways.

Chicco Testa

Chicco Testa is the Managing Director of Rothschild Spa. He is also a member of the Board of Directors of Allianz Spa, Chairman of the Board of Telit Communications Plc, Vice Chairman at Intecs Spa and Chairman of the Board of E.V.A.- Energie Valsabbia - a company developing hydropower and solar generation plants.

John Thackara

John Thackara is a writer, advisor and event producer. He curated the celebrated Doors of Perception conference for 20 years, first in Amsterdam, later across India, and was commissioner of the UK social innovation biennial Dott 07 and the French design biennial City Eco Lab.

Alain Thébault

Alain Thébault, is the creator & designer of 3 iconic flying boats: the world sailing speed record holder l'Hydroptere, a proof of concept called Seabubbles and for 2022, a new game changer "THE JET ZeroEmission".

Sian Thomas

After 25 years in corporate roles and with an impressive global client portfolio including Deutsche Bank, RBS, NHS, FCA, World Gold Council and American Express, Sian helps organisations implement strategy and achieve their objectives, and individuals grow their potential to lead others.

Anthony Thomson

Anthony Thomson is an entrepreneur and banker responsible for establishing the first UK high-street bank in 150 years. Co-founder of Metro Bank and Atom Bank, he based his first startup brainchild, Metro Bank, on the principles of excellent customer service and convenience.

Dr. Daniel Thorniley

Dr. Daniel Thorniley is a leading authority on global emerging markets. The former Senior Vice President of The Economist Group, a position he held for 19 years, is now Senior Consultant to over 200 companies in East-Central Europe, Russia, The Middle East and Africa as well as a member of the Global Advisory Board of Aecom.

Jeff Thull

Jeff Thull is a thought leader of sales & marketing strategies. As President and CEO of Prime Resource Group, he has designed and implemented business transformation and professional development programs for companies such as Shell, Siemens, HP, Honeywell, 3M, Microsoft, Siemens.

Perry Timms

Perry Timms is known for his energy, passion and insight around the world of people and work, particularly what lies in the future. Active on all social media platforms, Perry has advised and helped several companies take their steps into the social media world.

Pep Torres

Pep Torres is an entrepreneur, writer, creative, inventor and designer of international fame. His source of inspiration is everything around him. He works as the Creative Marketing Innovator for the technology management consultancy everis.

Oliviero Toscani

Oliviero Toscani work is internationally recognised and includes corporate images, often highly controversial, and advertising campaigns. He is the creative force behind some of the most successful brands including Benetton, Esprit, Valentino, Chanel and Fiorucci. Currently Oliviero runs a research facility for modern communication called 'La Sterpaia'.

Prof. Fons Trompenaars

Fons Trompenaars is the Founder and Director of Trompenaars Hampden-Turner, an intercultural management firm. Known worldwide for his work on the subject of culture and business transformation, he helps Fortune 500 companies solve their business and cultural dilemmas and increase global effectiveness and performance.

Lord Adair Turner

Lord Adair Turner was Chairman of the Financial Services Authority from 2008-13, the regulatory body which oversees the financial services industry in the UK. He was also Chairman of the UK Government's Climate Change Committee from 2008-12 and is a Senior Fellow of the Institute for New Economic Thinking.

Mark Turrell

Mark Turrell is a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader and Technology Pioneer. He is a pioneer in the theory and practice of collaboration, collective intelligence, entrepreneurship, complexity and contagion. His latest book 'Scaling' will help organisations grow businesses in a non-linear way.

Joe Twyman

Joe Twyman was the Head of Political and Social Research (Europe, Middle East and Africa) at the polling company YouGov before starting his own polling organisation, Deltapoll. He is one of the country's best-known pollsters, largely due to his ability to make statistics and polling both relevant and entertaining.

David Ulrich

David Ulrich is a leading authority on leadership and human resources. He is currently the Rensis Likert Professor at the Ross School of Business, University of Michigan and a partner at The RBL Group, a consulting firm focused on helping organisations and leaders deliver value.

Lord Ed Vaizey

Lord Ed Vaizey was appointed to the UK House of Lords in September 2020, where he sits as a Conservative Peer and is a member of the Communications and Digital Committee. He has been recently listed by Business Insider as one of the 100 most influential people in UK tech.

Chris Valasek

Chris Valasek is Principal Autonomous Vehicle Security Architect at Cruise Automation and former Security Lead at Ubers Advanced Technology Center (ATC) in Pittsburgh. He made worldwide headlines for his remote hack of the 2014 Jeep Cherokee where he obtained physical control of the vehicle.

Kirk Vallis

Kirk Vallis is Google's Head of Creativity Development. He helps Googlers across the world to understand what it is about the approach, but vitally, the behaviours, that teams and individuals exhibit that time and again result in an awesome piece of innovation, a fresh way to solve a problem, or simply positive change.

Hans van Grieken

Hans van Grieken is the EMEA Technology Research & Insights Leader and part of Deloitte's global Emerging Tech Executive Council. Hans is the lead or co-author of a number of recent Deloitte global and regional digital transformation research papers.

Oscar van Weerdenburg

Oscar van Weerdenburg is a senior coach and global consultant working with a wide range of blue-chip companies who operate in a complex multicultural environment. His aim is to make people curious about cultural differences, to allow them to see that it can be energising to explore different perspectives on the same situation.

Juan Pablo Vázquez Sampere

Juan Pablo Vázquez Sampere is an expert on Disruptive Innovation. He is an Associate Professor for the Operations & Technology area at IE Business School, his research is focused on using innovation to increase the success rate of both entrepreneurs and corporate ventures. Juan Pablo is the founder of Stratemic, a boutique consulting firm focused on Disruptive Innovation. In 2006 he became a faculty member at IE Business School.

Peter Vessenes

Peter Vessenes founded CoinLab, the first venture-backed Bitcoin company. He also co-founded the Bitcoin Foundation, and holds the fundamental patent for deanonymizing Bitcoin transactions. His latest venture is a company called Heir Apparent, started by hip-hop artist Pusha-T and tech veteran Summer Watson.

Silvia Vianello

Silvia Vianello is the award-winner of the Top Middle East Woman Leader at the Asian Leadership Awards, was featured in 2018 in the prestigious Top 100 Forbes Italian Women list and won the award as Pioneering Woman Leader Award at the World Woman Leadership Congress.

Lovelda Vincenzi

Trusted to introduce and facilitate conversations with political figure heads, celebrities, senior executives and entrepreneurs, renowned MC, moderator and host Lovelda Vincenzi is a 'true pro in a world where many others are mere amateurs.'

Tony Visconti

Tony Visconti has worked with some of the most dynamic and influential names in pop history producing as well as occasionally performing on many of the world's most respected albums. Tony Visconti is an expert on successful talent management and channeling creativity to produce outstanding results.

Magnus Walker

Magnus Walker is one of life's originals. Serial entrepreneur, fashion designer, TV presenter, motivational speaker, and one of the world's most prolific Porsche collectors, the dreadlocked, tattooed hoarder of individual creativity is a very modern incarnation of idiosyncratic success.

Gabrielle Walker

Gabrielle Walker is an expert strategist, writer and broadcaster who works with businesses to address global challenges, with a particular focus on sustainability, energy, mobility, finance, land-use, plastics and the circular economy, and climate change.

Humphrey Walters

For the past 30 years, Humphrey Walters has been inspiring and motivating individuals, teams and corporations in leadership and management and his concept of "The Business of Winning" much of it built on experience, sport and yacht racing.

Haiyan Wang

Haiyan Wang is Managing Partner of China India Institute focusing on creating winning global strategies that leverage the transformational rise of China and India. She has spent the last twenty years consulting for and managing multinational business operations in China and the US in several different industry sectors.

Duncan Wardle

Duncan Wardle is the former VP of Innovation & Creativity for Disney, where he founded the Creative Catalyst team. He developed a design thinking toolkit enabling both individuals and teams to increase their capacity to innovate. After 25 years at Disney, Duncan has gone on to found iD8&innov8.

Sayeeda Warsi

Baroness Sayeeda Warsi is a lawyer, author, business woman and member of the House of Lords. She was Britain's first Muslim Cabinet Minister; Chairman of the Conservative party 2010-12 and a Minister at the Foreign Office 2010-14.

Hans-Joachim Watzke

Hans-Joachim Watzke is a German entrepreneur and football official. He currently serves as CEO of Borussia Dortmund. He restructured and streamlined the football club by means of rigid cuts and a smart financial plan, setting the course for Borussia's successful future.

Ruby Wax

Ruby is upfront, sassy and with a reputation for posing questions no one else would think to ask. After three decades working on stage, TV and radio, Ruby Wax now provides workshops to corporate leaders enabling them to come to a deeper and more direct level of communication with their clients and colleagues.

Amy Webb

Amy Webb is a quantitative futurist. She is a professor of strategic foresight at the NYU Stern School of Business and the Founder of the Future Today Institute, a leading foresight and strategy firm that helps leaders and their organisations prepare for complex futures.

Dr. Andreas Weigend Ph.D.

Andreas S. Weigend is one of the world's leading innovators, an expert in social and mobile technologies, consumer behaviour and digital marketing. He directs the Social Data Lab, teaches at Stanford University and UC Berkeley and his research centres on how ongoing social data revolution impacts consumers, companies, and society.

Richard West

Richard West has held senior commercial positions in Formula 1 with McLaren and Williams. For the past 12 years he has worked as a professional international keynote speaker for many of the world's leading companies specialising in the subjects of Teamwork, Leadership and Change.

Fabian Westerheide

Fabian Westerheide is an entrepreneur of the digital industry, author and investor. Fabian is CEO of Asgard, a family- owned Venture Capital firm based in Berlin. His passion lies in Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things.

Martin Wezowski

Martin Wezowski is the Chief Designer and Futurist at SAP's Innovation Center Network & Chief Innovation Office. He is crafting future outlooks, strategies and products; he defines and runs innovation frameworks to find out what's next for SAP and the future of work.

Marco Pierre White

Marco Pierre White is fondly known as "The Godfather of modern cooking" and has been dubbed the first celebrity chef, enfant terrible of the UK. After going into retirement in 1999, he hit our screens in 2007 to take the helm as Head Chef of Hell's Kitchen in the UK.

Will Whitehorn

Will Whitehorn was once described as Sir Richard Branson's "right hand man". In 2011 he stepped down as President from Virgin to pursue a portfolio career that includes a number of Directorships. Still a trusted advisor to Sir Richard, Will is also a Non-Executive Director of Stagecoach Group Plc and the Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre.

Suzanne Williams

Suzanne Williams is an experienced hostage negotiator who has worked on some of the highest profile and dangerous hostage situations across the world. She also formed part of the Royalty Protection Group senior management team working from Buckingham Palace.

Sarah Willingham

Sarah Willingham is a British entrepreneur, investor and personal finance expert. She is best known for her management in high street restaurants such as Planet Hollywood and Pizza Express and as an investor in growing businesses on Dragons Den.

Nev Wilshire

Neville Wilshire is an award-winning and successful businessman, who is now a familiar face to millions of viewers as the star of BBC's The Call Centre. His book, 'Happy People Sell', shares his unorthodox management style including compulsory sing-a-longs, matchmaking attempts and arm wrestling bouts.

Andrew Winston

Andrew Winston is a globally-recognised expert on megatrends and how to build companies that thrive by serving the world. He is one of the most widely read writers on sustainable business in the world, with regular columns in Harvard Business Review and MIT Sloan Management Review.

Levison Wood

Levison Wood is an army officer, writer, photographer and explorer who, after co-founding his own business, decided to trek the length of the River Nile, the first person documented to do so. Over nine months he journeyed through desert and jungle. The mission was documented by Channel 4.

Sarah Wood

Sarah Wood is the Co-Founder and CEO of digital video content company Unruly, where she ensures the company delivers the most awesome social video campaigns on the planet. She has grown the business from three to over 300 staff, with offices around the world.

Michael Woodford MBE

Michael Woodford MBE is a British businessman who was formerly President and CEO of Olympus Corporation, making him the first non-Japanese person to be appointed as the company's CEO. However, he was dismissed after just four months in the position when he uncovered explosive financial irregularities.

Simon Woodroffe OBE

Simon Woodroffe OBE is the creator of YO! Sushi, the conveyor belt sushi restaurant chain. Simon was an original Dragon in the premiere series of BBC's Dragons' Den. He then launched YOTEL, the world's most radical hotel and is now working on YO! Home, his re-invention of the city apartment and more YO!

Sir Clive Woodward OBE

Sir Clive Woodward is the former coach who led England's rugby players to World Cup glory in Australia in 2003, and former Director of Sport of Team GB culminating in the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Debbie Wosskow OBE

Debbie Wosskow OBE is recognised as one of the most prominent serial entrepreneurs in the UK, known for successfully launching and scaling businesses in the areas of digital disruption, the sharing economy and female empowerment.

Prof. James Woudhuysen

James Woudhuysen helps clients master new trends in society and innovation, so as to implement major shifts in corporate strategy, marketing, branding and design. He broadcasts about the future of the workplace on Radio 4's You and Yours. He is on the editorial boards of New Design and the Journal of Consumer Behaviour.

Steve Wozniak

A Silicon Valley icon and philanthropist for more than thirty years, Steve Wozniak has helped shape the computing industry with his design of Apple's first line of products the Apple I and II and influenced the popular Macintosh. In 2009 Steve Wozniak joined Fusion-io, a data storage and server company as their chief scientist.

Martine Wright

Martine Wright lost both legs in the Circle line bombing on 7 July 2005, yet she considers herself lucky. Following this event, Martine began the arduous process of rebuilding her life. Martine became Vice Captain of Team GB Paralympic Sitting Volleyball team and proudly chose to wear the number 7 shirt to commemorate 7/7.

Dr. Daniel Yergin

Dr. Daniel Yergin is a highly respected authority on international politics, economics and energy. He is Founder of Cambridge Energy Research Associates and serves as CNBC's Global Energy Expert. He is both a Pulitzer Prize winner and recipient of the 1997 United States Energy Award for "lifelong achievements in energy".

Jane Young

Jane Young, as the founder of Scramblr, enables creative teams to set up their own online studios. Prior to this she founded the London-based boutique digital agency Kanbee, delivering online and film projects. Jane is also a blogger at resonanceblog.com.

Howard Yu

Howard Yu is the LEGO Professor of Management and Innovation in the prestigious IMD Business School in Switzerland as well as the Director of its signature program, the three-week Advanced Management Program (AMP), an executive education course.

Prof. Muhammad Yunus

In 1976, Muhammad Yunus founded the Grameen Bank. The success of the Grameen model, lending to the poor, has inspired efforts throughout the developing world and even in industrialised nations including the USA. In 2009, Thinkers 50 placed him among the top ten most influential thinkers.

Benjamin Zander

Benjamin Zander is the conductor of The Boston Philharmonic Orchestra and the Boston Philharmonic Youth Orchestra and a guest conductor around the world. With London's famed Philharmonia Orchestra he has recorded the complete cycle of Mahler symphonies.

Dr. Ernesto Zedillo

Dr. Ernesto Zedillo is a Mexican economist and politician who served as President of Mexico from 1994 to 2000. He is director of the Center for the Study of Globalization and professor in the field of international economics and politics at Yale University.

Jochen Zeitz

Jochen Zeitz is the President and CEO of Harley-Davidson, Inc., and Chairman of the Harley-Davidson Board of Directors. He has served as board member since 2007 and established the company's Brand and Sustainability Committee.

Danah Zohar

Danah Zohar is best known for her ground-breaking work on the spiritual intelligence, SQ. She examines how SQ creates integrity, morality and individuality and makes the difference between competitors and winners. She was instrumental in Shell's highly successful transformation in the United States.

The Hon. Baron Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg

Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg is the Chairman and a Founder of Spitzberg Partners LLC, a US based advisory and investment firm. As the youngest Defence Minister in German history, he led the most significant structural reform of the German armed forces since the Bundeswehr's founding.

Randi Zuckerberg

Randi Zuckerberg is an entrepreneur, investor, bestselling author and tech media personality. She is the founder and CEO of Zuckerberg Media, developing technology, content and live events all with the mission of putting intelligent, tech-savvy, entrepreneurial women and girls at the centre of pop culture and media.

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